Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 19 The Naval Academy – Tied up by a man in uniform

I was passing through Annapolis so I decided to take a tour of the Naval Academy. Normally the tours are led by a retired naval officer but I was on the last tour of the day which was led by Callum, an instructor at the academy. He had been a Navy Seal but had been injured on duty so he had decided to become an instructor at the academy. He was stunning, 6 foot tall, athletic build blue eyes and blonde hair in a buzz cut. He filled his khaki uniform beautifully. His first comment to me was “Nice leathers…” We chatted for a few minutes while we waited for the other tour participants to arrive and he suggested I leave my helmet in his car to save me carrying it around. It was a back Corvette with black leather seats. About half way through the tour he invited me to join him for a beer after the tour.

We got back to the visitor centre and Callum suggested we go in his car, telling me that my bike would be perfectly safe parked at the academy. His Corvette was only new; the smell of the leather upholstery was almost overpowering and I loved the feel the leather seats on my bike leathers. I was expecting us to head “downtown” but we headed in the opposite direction. He turned into an apartment building car park. “Let’s head to my place; the bars downtown will be a bit crazy at this time of day." We stopped and I followed Callum to the elevator. We headed up a few floors then into his apartment.

Before I knew what was happening I was in the floor with Callum on top of me. He was much stronger than me and also had the element of surprise. He then started to tie me up; he’d obviously done this many times before as he had me trussed up in no time flat. I was tied in the classic military hogtie. He tied a rope around my right wrist, and then looped the rope around my neck before tying my left wrist. Next he grabbed my ankles, crossed them and pulled them up behind my back tying those up before tying further rope around my wrists. He finished this all off by gagging me with a gag made of rope wrapped tied in a sausage shape which filed my mouth doing a good job of reducing my screams to muffled mmmppphhhs. I tried to struggle but realised that if I did so, I would start to strangle myself. I realised that as an ex Navy Seal Callum no doubt knew how to effective tie and gag someone. It was making me completely horny. I looked over at Callum, looking back at my helplessly tied form. “As soon as I saw you in those great leathers I knew I wanted you.” I just mmppphhhed into my gag. He walked into another room and returned with a heavy black cloth hood which he pulled over my head and secured with a drawstring, plunging me into darkness.

Callum left me there for a while; I felt he was watching me but hooded, as I was, I had no idea. From time to time I would test the ropes but this only confirmed that he knew his knots and that I wasn’t escaping and that if I struggled too much, I would strangle myself. I had read about military hogties and had seen pictures of guys tied this way. I had been told that, when tied correctly, they are an almost inescapable tie. I’d often wanted to try one; now I had been tied in a military hogtie by a real US Naval officer and it was making me as horny as hell. “James, I’m just going to retrieve your bike. I’ll be back soon, don’t go anywhere.” I mmmppphhhed into my gag and started to struggle before feeling the ropes start to choke me again.

I heard the door open and close. After Callum had been gone for some time it really hit me that I’d been abducted by (an incredibly good looking) naval officer, I was helplessly hogtied and completely at his mercy. A military hogtie is not an entirely comfortable position to be left in. You need to be constantly alert to the fact that if you left your legs start to relax, you will strangle yourself. After Callum had been gone for some time I realised why this hogtie is so effective.

After some time, I heard the door open again. My hood was removed and Callum stood in front of me in full black motorcycle leathers. He bent down and reached a hand under me stroking my hard cock trough my leathers. I mmmppphhhed into my gag in satisfaction. “It’s time for that beer I promised you, let me get you out of that hogtie.”

Of course I should have listened more carefully to what Callum actually said…

He untied my wrists but before I knew what was happening, he had tied them back together crossed over behind my back. He then untied my ankles from the hogtie, tying them back together. He added another rope around my thighs just above my knees. I struggled and mmmppphhhed into my gag at what was going on; I had expected to be untied, not retied. He picked me up and carried me across to the dining table placing me on a chair. He then added more ropes tying me to the chair. He then headed into the kitchen returning with two bottles of beer. I was struggling against my ropes and mmmppphhhing into my gag. Callum put the beers down on the table and held his finger to his lips. “Sshhh… I only said I was letting you out of the hogtie, I didn’t say I was untying you.” He reached down and stroked my crotch. “Now don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this.” I stopped trying to call out and looked into his fabulous blue eyes. “OK that’s better. I’m going to remove your gag so you can have your beer but if you make a noise, the gag goes back in. Are you going to cooperate?”
I nodded. Callum removed my gag and held the beer up for me to drink.

