Sunday, 3 May 2015

Chris the Electrician

It had been a couple of weeks since I’d spent the day tied up by Matt the plumber. On the one hand it had been scary, being helplessly tied up in my own home, at the same it was probably the best bondage experience I’d ever had.
As usual, when spending a day at home, I dressed in my leather jeans, studded belt, harness boots, Brando jacket and tight white t shirt. As soon as I’d finished dressing I remembered that I had an electrician coming to replace a number of light fittings. I thought about getting changed but decided to stay as I was. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang.
He introduced himself as Chris. He was around 6 foot, slim, with buzz cut blonde hair and blue eyes. His great body was shown off by tight cargo shorts, a tight polo shirt with the electrician company’s logo and a pair of well worn lace up work boots. I saw his eyes give my leather clad body a quick scan.
Chris’s face broke into a cheeky grin. “So are you a biker or do you just like wearing leather.”
“I do have a bike”, I replied, “A BMW R1200GS.”
“Nice, I’ve got a Ducati Multistrada.”
We talked bikes for a few minutes before heading into the living room where I showed him the light fittings that I wanted changed. All of a sudden I realised I’d left my black leather straitjacket over the sofa to air out from a play session I’d had on the weekend. The sofa was also black leather so it wasn’t immediately obvious. Too late to hide it now.
I saw Chris’s eyes go to the straitjacket, he picked it up “So what do we have here?”
I tried to think of a reply but nothing would come out of my mouth.
“I think I’d like to see how this looks on you.”
The next thing I knew was on the floor in feeling my muscles spasm. Chris had pulled a stun gun from his pocket and zapped me with it.
“Unless you want to be zapped again, take off your jacket and t-shirt and put your arms into the strait jacket.” He waved the stun gun menacingly at me. When I regained movement, I complied with his request, I had no desire to be zapped again. At the same time I felt my cock go rock hard at the thought of being strapped into my straitjacket by the very cute Chris. He zipped up the back of the jacket and started fastening the strap. This is the point of no return in a straitjacket – escape is impossible at this point unless you are Houdini. He fed the sleeves through loop at the front and buckled the straps at the back. He finished off by buckling up the crotch straps and pushing me to the floor.
I was struck dumb through the entire process. Only a few minutes ago I had been talking to Chris about motorcycles, now I was helplessly strapped into a leather straitjacket. He reached into his tool box and pulled out a rope bit gag. What was it with tradesmen carrying rope in their tool boxes? He tightly gagged me, then pulled out more rope which he used to tie my ankles and thighs, waving the stun gun at me a couple of times to make sure I knew to cooperate. He finished off by blindfolding me with a black bandanna.
He then moved me so I was sitting with my back to the sofa. He unbuttoned the fly of my leather jeans and pulled my rock hard cock out. Felt him velcro a couple of bands around it, then I felt a mild electrical charge start up, making my cock even harder.
“Don’t move from that spot or this will happen.” A massive electrical charge went through my cock and I screamed into my gag. The charge subsided and went back to the pleasant tingling. “Are you going to cooperate?” I vigorously nodded my head yes. He left me struggling helplessly against the straitjacket and ropes, with the electrical charge going through my cock bringing me to the edge of cumming but not actually letting my cum. While this was going on, I could hear the sound of him replacing the light fittings.
After what felt like a couple of hours Chris announced “All finished, I just need to grab something out of the van.” He removed the Velcro bands from my cock, pushing it back into my leather jeans and buttoning up the fly. I then heard him walk out then come back a couple of minutes later.
“I’m going to remove your gag, but no talking or you’ll regret it. Do you understand?” I nodded my head yes, I was completely helpless, what was I going to do? It was nice to have the gag out of my mouth and I moved my jaw around but remained silent. My blindfold came off next and I blinked in the harsh light. Before I could blink more than a couple of times Chris pulled a full face muzzle over my head. He did the straps up tightly, which clamped my mouth shut and shut out all light. I then heard him walk out the back door. I then heard two sets of footsteps come back in. One set of hands picked me up under my arms, another set picked me up at the knees. I tried struggling and mmpphhing into the muzzle but bound as I was I was no match for these two. It felt like I was placed in the back of a van. I heard a sliding door close and the van drove off.
It felt like we drove for around an hour. I could feel us negotiate local streets then get onto a motorway after some time, we exited from the motorway and headed onto a fairly rough, twisty road for around 15 minutes. The van stopped, the door opened and I was carried out. It felt like I was carried up a set of stairs then down a hallway. I was put down on a padded surface. I was held down while my ankles were untied. My boots were removed and my ankles were retied with a leather strap. My thighs were then untied and also retied with a leather strap. I then heard a door close but is closed softly, almost like it was padded. Then there was silence and there was silence. .
