Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 27 San Francisco – the journey concludes

San Francisco was the last stop on my journey. My motorcycle was on a ship heading back to Australia. I had a few days left before heading home myself and had found a fabulous B&B to stay at in the Castro. I also found some beautiful second hand leathers at a shop along Castro Street; a padded black leather jacket, leather jeans and harness boots which I wore everywhere I went getting some great looks.

Late one morning I caught the streetcar down Market Street. After I sat down I noticed a fabulous looking guy get on the streetcar. He was around 6 foot, slim, blonde buzz cut hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in full black leather, a Schott Perfecto jacket, leather jeans and harness boots. What I couldn’t miss was the pair of handcuffs locked around the left epaulette of his leather jacket. Our eyes met and he came and set next to me; he was to my right so the handcuffs were right next to me.

“Hey, those are great leathers.” He said

“Yours are pretty awesome too!”

“I’m Cameron, by the way, is that an Australian accent I hear?”

I was impressed as very few Americans pick me as Australian; I usually get asked if I’m English. Cameron and I started talking about my trip and about San Francisco. I kept looking at his handcuffs and finally asked, “Are those real handcuffs?”

“They sure are!” Cameron then unclipped the epaulette removing the handcuffs. He clicked the arms through the cuffs a couple of times to demonstrate, then he suddenly grabbed my right wrist and locked one cuff on it locking the other cuff on his left wrist. It took a few moments for me to realise that I was now handcuffed to Cameron. I jerked the cuff a couple of time and Cameron commented “It’s not coming of without the key.”

We talked a bit longer and noticed that I’d gone completely hard, dressed in full leather handcuffed to the gorgeous Cameron, also dressed in full leather. As we approached the Civic Center Cameron said. “James, I’ve got to go to work; oh and I don’t have a key to these cuffs.” He stood up and I had no choice but to follow him, not that minded one bit.

We got off the streetcar and headed down 8th Street. We certainly did pick up some looks! We walked a few blocks and stopped outside Mr S. “This is where I work.” I knew about Mr S and had planned to visit that day, I hadn’t expected to arrive in this manner!

Cameron was let into the store by one of his colleagues. “I see you’ve been picking up stray puppies again.”

“Patrick, he just followed me here, can I keep him?”

Wow, walking into Mr S was like walking into an Aladdin’s cave! Cameron took me for a tour of the store; I was still handcuffed to him. There was leather and latex clothing, hoods, gags, blindfolds and every manner of restraint under the sun. Cameron then led me over to a metal 4 poster bondage bed which occupied a fair bit of one room of the store. Patrick came over “We need to get you to work, let’s get this cuff off. He unlocked the cuff from Cameron’s wrist and in one fluid motion had me backed up against one of the bed posts and had my left wrist locked behind my back so I was now locked to the bed post. I rattled the cuffs against the bed post and I think the smile on my face gave me away. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself; Cameron, I think James would like a demonstration of some of our products.”

Cameron and Patrick headed to another part of the store and I took in my surroundings, thinking of all things I’d like to try out – possibly one of everything!

They reappeared with a small bundle of items. First was a leather blindfold, then a ball gag. They then tightly tied me with rope to the bed post, the pressure of rope over my body was awesome.

I heard Cameron’s voice, “We’ll need to leave you here for a while, while we get the store open.” I struggled against my ropes and mmmppphhhed into my gag. I felt my hard cock being rubbed through my leather jeans. I was there for some time and I could hear customers in the store. There were comments made about me and my crotch was rubbed a number of times.

After I’d been tied to the bed post for some time my blindfold was removed and I Cameron was there holding a leather strait jacket. “Would you like to try this next?”

I nodded.

Cameron untied me from the pole. I removed my leather jacket and he strapped me into the leather strait jacket. The leather was beautiful and I loved its tightness. I was still gagged. He led me to a bondage chair in another part of the store. He sat me down in the chair and proceeds to strap me tightly to the chair. I struggled against the straps to make sure I was helpless; I was. He removed my gag and laced a tight leather hood over my head. It had no eye openings, just nose and mouth, however, the mouth hole was soon filled by a plug style gag. I struggled a bit and mmppphhhed into my gag. Then I felt the zip of my leather jeans being undone and my rigid cock was pulled out. I felt a couple of bands being Velcroed around my cock. Soon after that a felt a tingling through my cock, which started to get more intense. I started struggling to try to get away the shocks that were going through my cock and I mmmppphhed into my gag but there was no escape. After the shocks had built up, they stopped and I relaxed. They started again. The cycle of shocks continued. On the one hand I wanted to get away from the electric shocks, on the other hand, they were making me as horny as hell.

It felt like I’d been in the bondage chair with my cock getting zapped for a couple of hours. I felt the power go off and the bands were removed from my cock. My hood and gag were removed and I saw Cameron standing there with my leather jacket and a set of irons. “Time for a break.” He unstrapped me from the bondage chair and removed the strait jacket. I put my leather jacket back on and he proceeded to lock me in the dungeon irons he was carrying. It consisted of an iron collar connected to wrist and ankle irons. They were nice and heavy and made a lovely clank as I walked. He clipped a chain leash to the iron collar and said “Let’s get some lunch, there’s a nice coffee shop around the corner.”