After we’d finished our beers we chatted about my trip and my bondage adventures to date. Callum told me of his times in the Seals and his experience of tying people up. Yes, there had been times when he had genuinely tied up prisoners. There were many more times when he’d tied up his naval colleagues or had been tied up by them, sometimes for several days to prove the effectiveness of the ties. Hazing was also a routine part of being at the Academy or in the Navy and Callum had been tied up on many occasions and had done the tying up many times. It was a particular point of honour to make sure that the victim was unable to escape.

Callum told me part of his teaching at the Academy was how to effectively restrain prisoners. These days zip ties made things a whole lot easier but he still taught naval personnel how to restrain people with ropes and anything else that came to hand. All of this was making me horny and from time to time he would stroke my crotch.

After we had chatted for some time, Callum announced that he would go out and get us a pizza for dinner. He gagged me again with the rope gag while he headed out. While I knew I was helplessly tied, it didn’t stop me struggling against my ropes and mmmppphhhing into my gag. I was really enjoying being helplessly tied. He returned with the pizza some time later and removed my gag so he could feed me slices of pizza and hold beers up for me to drink. After pizza and beer I was in need of a bathroom visit, however, Callum wasn’t untying me for a bathroom visit, I had to pee into a plastic bottle.

After talking well into the evening, Callum announced that he needed to head for bed as he had an early start. He untied me from the chair leaving my wrists tied behind my back and led me into the bedroom. He locked a chain around my right ankle, the other end of which was locked to the bed frame. He then untied my hands. “I’m going to leave you untied for the night but you’ve seen my ropework I action, one peep out of you and I’ll have you hogtied and gagged for the rest of the night. Understood?”

“Yes sir!” I replied.

Callum left his leathers on pulling me into bed with him. I soon drifted off to sleep in his leathered embrace.

I was woken up the next morning by Callum tying my hands behind my back, tying my ankles and thighs. He carried me into the dining room and tied me to a chair. He prepared eggs, toast and coffee which he fed to me while I was tied to the chair. After breakfast he gagged me with the rope gag while he headed off to shower and change into his uniform. He then untied me from the chair and helped me with my ablutions in bathroom. After this he replaced the rope gag with a leather head harness gag.

“I need to go to work.” He announced. He carried me into another room which had a pup cage in the middle of the floor. I tried struggling but he easily pushed me inside the cage and locked the door. I kicked against the cage door, struggled against my ropes and mmmppphhed into my gag but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

“James, you’re going to be my captive for as long as I like and you know there’s nothing you can do about it.” I knew he was right. Part of me was loving the captivity, part of me was really scared. I maintained my rage for some time after Callum left, mmmppphhhing into my gag and struggling against my ropes. Eventually I drifted off to sleep, dreaming that this was all a dream. I woke up with a start. It was no dream. I was really tied up, gagged and locked in a cage.

I had no idea of time passing and I wondered if I’d ever see Callum again. Eventually I heard the door open and Callum came in wearing his uniform. “Lean up against the back of the cage, I’ll take your gag off.” I leaned against the back of the cage but Callum grabbed my wrists and tied them to the back of the cage. He then tied a rope around my neck, tying it to the back of the cage before he unbuckled my gag.

“Callum, it’s been fun but can you please let me go, it’s gone on long enough.”

Callum tied the rope gag roughly into my mouth preventing any more speech. “James, you’re staying tied up and caged until I decide you’re getting free!”

He stormed out of the room leaving me to struggle helplessly against my ropes and mmmppphhh into my gag. He returned some time later, still in his uniform. He walked to the back of the back, crouched down and rubbed my hard cock. “Now don’t tell me you’re not enjoying this.” Dammit, he was right! “I’m going to remove your gag and untie you from the back of the cage so I can give you something to eat and drink but you’re staying in the cage until I decide you’re getting out. I’d calmed down by this time and cooperated. He returned with dog bowls of water and stew which were awkward to eat but very welcome. We chatted for a while but I knew better than to ask when I was being let out of the cage. (Yes, he did arrange for a “toilet break” without untying me or letting me out of the cage.)

I was left in the cage for the night; he put the head harness gag back on me. I was served breakfast, still in the cage in the next morning and once again gagged with the head harness for the day.

When Callum came home the next night he told me that he was going to let me go. Much as I had enjoyed my time in captivity I badly wanted to be let go. He unlocked the cage, pulled me out and untied me. I got unsteadily to me feet and felt my first taste of freedom for a few days. He handed me my crash helmet and said he’d take me down to my bike.

A few seconds later I found myself on the floor with Callum of me once again tying me in a military hogtie being gagged with the rope gag. “Just kidding” I couldn’t believe what was going on; the rotten bastard had tricked me. It was no longer fun, I just wanted to be let go.

