Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Great American Roadtrip - Part 1 Vancouver - a losing streak at poker

A few years a decided to quit work and spend a few months traveling around America by motorcycle.  I had a quite a few adventures while I was on the road…

Jane and Greg had invited me to stay if I was passing through Vancouver.

I arrived at their home on a Friday evening.  It was Nick, their son who answered the door.  He was a student in his early 20’s, tall, slim, blond hair and blue eyes; a real boy next door type.  “You must be James, the Australian motorcyclist.  Mum and Dad told me to expect you; they’ve gone away for the weekend.  Come on in”

He helped me unload my gear from my bike and set me up in the spare bed in the guest bedroom.  He told me that he was having a few friends over that night for pizza and a poker game.  He invited me to join them and reassured me that they didn’t play poker for money, only for fun.

Nick’s friends arrived soon after we’d finished unloading the bike and all were just as good looking as Nick.  A couple of them were also motorcyclists and came in black leather jackets and black leather jeans and certainly wore them very well!  We chatted over a few beers while we waited for the pizzas to arrive; they were interested in what sort of motorcycle I rode, where I had been and where I was planning to go.  The conversation continued over pizza.

When we finished the pizza the cards and the chips came out.  I haven’t played much poker and it was pretty obvious that I was outclassed by Nick and his friends; it was lucky we weren’t playing for money.

I was the first to lose all of my chips.  The winner at this stage was Stefano, one of the bikers.  He looked at me and said, “I assume Nick has told you the rules.”  My blank look made it obvious he hadn’t.  “OK, the rules are that the winner gets to tie the loser up for the night.”

While the thought of being tied up by Stefano was rather appealing, I stammered, “Wwwhat?”

Nick and his friends pinned me down as Stefano set to work tying me up.  I was certainly no match for them.  It was also obvious that Stefano knew his ropes.  He started by lashing my wrists together behind my back and steadily added more ropes around my ankles, calves, thighs, arms and chest.  My cock hardened as I felt the tight ropes encircle my body.  Stefano then gagged me with a knotted bandana.  The knot filled my mouth silencing me.  I tested the ropes and it was obvious that I wasn’t going to escape from them.

Stefano then turned to Nick, “Nick, you should have told James the rules before he joined the game, I think we need to teach you a lesson.”  Nick was then pinned down as Stefano set to work tying him up.  Nick struggled hard but it was clear he was going to be tied up, like me.  Stefano also gagged Nick with a knotted bandana.

Once Nick had been securely tied, the guys carried me upstairs to Nick’s bedroom, laying me down on one of the two beds.  They added a few more ropes tying me to the bed before going back for Nick.  They placed him in the other bed, facing me and also added ropes tying him to the bed.

Stefano then announced that they were leaving and they would come back for us in the morning.  He heard the guys walk downstairs and heard the front door open and close.  I struggled in my ropes trying to get free, as did Nick.  We tried to yell out but the gags reduced our cries to “mmphs”  We heard the sounds of car and motor cycle engines starting and driving away.

While I’d been tied up before (and loved it), I’d never been left tied up overnight. The idea both scared me and excited me. I managed to get a reasonably comfortable position with a pillow under my head. I knew there would be no escape until Stefano and the others returned to release us. My cock was rock hard and I was felling as horny as hell. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.