I was a bit taken back, “What like this?”

“It won’t be a problem, they know us well.”

So Cameron led me, clanking in my irons, to the coffee shop around the corner. I could see why it wasn’t an issue. It was decorated with a bondage theme and the staff and clientele were dressed mostly in leather. We sat in a booth on one side of the coffee shop and ordered lunch. I got a few favourable comments about the irons.

After lunch Cameron led me back to Mr S and told me he was going to introduce me to their “test facility” upstairs. I was led upstairs to a large room contain all manner of bondage devices and furniture. I was told to strip and put on a wet suit, which had a “convenient” opening for my cock and balls. Cameron then strapped a harness onto my body. There seemed to be a zillion straps from my shoulders down to my ankles. My wrists were strapped behind my back. He attached clips from a bar attached to a winch to the shoulder straps; this stopped me from falling over. He then blindfolded me with a leather blindfold and gagged me with a plug gag. I could hear the ratchet of the winch and felt myself get raised off the floor. I swayed gently. I struggled against the leather straps but these held me firmly. It was a funny feeling being restrained like this but it was relaxing at the same time. I had no idea if Cameron (or anyone else) was there. I drifted in and out of sleep. I was woken by someone stroking my cock and I was worked to the edge of orgasm but not allowed to cum. I was left again for some time and again I was edged. This cycle continued for a while.

Eventually I was lowered to the floor and the straps restraining me were removed. Fortunately there were two people helping me as I was somewhat unsteady on my feet. My blindfold and gag were left on and I was led across the room where I was helped onto a table where I was then strapped down with numerous straps. When my captors had finished I could barely move. I was in heaven! Again, I would be left for extended period then would be edged but not allowed to cum before be left again.

I must have been strapped to the table for a couple of hours before I was released. I changed back into my leathers and Cameron locked a set of Darby style combined hand and leg cuffs on me and I headed back to the store with him. I walked around for a while having another good look at various restraints thinking about what I’d like to take home and how I would get it past customs. It was getting close to closing time and he and Patrick suggested we head out for dinner. “Let’s get you in the strait jacket again.” suggested Patrick. They removed my shackles, I removed my leather jacket and I was once again strapped in the wonderful leather strait jacket.

Cameron clipped a leash onto a d-ring on the strait jacket’s collar and we headed to a nearby pizza place and again the staff and customers didn’t seem particularly perturbed by the fact one of their customers was strapped in a strait jacket and had to be fed. As we were finishing dinner, we were joined by a couple of Cameron and Patrick’s friends, Sean and Anton who were also dressed in full leather. We then headed to Chaps Bar, which was fairly quiet, being a weeknight but my entrance in the strait jacket certainty turned the heads of those in the bar. By now I’d lost any self consciousness at being in a strait jacket in public and was enjoying the restraint and the attention I was getting.

After a few drinks (and an assisted visit to the men’s room) Cameron suggested that we head back to the upstairs of Mr S and I found myself being led back there. The boys grabbed some heavy shackles which where locked on my ankles then a tight leather hood with no eyeholes was laced onto my head. A plug gag was pushed through the mouth opening of the hood and buckled tightly behind my neck. Two of the guys guided me to a padded floor and forced me to sit down. I felt a chain get locked to the d-ring on the collar of the strait jacket and I heard some other locks click shut. I then heard the sound of a door closing.

I started to struggle and realised my ankle shackles and the chain locked to my collar were locked to a fixture on the floor. After further struggling I came into contact with padded walls, a padded cell?  I tried to mmmppphhh into my gag but that achieved nothing. I struggled some more but realised I was helpless. Time passed but nothing happened. I struggled more against the strait jacket, the chains and the walls of the padded cell but nothing. I found the most comfortable position I could against the padded walls of the cell and dozed. I woke up with a start realising that I was still trapped. I found I could curl up on the floor although I would get woken up when I moved and found the limit of the chain.

I completely lost track of time. I would sleep then wake up still restrained. The restraint was making me really horny and I was aching for release.

However many hours later I heard the cell door open and felt the fly of my leather jeans being undone and my cock pulled out. I was jerked off to the brink of orgasm but not allowed to cum. This procedure was repeated a number of times before I finally shot a massive load and my body shook all over. My gag and hood were removed and I saw Cameron’s face. I could also see Patrick, Sean and Anton standing outside the padded cell. I’d been left overnight but I’d been monitored at all times. I was released from the strait jacket and chains and we headed out for breakfast.

Over my last few days in San Francisco I saw a lot of the city as well as seeing a lot of Mr S as well as Cameron, Patrick, Sean, Anton and the rest of the Mr S team.

My journey was over but what a journey it had been!