They say it’s not true bondage until you want to be let go and aren’t and finding myself tied up again had me as horny as hell. Not only had Callum had me tied up for a couple of days but I desperately wanted to shoot my load. I struggled mmmppphhhing on the floor, although again I had to be careful not to struggle too hard to avoid strangling myself.

Callum eventually returned. He retied me into a conventional hogtie removing the rope from around my neck. He rolled me onto my side and unzipped the fly of my leather pants pulling my hard cock out. He started stroking my cock working me to the brink of orgasm before stopping. He was driving me crazy! Eventually I shot a massive load however, Callum left me tied and gagged. I now just wanted to be released. He left me hogtied for what seemed like hours, I struggled against the ropes and mmppphhed into the gag.

Eventually the fight left me and I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, I was lying on the floor, untied. The words came flooding back into my head “It’s not true bondage until you want to escape and can’t.” Callum helped me up, I grabbed him and kissed him. “Thankyou, that was awesome!” I stayed on for another night before continuing my journey.

Monday, 23 April 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 18 – Philadelphia – Happy Halloween

Wow, Americans love their celebrations. I had arrived in the US shortly before Independence Day and it was massive but I was truly amazed at Halloween. Yes, I knew about “trick or treat,” which had started to take hold I Australia but it was nothing on the all out celebration that was Halloween in the US. Everything was decorated and everywhere I travelled seemed to have a “pumpkin patch.”

I had arrived in Philadephia and found a wonderful B&B in “Center City,” as it is know, run by Todd. His partner Cody lived with Todd at the B&B but was an IT guru in Philadelphia based bank. I was talking to them about Halloween over breakfast. Cody told me that the IT division had a Halloween party every year and invited me to join them. They had a dress theme for the party but he told me not to worry, they would have some spare gear for me.

I headed off for a day of playing tourist, heading to Cody’s office in the afternoon. Cody met me in reception; he was dressed in a prison guard’s uniform and, may I say, looked really hot. We led me into an elevator and took a pair of handcuffs off his belt. Before I know what was happening, he had cuffed my wrists behind my back. “Welcome to this year’s theme ‘prisoner.’ The other prisoners are getting prepared and we’ll head off once we get you appropriately attired.” The handcuffing took me a bit by surprise but at the same time it was really hot being cuffed by the very hot Cody in uniform.

The elevator door opened and an amazing sight greeted me. There were about half a dozen cute guys wearing orange prison jumpsuits, orange baseball caps and black work boots but what really grabbed my attention was the fact that all of them were shackled in transport irons. The irons consisted of a belly chain locked around their waists. To either side of the belly chain were handcuffs. A chain came down from the belly chain to a pair of leg irons. Every time one of the guys moved there was a clinking of the chains. I was going hard at the sight.

Cody’s partner Todd was also there dressed as a prison guard. He picked up a jumpsuit as I left the elevator. Cody unlocked my handcuffs and I was told to change into the jumpsuit, boots and cap. As soon as I had done this, Todd and Cody started to lock the transport chains on me. The belly chain was firmly locked around my waist then my hands were locked into the cuffs either side of the chain. The legirons were then locked around my ankles. I tested my chains. I could walk, albeit with slightly shortened steps and I could just get my fingers to touch in front of me. They got a few photos of us and set up a group photo with a tripod. After the photos we headed into the elevator. The security guard didn’t batt an eyelid when we walked out of the building simply wishing us a “Happy Halloween.”

I’ve got to admit that I did feel self conscious about walking around central Philly wearing an orange jump suit and shackled but this was Halloween and we saw people walking around in all sorts of costumes. A standard comment was “neat costumes!” We headed to the “Bike Stop” Philly’s leather bar. It was still fairly early so it was fairly quiet. The leather clad guys in the bar complimented us on our costumes and I could see that Toddy and Cody were regulars here. They organised a round of beers and chatted with a few of the other IT guys. The prison theme was a regular Halloween theme for the IT department. Beside Cody, there was only one other gay guy in the group, however, the straight guys seemed to enjoy their one night of fetish for the year.

After our beer we headed for a pizza restaurant. The place was pretty busy and the arrival of half a dozen “prisoners” with their guards certainly caused a bit of a stir. I must say that pizza is a good choice for a restaurant when you’re in transport shackles; you need something you can eat with your fingers. Going to the toilet was a bit of a challenge – shall a just say that you needed dot go in pairs as assistance was needed.

After the pizza we went for another walk around town before heading back to the Bike Stop for a few more beers. There was a much bigger crowd there by now and we were certainly the centre of attention.

