Saturday, 23 February 2013

Greek Islands Odyssey Part 7

Our last day on Santorini had arrived. We were due to take the ferry to Piraeus that evening, then we were flying out of Athens the next day; Mark, Dylan and Jarrod were returning to London and I was heading home to Sydney. It had been a brilliant week with Mark and the boys and there had been some brilliant bondage. Much as Mark and I had enjoyed our bondage we decided, with the agreement of Jarrod and Dylan, to be bondage free on our last day.

We headed first to the museum then a last walk around Fira, finishing up at a restaurant overlooking the caldera for lunch. After lunch we then headed back to the villa, finishing off our packing in time for the van we had arranged to take us down to the port for the ferry.

Port traffic was being directed by police in cammos, who looked very hot. Our van was diverted to one side and stopped at a building behind the ferry terminal building; the port police station. Four cammo clad cops greeted us telling us to get out of the van and to "assume the position."

"Our colleagues in Fira told us to expect some rowdy English boys."

I was about to say something when the cop added, "That one's Australian, keep a particular eye on him."

I felt a handcuff lock around my right wrist, which was brought down behind my back. My left wrist was then pulled behind my back and locked in the other cuff so my palms were facing out. As this was going on, I could hear handcuffs lock on the other boys' wrists. We were led inside the police station and taken to a bench where our handcuffs were locked to chains which were locked to rings on the wall behind the bench.

So much for a bondage free day. Being handcuffed and chained to a wall by these cute cops in cammos was making me really horny.

Two of the cops walked over to us carrying large rolls of black duct tape.

"Let's keep you quiet."

They gagged each of us by wrapping duct tape around our heads several times. For good measure they also wrapped the tape around our ankles and thighs. I struggled against the handcuffs and tape and mmppphhhed into my gag but knew I was helpless. One of the cops gave our crotches a rub and remarked that it appeared we were enjoying our captivity.

"Keep an eye on them. The ferry will be ready for loading in about an hour."

Three of the cops left the room leaving one cop to watch us. I snuggled up to Mark, while we waited for the ferry.

After about an hour the other three cops returned.

"Let's get these boys loaded. Don't worry, we have got your luggage and that will go to Piraeus with you."

The cops removed the tape that was tying our ankles and thighs and locked leg irons around our ankles. They then unlocked our handcuffs from the chains attaching us to the wall and got us to stand up. They produced black cloth hoods which they pulled over our heads. We began to mmmppphhh in protest but were warned not to give any trouble or we wouldn't make our ferry. One of the cops took my left arm and started to lead me out of the police station. From the sound of the clank of leg irons, I was third in line. I froze for a moment at the thought of being led handcuffed and leg ironed like a criminal, in public but also realised that the hood, as well as blindfolding me concealed my identity.

As the cop led me to the ferry he quietly gave me quiet instructions which included advice on which way to turn, where to expect steps etc. As we walked, I wondered who was watching us and what they were saying. It took a few minutes to reach the ferry we then headed up the back ramp and onto the ferry. We kept on walking, turning a few corners until we entered a lift which took us up a short way. We were then led down a few more corridors until we stopped. I heard a heavy door close. Our hoods were removed and I blinked at the light. We were in the ferry's brig, which was a windowless room. We were met by a couple of the ferry's security officers.

One of the cops spoke "These are the English and Australian boys that need to be kept secure. They'll be met at Piraeus."

The security officers produced some white canvas straitjackets "Don't worry these will keep them secure until we hand them over to your colleagues in Piraeus."

They started with Dylan removing his handcuffs and leather jacket. He was then strapped into a straitjacket. The cops' leg irons were removed and other leg irons added. Jarrod was next and when he strapped into his straitjacket he and Dylan were pushed to sitting position. A chain with climbing style karabiners was threaded behind a pipe along the wall with one biner clipped to the straps of each straitjacket. I was next to be strapped into a straitjacket followed by Mark. We were then pushed to the floor and secured by the chain and karabiners.