I started to move around to check my surroundings, not easy strapped in a straitjacket with my ankles and thighs secured with leather straps. My socked feet had no purchase on the smooth padded floor and moving was very difficult. I rolled around a bit finding that the walls to of this room were also padded; was I in a padded cell? Being strapped in a straitjacket and locked in a padded cell has been a fantasy of my for a long time and it seemed that this fantasy had come true. I rolled around on the padded floor struggling against the straitjacket and the leather straps, thoroughly enjoying my predicament.
After I’d been struggling for what seemed like a couple of hours I sensed the door opening and then there were two sets of hands holding me down. The fly of my leather jeans was unbuttoned and my still rock hard cock was pulled out. I felt a hand stroke it – I was close to cumming. Some lube was placed on my cock and the striking continued. I very quickly worked up to climax and shot an enormous load.
Someone set to work removing the muzzle, although the light was dim, I still needed to blink a few times to take in my surroundings. I was indeed in a padded cell, probably about 2.5 x 2.5 metres. I saw Chris and realised that next to him was Matt the plumber! Both were dressed in full black leather.
Chris spoke “Let me introduce to my boyfriend Matt. He told me all about tying you up a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t believe my luck when I scored your electrical work and then to find a handy strait jacket! I did have a plan to get you tied up but you saved me a lot of trouble. We’ve only just finished the padded cell and you’ve been our first prisoner.”
They removed the straps from my thighs and ankles, replacing them with a leather hobble, which had a strap allowing me to take a step of about 40cm. they helped me to my feet and took me for a tour of the bottom level of their house, which they’d set up as a dungeon. There were three cells; a padded cell, an open bar cell and an isolation cell. One wall was covered in manacles, handcuffs and chains. In the open area there was a set of wooden stocks, a pup cage, a bondage chair and a bondage table. Talk about a bondage Aladdin’s cave!
I noticed that the pup cage was occupied. There was a young blond haired blue eyed guy. He was naked secured in metal wrist and ankle stocks. A huge black leather plug gag filled his mouth. He looked out of the cage pleading with us.
Matt spoke “That’s Geoff, he’s one of the local lads. We caught him stalking around the house; I think he’s just about learned not to go trespassing.”
I was returned to the padded cell and gagged with a plug gag. My thighs and ankles were again secured with leather straps. A short time the door opened and Chris and Matt brought Geoff in. He was now secured in a leather strait jacket with leather straps around his ankles and thighs. He was still gagged with the plug gag. He was sporting a massive hard on. Chris and Matt put Geoff down beside me and he snuggled up to me.
Geoff and I did end up spending the night together in straitjackets in the padded cell. Chris and Matt did bring us dinner, arranged for toilet breaks and exchanged our plug gags for muzzles. Geoff had calmed down by morning and had gone from being scared to being excited by bondage. Chris drove me back home in the morning, although I was not released from the straitjacket until I was back home. It was certainly not the last time I would see him, Matt and Geoff.


Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Matt the Plumber

The doorbell rang and then I remembered I’d called the plumber to replace some taps. I’d dressed in my leather jeans, studded belt, harness boots, Brando jacket and tight white t shirt thinking that I was going to be home alone. Too late to change now!
I opened the door. What a great sight for a Monday morning. He was around 6 foot, slim, wavy brown hair and brown eyes. His great body was shown off by tight cargo shorts, a tight polo shirt with the plumbing company’s logo and a pair of well worn electric sided work boots. He introduced himself as Matt and I saw his eyes give my leather clad body a quick scan.
“Are you a biker?” he asked.
“Yes” I replied.
“So am I. What do you ride?”
“BMW R1200GS, you?”
“Nice, I’ve got a BMW S1000RR.”
We talked bikes as I took him out to the bathroom in my garage. He opened his tool box and I couldn’t help noticing that there were several coils of rope in the bottom.
“Do you have much need for rope in plumbing?” I asked
He shot me a cheeky grin and replied “It comes in handy at times.”
I stood there looking at the rope until Matt interrupted me “Um, my job’s a whole lot easier if you don’t disturb me.”
“Sorry…” I headed back into the house to read the newspaper.
After a while Matt walked back into the house telling me he’d finished in the garage. I then led him to the bathroom and headed back to the living room.
After a few minutes I headed to the bathroom; he had just finished removing the old taps. “Matt, I’m about to make myself a coffee, would you like one?”
“Hey I told you that my job’s easier if you don’t disturb me.”
As he was saying that, he pushed me against the wall grabbing my right arm twisting my right arm behind my back.”