Eventually we called it a night and the group headed back to the office to have their shackles removed and to change out of their jumpsuits. As I joined the queue to have my shackled removed Cody said, “Prisoner, you’re staying shackled until we decide to release you.” I noted that the other gay IT guy Justin was still shackled. Cody headed to his desk, returning with head harness style , collars and leashes. He and Todd gagged Justin and me, and then they buckled the collars around our necks and clipped leashes to the collars. They added several padlocks to ensure our collars and gags weren’t coming off. The other IT guys had left by this time. Todd and Cody led Justin and me to the elevator, then out of the building. The same security guard was still on duty, his only comment to again wish us “Happy Halloween.”

We headed for the B&B past lots of Halloween revellers. Once at the B&B we were led to the basement where chains were locked onto our collars. There was a large mattress on the floor. Todd and Cody wished us “Sweet dreams” before leaving. They left one dim light on. Justin and I looked at each other with a sort of “we’re not going anywhere” look. We tested our chains just to check that we were actually helpless and mmmppphhhed a few times into our gags. We lay down on the mattress and snuggled up together, eventually drifting off to sleep.

We were woken up the next morning by Cody and Todd coming into the basement. They unlocked us so we could shower and join them for breakfast. It was a memorable first Halloween.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 17 The Maine Bondage Club

I was back in the US, traveling along the coast of Maine. It’s a beautiful part of the work with rugged coastline and cute little towns filled with white clapboard houses. It was the height of autumn, so the colours of the foliage were magnificent. Coming from a country where the native vegetation is evergreen, seeing the mass of autumn colours was just amazing. It also looked a bit spooky and I see where Stephen King got some of his inspirations.

It was time to stop for the night and I found an old style motel in a small town. I headed into the office and was greeted by a very cute desk clerk, Brad.  He was slim with short black hair and brown eyes.  He was wearing black leather jeans and a blue hooded sweatshirt.  He was wearing tall Dehner patrol boots. A black Langlitz Colomia padded jacket leather jacket was hanging off the back of a chair and black crash helmet was sitting on the counter behind him.  It was not the sort of gear I expected a motel clerk to be wearing but it was a truly awesome sight.

Brad spotted my motorcycle leathers and we chatted for a while about motorcycles and my trip across North America.  He set me up with a ground floor room at the back of the motel so it was both quiet and easy to unload my bike.

I had just finished unloading when there was a knock on the door; it was Brad.  He was now wearing his leather jacket and looked hot, dressed head to toe in black leather.  He was carrying a 6 pack – he had finished for the day and asked if I’d like to join him in a beer.  I had no hesitation inviting this leather clad hunk in and soon we were drinking beer and talking about motorcycles.

As we drank and talked I started to feel drowsy…

I woke up and found myself unable to move – I was in a sitting position locked into a metal device known as a cravat.  It consisted of a triangular frame – my ankles were locked into cuffs which were at either end of the short side of the triangle, an iron collar was locked around my neck at the apex of the triangle.  My wrists were locked into cuffs located along the long sides.  The rigid frame meant that I had very little movement.  A short chain connected the iron collar to the wall behind me.  A leather plug gag filled my mouth preventing me from calling out.  I tried to struggle but the rigid frame limited my movement.

I looked around to find I was in windowless concrete room with several other leather clad bikers all in some form of restraint, all of whom were gagged.  I looked around the room at the different restraints…

Opposite me was a blonde haired, blued eyed guy restrained in a metal chair.  He was wearing a black Dainese T Age one piece – his wrists were locked in cuffs attached to the arms, his ankles in cuffs attached to the legs, his neck in an iron collar attached to the back.  He was gagged with a head harness which held a black ball in his mouth.  Our eyes met – there was a look of helplessness. 

Next to him was a brown eyed guy with a number zero haircut.  He was wearing a white Dainese Laguna Seca one piece suit.  His ankles were locked together in cuffs attached to the end of a long bar. At the top of the bar were manacles restraining his wrists and an iron collar.  Like me, a chain connected the iron collar to the wall.  He was gagged with a large red ball gag.  He too had a look of helplessness.

To one side of me was another dark haired guy wearing a blue one piece Vanucci.  He had an iron collar around his neck which had bars coming out from either side which terminated in manacles – the bars held his wrists a couple of feet either side of his neck.  His ankles were in rigid manacles joined by a bar a few inches long.  He was gagged with a black leather plug gag.

To the other side of me a red head in a one piece black and red Dainese Techno.  He was in another set of rigid manacles; his wrists and ankles were locked into manacles along a bar, his wrists in the middle, the ankles outside, a metal stock.  His neck was locked into an iron collar attached to the wall by a chain.  He was gagged with a head harness muzzle gag.