The cops and security guards exchanged a few words in Greek and left room locking the door behind us. We struggled against the strait jackets and chains and mmmppphhed into our gags but we knew we were helplessly bound. After some time we felt the ferry pull away.

One of the security guards returned.

"No one can hear you down here so I'm going to remove your gags but give me any trouble and you will regret it. Is that understood?"

We nodded and he ungagged us. His name was Andreas and he commented that he'd had to restrain some unruly passengers in straitjackets in the past but this was the first time he'd had a group in straitjackets who looked like they were enjoying it. We told him about our week on Santorini and of our encounter with Dimitri, Stefanos, Mathios and Lukas. He then had to head off on other duties and apologised that he would have to gag us again in case one of the other security officers came by.

We were left straitjacketed, chained and gagged for a couple of hours and we could feel the ferry call at an intermediate port. After leaving port the brig door opened and Andres returned with one of his colleagues, Jason, carrying a trays of food. They'd called in at the ferry's "Goody's" (Greece's answer the McDonalds) and had picked up burgers, fries and drinks for us. They removed our gags and fed us. They had been told just to leave us tied and gagged until Piraeus but said they couldn't just leave us. We certainly appreciated them looking after us. For the rest of the journey either Andreas or Jason remained with us and we talked more of bondage. They also assisted us with toilet breaks - not easy when you're straitjacketed.

About an hour out of Piraeus we were again gagged and left locked in the brig. After an hour we felt the ferry dock and we waited for release but we were just left there. I was getting concerned that we'd been forgotten and I could sense that the other boys were getting worried too. We were struggling against the straitjackets, chains and gags but they held firm and we weren't going anywhere. Finally the door opened and Andreas and Jason entered with eight cops carrying chains. The cops didn't look particularly friendly and I was getting a bit concerned at what was in store for us.

Once again Dylan was first. His straitjacket was removed and he was given his leather jacket back. He was then locked in transport chains, which consisted of a belly chain, locked around the waist with single handcuffs to each side of the chain. A chain came down from the belly chain to leg irons. The ferry's leg irons were then removed. Each of us was chained in that manner, then black cloth hoods were again placed over our heads blocking off the light. We were warned not to give any trouble in a chilling tone.

We were led out to the brig to the lift and then down to the main vehicle deck where we were placed in a van. We were then driven out of the ferry, although hooded as we were, we had no idea where we were going.

The van eventually stopped, the rear doors were opened and we were led out of the van, still hooded. We were led down some corridors before stopping where our hoods were removed. I was in a cell with Mark and I assumed Dylan and Jarrod were nearby. There were straitjackets sitting on the bed in the cell. The cops in the cell with us looked a bit friendlier than the cops who had taken us off the ferry. They explained that we were going to be straitjacketed and if we cooperated, we wouldn't be gagged. We would be escorted to the airport the next day (actually, it was now later the same day) for our plane. We nodded our agreement and allowed our chains to be removed and to be straitjacketed again. Locks were added to the straps to prevent us from trying to unstrap them using our teeth. When we were secure, the cell door was locked.

We were both really horny and lost no time having a good snog. We were both really hard and were dying to cum but the way we were strapped into the straitjackets there was no way we could get at our cocks. We snuggled up on the bed and eventually drifted off to sleep.

We were woken the next morning by one of the cops bringing in bowls of muesli and juice which he placed on the floor for us to eat. This brought back memories of us eating while handcuffed. After breakfast the cops returned to clean us up and help us with using the cell's toilet. Later our strait jackets were removed, we were given our leather jackets back and locked in transport irons for the trip to the airport.

At the airport we were taken through a special security area. I was amused that we still had to go through a metal detector while we were chained up. This was followed by a very thorough pat down. Our passports were checked and we were taken to a holding cell while waited for boarding. I wondered when we would finally be unchained or if I would be left like that for the flight.