“S-sorry, mmppphhh…” He clapped his left hand over my mouth. I struggled for a moment but felt my arm twisted further up my back. Wow, he was strong and there was no way I was getting free of his grip.
“OK I’m going to take my hand away from your mouth, you make even the slightest sound and you’ll regret it. Do you understand?” I nodded in agreement.
He took his hand away from my mouth, I didn’t dare make a sound. He bent down to his tool box forcing me down with him. He picked up a coil of rope and a roll of duct tape, then he led me into the living room. I have a mezzanine study above my living room and he led me to the pole which support it. I had tied many guys to that pole and have been tied to it myself, but never involuntarily. He led me to the pole backing me up against it. He pulled both hands behind the pole crossing the wrists over. I started to say something but this was cut short with a cry of pain as he twisted my right arm behind my back.
“I did not give you permission to speak. Now stay quiet!”
He pulled my crossed my wrists behind my back again and lashed them together with the rope he’d brought. He quickly had me secured. His rope work was brilliant, it was tight and secure without cutting of my circulation. I quickly realised that the only way I was getting free would be when he untied me. He then gagged me with the duct tape wrapping it around my head several times. He left the room returning with a whole bundle of rope. He then added ropes around my ankles and just above my knees. After that he used a long piece of rope to secure my entire body tightly to the pole, starting at my shoulders, working his way down to my ankles. By time he was finished I was tightly bound to the pole barely able to move. My cock had gone rock hard and I could feel it straining against my tight leather jeans. He gave it a rub.
“I told you that rope sometimes comes in handy. Now I can finish the job I peace.”
With that, Matt left the room.
I struggled against the ropes and mmppphhhed into my gag. I could barely move, my cock was rock hard and I desperately wanted to cum. I could hear Matt working in the bathroom, I was going crazy.
Eventually things went quiet and Matt walked back into the living room.
“I’m finished here. So heave you learned your lesson, not to disturb me while I’m working?”
I nodded my head and mmmppphhhed “yes” while struggling futilely against the ropes.
He rubbed my hard cock through my leather jeans. I moaned through my gag in ecstasy.
“No, I think you’re enjoying yourself too much. I think you need time to think about the consequences of what you’ve done. I’ll be back to check on you later.”
As he walked out I screamed into my gag but it did a very good job of keeping me quiet. I struggled against my ropes but I wasn’t going anywhere. I heard the front door closed and I realised I was completely helpless. I tried working on the ropes but Matt sure knew how to tie someone up, I wasn’t going anywhere. I was both scared and excited at the same time.
Time passed slowly. I couldn’t seek a clock and there was nothing to give me an idea of what time it was. From time to time I would work on my ropes but the result was the same, I wasn’t getting out of them until Matt came back. I tried working my gag off but Matt had done an excellent job of gagging me, it wasn’t coming off. My cock remained hard.
What seemed an eternity later, I heard the front door open and the sound of work boots down the hall. Matt came into the living room. He walked over to me and felt my still rock hard cock through my tight leather jeans.
“So have you learned your lesson now?”
I nodded my head enthusiastically. I was ready to be released.
“No I think you still need more time to fully learn your lesson.”
I couldn’t believe it. I had been tied up for several hours, while it had been fun being tied up, I was ready to be released. I struggled against the ropes and screamed into my gag as Matt walked out of the room. Again I heard the front door close. I again tried to free myself from the ropes but I was still going nowhere.
They say it’s not true bondage until you want to be released and you’re not. Well, I was well and truly at that point.
I lost all track of time and I think I must have drifted off to sleep at some point. I was scared and I was excited.
Eventually I heard the front door open and Matt walked back into the living room. He was now dressed as I was, black leather Brando jacket, tight white t-short, tight black leather jeans, studded belt and harness boots. He was carrying his tool box, which he put down beside me. He looked hot in his plumber’s gear, he was mega hot in full leather! He walked up to me and felt my cock, it was still hard.
“Wow, you really enjoy being tied up! I don’t think that’s gone down all day!”
He rubbed my cock, I moaned in pleasure. He unzipped my fly and pulled my stiff member out. He started stroking my cock, he then reached over to his tool box and opened it a crack and pulling out a tube of lube. He squirted some on my cock and kept on stroking. He worked me up to the brink of orgasm several times. I so needed to cum. Finally he worked me up to orgasm and I shot a massive load across the room, I then slumped against my ropes. He left me for a while as I calmed down after my orgasm, he then set to work untying me and removing my gag. He helped me over to the sofa, then he opened his tool box which now contained a few cold beers in ice. He opened one and handed it to me and opened one for himself.
“Full service plumber” took on a whole new meaning.