At the end of the room were two more bikers, the first another blonde guy in blue and black Spidi two piece leathers.  His wrists appeared to be chained behind his back, his ankles were in manacles connected by a short chain and he had an iron collar around his neck connected to the wall by a short chain. Like me he was gagged with a leather plug gag.

The other guy at the end of the room had short brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing black Alpine Stars two piece leathers. His wrists and ankles were in manacles that left him in a standing spread eagle position. He was gagged with a leather muzzle type gag.

I wondered if all the other captives had similar stories to mine and wondered how long they had been here.  For that matter, how long was I going to be here?  I tested my restraints but there was no way I was escaping.  I tried to call out but my cries were muffled by the gag. The feeling of helplessness was making me as horny as hell!

After some time I heard the door to the room open. Brad and an identically leather clad blonde haired guy walked over to me. Brad said “James, I see you’re awake, welcome to our dungeon, James.  As you can see, I have quite a few bikers pass through the motel; we sometimes refer to it as The Hotel California – you can check out any time you like but you can never leave!  Enjoy your stay.”  With that they walked out.  I tried to call out through my gag and struggled against the cravat but it was all in vain.  The others in the room also started to struggle and call through their gags but it was useless, we were trapped here.

Again some time passed before the door opened again. Brad and his blonde haired friend with two other bikers. One was in white one piece Berik leathers, the other was wearing black two piece Ixon leathers. Both were wearing black crash helmets with iridium (mirrored) visors). Brad spoke, “So gentlemen, which of these slaves meets your requirements?”

The two helmeted bikers walked through the room carefully checking us out. They felt each of our crotches and my already hard cock went event harder. They circled the room a few times before stopping in front of me. “We’ll take him.” One of them said. “Please pack him for transport.”

I tried struggling against the cravat, which of course didn’t get me anywhere. I tried to scream for help but the plug gag reduced my screams to “mmmppphhh.”

Brad produced a leather hood which he pulled over my head and laced up tight. It had no openings, except for a couple of nose holes. I was plunged into darkness and it also muffled my hearing. Next I heard the clanking of chains. I was unlocked from the cravat but was pinned down by Brad, his friend and the two bikers. My hands were forced behind my back and locked in place by manacles. An iron collar was locked around my neck and a chain connected the collar to my wrists. I felt more manacles being locked around my ankles.

I was pulled to my feet and led away. Walking was hard due to the manacles around my ankles and not being able to see due to the hood. I wasn’t led very far, I assumed I had been led to the room next door to the one I had been chained up in. A chain was locked to my collar which was locked to the wall behind me. There was less than a metre of chain, which forced me to remain standing. I heard Brad’s voice “don’t go away, the buyers will be back shortly.” I heard a heavy door slam.

While I knew I was helplessly restrained, I still struggled against the chains that now held me against the wall. I wondered what was next for me. I’d had a number of bondage adventures on this trip so far all had turned out well. Was this another of them or had my luck finally run out?

My thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. The chain securing me to the wall was removed and I was led out of the room. I was led down a corridor then up a set of stairs. I felt a cool breeze and then the smell of barbecued meat. My hood was removed and I saw all of the bikers who’d been chained up with me gathered around a barbecue.

Brad introduced me to his boyfriend Arron and the two of them removed my gag and chains.

I was welcomed to the Maine Coast Bondage Club. Their “clubhouse” was an old World War 2 bunker. Brad had spotted me when I arrived at the motel and had got his bondage and biking friends together. They did get a few travelers coming past.

I spent a few more days in the town. The guys showed me many of the wonderful motorcycle roads around Maine and neighbouring states. We would invariably end up back at the bunker where I would get to try another of the irons on.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 16 Nova Scotia – The Stocks Part 2

When I woke up the next morning my leather clad partner was gone. I went get out of bed – there was a chain around my right ankle which was locked to the (heavy) bed frame. I was about to call out when the door opened, the leather bikers burst into the room holding me down to the bed. A leather plug gag was pushed into my mouth and buckled tightly behind my head. I heard the sound of a padlock being locked onto the buckle. One of the bikers was carrying the pranger, it was opened up and locked back on me. This all happened in seconds! They added a set of leg irons around my ankles.

The chain was unlocked from my ankle and the bed and locked to the pranger. It was used as a leash and the bikers led me out of the B&B. I mmmppphhhed into my gag and tried struggling but the pranger held me firm. It’s funny, I knew I was helpless but it didn’t stop me from struggling; it sure made me horny.