Eventually two of the airport police unlocked the cell and removed our chains telling us we'd be escorted to the departure gate. He handed us our boarding passes and I noticed my destination was London, not Sydney.

"Your plans have been changed." and I was handed an e-ticket showing that I was indeed on a flight to London with a flight back to Sydney the following week.

"I'm supposed to be back at work in a couple of days."

The cop handed me his mobile phone and suggested I call my boss, which I did (it was evening in Athens so early morning in Sydney).

I told my boss that something had come up, would it be OK to come back a week later. My boss's reply was. "So what's his name?" My boss knows me very well.

Dylan, Jarrod, Mark and I headed for the plane and I looked forward to another week with Mark.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Greek Islands Oddysey - Part 6

For the first time since meeting the boys, I had spent a night free of restraints; it almost felt odd. Mark rolled over and hugged and kissed me then suggested we have a shower and get dressed. We showered together making sure that we thoroughly clean each other. We when returned to the bedroom, Jarrod and Dylan were there already dressed in leather jackets, leather jeans and boots. Laid out on the bed were our leather jackets and jeans, Darby style hand and leg cuffs, leather collars and adult diapers. We were told the put the diapers on first the our leather jackets, jeans and boots. After we were dressed we were handcuffed behind our backs and leg ironed. Locking belts were added around our waists to stop us getting at our diapers. The collars were buckled around our necks and leashes attached.  We were told that we would spend the entire day restrained like this; should we give any trouble, we would be gagged and chained up.

As I've mentioned before having my hands tied or cuffed behind my back is a huge turn on and the prospect of spending the entire day like this was making me very horny. We were led downstairs to the kitchen where bowls of muesli and of juice were placed on the floor for us. We were helped down to the floor but as we quickly discovered, the only practical way to eat from a bowl on the floor with your hands cuffed behind your back is to lie on the floor. The day was not getting off to a good start. The human head isn't designed for eating like this and We ended up with milk and muesli all over our faces and on the floor. After we'd finished eating Jarrod and Dylan gave our faces a wipe and commented on the mess.

"You try eating neatly like this!" I remarked angrily.

Within a few seconds Dylan had strapped a plug gag into my mouth silencing my outcry; Jarrod strapped a gag into Mark's mouth stopping him from responding. We were dragged into the living room where chains, already attached to the wall were attached to our collars. We were told that we would be left here to think about things for an hour. While we were helplessly restrained, the shock of being gagged and chained up so suddenly made us jerk on the chains and mmmppphh into our gags. This only served to make me horny and it seemed to have the same effect on Mark.

The boys removed our gags and unchained us after an hour and left us together. We had a good snog but couldn't jerk off through the diapers. The next issue was needing a toilet break. I just couldn't bring myself to pee into the diaper and Mark had the same issue - toilet training is just so ingrained. There does come a time when you can no longer hold your piss in but it took a long time to get there and peeing yourself feels really unnatural. The next issue is that a diaper is only good for one bladder load and I needed to get it changed - Mark let his bladder go about the same time. It was a bit humiliating to have to get the boys to change our diapers but with our hands cuffed behind our backs, there wasn't much we could do. Peeing ourselves was another reason for us to be gagged and chained up for an hour. The next challenge was needing to take a dump. While I felt I could handle peeing, crapping was another matter but like peeing, there comes a time when you just have to . Fortunately the boys were on hand to clean us up and change our diapers very quickly.

It was an interesting day; there were a few occasions where our behavior led to us being gagged and chained up. We had a few diaper changes and also got to spend a fair bit of time just with each other as the boys left us alone unless we needed our diapers changed. After the first messy breakfast we even got used to eating from dog bowls on the floor.

Overall I just loved the feeling of having my hands cuffed behind my back for the entire day. Darby cuffs are very comfortable for long term wear but leave you in no doubt that you're restrained. We were eventually released in time for bed.