They led me back to the “town square” where an amazing sight greeted me; there was an occupant in the stocks. It was one of the hoodie wearing skater boys I encountered when I was in the stocks yesterday. Like me he was gagged with a leather plug gag and, judging from the noise he was making and his struggles, he wasn’t pleased about being locked in the stocks. They led me to a pole opposite the stocks and locked the chain attached to the pranger. The chain was only short and forced me to remain standing. One of the bikers said “Let’s leave these two to get to know each other better.” They walked away.

The skater and I both mmmppphhhed into our gags. We both struggled against our bondage, he struggled against the stocks and I pulled on the chain attaching the prager to the pole. We were helplessly restrained but it didn’t stop us trying. I was feeling really horny gagged, locked in a pranger, chained to a pole watching a cute skaterboy gagged and locked in stocks. We were there for around an hour before the skaterboys came past. On seeing their friend locked in the stocks, they rushed over. “Connor, what have they done to you?” Connor mmmppphhhed into his gag and struggled against the stocks. “Sorry, they’ve locked the stocks closed and they’ve locked your gag on. We can’t release you.” He paused, “But while you and your leathered friend are here, we may as well have some fun.” He took the belt out of Connor’s jeans, unzipped the fly and pulled them down. He then walked over to me and used Connor’s belt to tie my ankles together. He then uzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. He and the other skater boys took it in turns to jerk Connor and me off but they always stopped when we were on the brink of orgasm. A couple of the skater boys also gave me blow jobs but again didn’t let me shoot.

“Sorry Connor, bikerboy, gotta go.”

They untied my ankles, put my cock away and zipped up my leather pants. They also pulled Connor’s jeans back up. They headed off.

More time passed before the bikers returned. They were carrying another pranger. They unlocked Connor from the stocks and forced him into the pranger and attached a chain to it to use as a leash. They unlocked my pranger and led both Connor and me to the house I’d been to the previous day. We were taken to the basement and the prangers were attached to chains attached to the wall. At least we could sit down. Our ankles were secured in wooden ankle stocks and we were left like that for another couple of hours.

The bikers returned removed my ankle stocks. The chain which allowed me to sit was reattached further up the wall forcing me to stand. They then removed Connor’s ankle stocks and unlocked his pranger from the chain. “OK Connor, if you want us to let you go, give bikerboy a blow job.” One of the bikers unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out. Another removed Connor’s gag and guided him over to my cock. He took my cock into his mouth and began to suck. He worked me up to orgasm and pulled away just before I shot a huge load. It was so welcome. The bikers unchained my pranger from the wall and removed my gag. “Connor, we are going to let you go, just not yet. Why don’t you get to know biker boy better.”

They left the basement locking the door behind them before Connor had a chance to protest. We started talking and I found out a bit more about the skater boys and the biker boys. While they were good friends, the bikers would “kidnap” one of the skaters from time to time, which Connor admitted he rather enjoyed. They’d been rather surprised to find me in the stocks yesterday as it was usually only one of the skaters who would end up there. I offered Connor a blow job, which he accepted so managed to get his fly undone and his cock out of his jeans – not easy in the pranger. I eventually got him to shoot a huge load.

The bikers eventually returned and released us. Yet another wonderful bondage adventure!

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 15 Nova Scotia – The Stocks Part 1

Nova Scotia was a great place for motorcycling with lots of lovely twisty roads following the coastline.  It also had lots of cute towns dotted along the coastline.  I stopped for the night at one of these towns, checking into a B & B. It was still fairly early in the afternoon.  After unloading my motorcycle I headed out for a walk. It was cool out so I left my leathers on.

One section of the town had been restored to make a historical television drama and had a set of stocks and a gallows in a “town square”. It was away from the main part of the town and was deserted. I had a closer look at the stocks and wondered what it would be like to be in them. As I was looking at the stocks, half a dozen guys on motorcycles arrived. They were all wearing one piece black leathers and black helmets with dark tinted visors. They parked their bikes and walked towards me, with their helmets still on. I tried saying hello but got no response. Suddenly a couple of them grabbed me while a couple of others opened the stocks. The bikers pushed my neck into the central hole of the stocks with my wrists pushed into the outer holes. The stocks were closed on my neck and wrists. I started to call out but one of the bikers stuffed a bandanna into my mouth and secured it with a knotted bandanna. I tried to push the stocks open but something was holding them closed.

The bikers returned to their bikes without a word and rode away. I struggled against the stocks but they were holding me firm. I tired to call out but my cries were reduced to mmmppphhh by the gag. I also realised I was developing a huge hard on. I was thee, trapped in the stocks, gagged for some time. It was a quiet part of town it seemed like no one was going to come past. I was partly grateful not to be seen trapped like this but also scared that I would be left here all night.

After what felt like a couple of hours I saw a group of young guys walk along the street. They were dressed in hoodies, jeans and skater sneakers. I mmmppphhhed into my gag as they walked by.  They walked over to me.

“Well what have we got here? A leather clad biker locked in the stocks.”

The guys ruffled my hair, felt my arse and rubbed my crotch. I was going even harder.

“Hey, feel how hard he is, I think he’s enjoying this.”

“Do you want to be released?”

I nodded and mmmppphhhed into my gag.

“I think we might have a bit of fun first.”

I mmmppphhhed into my gag and struggled against the stocks but of course I was going nowhere. I was as horny as hell trapped in the stocks being felt up by these gorgeous young guys.

The rubbing against my crotch grew more intense and I was aching for release. One of the guys unzipped the fly of my leather pants and undid the waist band. My pants and undies were pulled down exposing my arse and cock. One felt one of the guys behind me start to rub his cock against my arse and I tried to scream for him to stop.

“Biker boy, I can do anything I like to you and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

I continued to mmmppphh into my gag and struggle against the stocks but my resistance was useless. I knew he could do anything he liked to me. I felt a hand start to jerk my cock off.

“You sure seem to be enjoying this.”

The rubbing of my cock intensified and I was taken to the brink of orgasm several times. Eventually I shot a huge load and I felt my body shake all over. The guys pulled my leather pants back up, zipping up the fly and fastening the waist band.

“You obviously didn’t get here on your own; someone will be back for you.”

I mmmppphhhed into my gag and struggled against the stocks but the young guys walked away.

I remained trapped in the stocks and gagged for some time. While I knew I couldn’t get free, I would struggle against the stocks and mmmppphhh into my gag. This reinforced the feeling on helplessness and made me horny. The sun started to set and the temperature started to drop. I was getting concerned that I would be left here all night. No one else had come by since the young skater guys.

Just as I was giving up hope of being released, the leather clad bikers returned. This time they arrived on foot although they were still wearing their helmets. One of them was carrying a wooden device that I later learned was called a pranger. One of the bikers opened the stocks while another held me while they locked my neck and wrists into the pranger. There was a chain attached to the pranger and I was led away in the opposite direction from the B&B. We walked for about 10 minutes and I was grateful that we didn’t pass anyone. I felt rather self conscious walking along a public street locked in a pranger.

We reached a white clapboard two story house – a typical Nova Scotia house. I was led around the back and down a set of stairs into the basement. The pranger was attached to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Leather cuffs were buckled around my ankles and these were clipped to a wooden bar keeping my feet apart. Chains coming from upright supports either side of me were also clipped to the ankle cuffs stopping me from moving. Once I was secure, the bikers removed their helmets. They were all stunning. One of them said, “We’re going to leave you here for a while, don’t worry we will be back.”

As they left the room I mmmppphhhed into my gag and struggled against the pranger and the chains but, of course, I wasn’t going anywhere. While I was well and truly turned on by my bondage, I was also getting really frustrated.

The bikers returned and one of them unzipped my fly pulling my still hard cock out.

“Someone’s already been having fun.” He said, referring to the dried cum on my cock from my encounter with the skater boys. “Well, you’d better have something left for us as you’re staying like this until you shoot for us.”

He started to work my cock, which was responding very nicely to the massage, my bondage and the sight of six cute bikers in black leather. The bikers took turns working me up to orgasm but stopping short. I was as frustrated as hell as I wanted to shoot what was left of my load. Finally I shot another huge load feeling a fabulous wave of orgasm sweep across my body.

They released me from the pranger and chains and invited me to join them for dinner. We headed to a restaurant in the town centre. We headed in on the bikes, I rode pillion with one of the bikers. The sight of 7 leather clad bikers walking into a restaurant certainly turned some heads. Later one of the bikers took me back to the B&B and ended up staying over – we remained in our leathers all night.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 14 Quebec – if you go into the woods today…

I was heading around the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec. It was a beautiful part of the world and the trees had begun to change colour. Coming from a country where the vegetation is evergreen, see autumn colours on this scale is just amazing. I was also amazed that places were already starting to shut down for the winter.

I stopped at a rest area just after lunch and found the toilet block had been boarded up for the winter; do people cross their legs in winter? I headed into the trees behind the rest area finding a suitable tree behind which to do my business. While I was there I heard a group of half a dozen sports bikes pull into the rest area. I watched the group stop; they were all in black leathers. I saw them push one of the bikers to the ground. While the group held the biker down, one of them handcuffed his hands behind his back and tied his feet together with a belt. I saw something pushed into his mouth and buckled on, a leather plug gag?

Three of the bikers picked up the tied and gagged biker up and carried him up into the trees close to where I was standing. He struggled against his bonds and mmmphhhed into his gag but clearly he wasn’t going anywhere. One of the other bikers took a bag form his bike and followed, with the others into the trees. I watched from behind a tree transfixed by what was unfolding a few metres away from me. My cock went hard.

The bikers stopped at a tree a short distance from me. They pushed the bound biker against the tree, unlocking his handcuffs. His hands were pulled behind the tree and tied behind the tree. They then removed the belt securing his ankles replacing it with rope. They steadily added more rope until the black, leather clad biker was securely tied to the tree. He struggled against the ropes and I could hear his leathers creak but he was securely tied to the tree. He tired to yell into his gag but only mmmppphhh came out.

When the bikers had finished tying their friend up one suddenly said something in French and pointed to where I though I had hidden myself. The bikers ran in my direction, I started for the carpark but found myself face down on the forest floor with a couple of leather clad bikers on top of me. I was pulled to my feet and pushed against a tree opposite the tied up biker. This all happened very quickly and before I gathered my wits together a huge leather plug gag had been forced into my mouth and buckled tightly behind my head.

The bikers then set to work tying me to the tree. My hands were pulled behind the tree and tightly tied. More ropes were steadily added all over my body tightly tying me tightly to the tree. These boys sure knew their ropework and I could barely move against the web of rope that held me against the tree. I struggled as much as I could and mmppphhhed into my gag but I wasn’t going anywhere until my captors decided to untie me. I looked over to the other tied up biker watching him struggle against his ropes. Between being tightly tied and gagged and watching another tied gagged leather clad biker, I was feeling really horny and felt a bulge in my leather pants.

One of the bikers addressed me in English. “It is Xavier’s initiation; I think he will enjoy some company. We’ll be back in a few hours.” He gave my crotch a good rub and then, with the rest of the bikers, he headed off. I heard bikes start and ride away.

I struggled against my ropes and mmmppphhhed into my gag but all I succeeded in doing was to make myself really horny. I watched Xavier as he struggled against his ropes and mmmppphhhed into his gag. We were left there for several hours struggling against our ropes. Fortunately no one stopped at the rest area while we were tied up, although I had fantasies of other leathered bikers finding Xavier and me tied and gagged. I badly needed release and from Xavier’s struggles, I think he was in need of release too. I alternated between struggling against my ropes and accepting my fate of being tied up. I enjoyed the feeling of the tight ropes against my body.

The sun started to get low in the sky and it started to get cool. While I was enjoying my captivity, I wondered how much longer we’d be left here. I heard the sound of bikes riding into the carpark and then the sound of boots walking through the trees. A couple of the bikers walked over to me and started to rub my crotch, a couple did the same to Xavier. I struggled against my ropes and my hard cock went even harder. They unzipped my leather pants and pulled my rigid cock out. The other bikers did the same to Xavier. The bikers took it in turns to jerk us of with the leather gloved hands. They would work us up to the brink of orgasm then stop. I struggled against my ropes and mmmppphhhed into my gag. Eventually Xavier and I shot huge loads simultaneously. I slumped against my ropes in the warm afterglow of orgasm.

The bikers eventually removed our gags and untied us. We headed back to our bikes and headed into town where we stopped for dinner at one of the bikers’ homes. After dinner Xavier offered to let me use the spare room at his home and we leathered up for the journey. At this point one of the bikers announced, “Part 2 of Xavier’s initiation.”

Within nanoseconds, Xavier and I had been pinned down by the other bikers who pulled our hands behind our back tying them together. More ropes were added around our chests, thighs and ankles and we were again gagged with plug gags. We were then pushed together face to face and more ropes were added tying us together.

“Good night boys, sleep tight.”

The bikers left the room, turning the lights out as they left. Xavier and I struggled against our ropes but we weren’t getting away. I stared into his beautiful brown eyes, I wanted to kiss him but was prevented form doing so by the gag filling my mouth. We eventually drifted off to sleep but we woke each other up a few times during the night.

I was woken up by Xavier kissing me. Our gags had been removed. I saw his beautiful brown eyes look into mine and felt his tongue enter my mouth. I returned with my tongue. Wow, he was a brilliant kisser! We rubbed our bodies against each other and I could feel his hard cock through his leathers rubbing against me.

Two of the bikers walked in. “Stop that you two!” Our gags were tightly buckled back in. The bikers started to rub our cocks through our leathers, they then unzipped out flies and pulled our hard cocks out of our leather pants. They started to jerk us off, working us to the brink of orgasm several times. Eventually we both erupted in orgasm simultaneously. The bikers removed our gags and untied us and we headed out for breakfast. I had a few very enjoyable days with Xavier before it was time to continue my journey.