Thursday, 6 December 2012

Greek Islands Oddysey Part 5

I woke up next to Mark; I struggled and couldn’t move my arms. I then fully woke up and remembered I was strapped in a leather straight jacket with Mark also in a leather straight jacket in the padded cell. His eyes met mine. My cock was hard in my leather jeans.

“Morning sexy leather man.”

“Morning sexy leather man.”

We wriggled next to each other and started kissing. Just then the door opened and Jarrod and Dylan walked in dressed in full leather.

“OK stop it you two.”

Jarrod and Dylan released us from the straight jackets and told us to get cleaned up for breakfast. Mark and I headed for the bathroom taking a long shower thoroughly cleaning each other. We got dressed in leather jackets and leather jeans and headed out to the patio where Jarrod and Dylan were cooking bacon and eggs on the barbecue. There’s nothing like a good English breakfast to start the day.

Just as we were finishing breakfast the doorbell rang. Dylan headed to the door returning with the four cops we’d met previously. They weren’t on duty until the afternoon so they decided to pay us a visit. We talked about the last couple of days over coffee and they admired our leathers. Dimitri commented that he’d always wanted to try leather jeans on and Mark offered to swap clothes with him. Stefanos then asked if I’d swap with him. The thought of the cute Stefanos wearing my leathers was huge a turn on coupled with the thought of wearing his uniform. Mark and I headed inside and swapped clothes with Dimitri and Stefanos. They were the same size as us, our leathers fitted them beautifully and their uniforms fitted us snugly. The utility belt was heavy, it was missing the gun, baton and radio but I did notice the handcuffs were there. We got the cameras out and got lots of photos.

“We should have shots of handcuffed police,” said Jarrod.

This started with shots of us cuffed in front, then the cuffs were removed and we were handcuffed behind. It was a pretty amazing feeling being in a Greek police uniform, handcuffed.

Mathaios surprised us with “Hey, how about photos of police held hostage?”

We headed inside and those of us in uniform were sat down on chairs with our hands cuffed behind the chair backs.

“We need some rope to make this look more authentic,” said Dylan. He and Jarrod headed off, returning a few minutes later with a couple of bags of rope. Dimitri and Stefanos set about tying Mark and me to our chairs while Jarrod and Dylan worked on Mathaios and Lukas. There was no doubt that Dimitri and Stefanos knew how to tie someone up and soon my body was covered in rope securely tying me to the chair. When they were finished tying us, Dimitri picked up a roll of duct tape and proceeded to gag us, wrapping the tape around our heads several times. They got more photos of us tied to the chairs, then they decided our hands should be tied not cuffed, so our handcuffs were removed and our hands tied instead.

Jarrod, Dylan, Dimitri and Stefanos headed out of the room leaving us tightly tied to the chairs and gagged. We struggled against the ropes and mmppphhed into our gags. Being tied up in a police next to Mark and two genuine cops was driving me crazy. My cock was hard as a rock and I badly needed cum. We were left like this for a considerable time and I began to wonder what had happened to the others.

Eventually Dimitri and Stefanos returned to the room. They untied Mathaios and Lukas. They then untied Mark; leaving him gagged with his hands tied and dragged him out of the room. I struggled against my ropes wondering where Jarrod and Dylan were and what was going to happen to Mark. More time passed and Mathaios, Lukas and Stefanos came back and untied me from the chair, leaving me gagged.

“If you know what’s good for you, swap your clothes back with Stefanos.”

I was outnumbered three to one so I complied. They then pushed me to the floor tying my wrists behind my back. I was half dragged down to the dungeon where I saw Jarrod, Dylan and Mark all hogtied on the floor. I note Mark was back in leather jacket and leather jeans. I was pushed to the floor and was tightly hogtied like the others. My hands had been tied behind my back, wrists crossed and I was hogtied with my ankles crossed. Various other ropes were tied around my arms, chest and legs ensuring I was well and truly tied.

“See you later, we’re on duty in a few minutes.”

The cops headed off and we all struggled against our ropes and mmmppphed into our gags. The cops had done a brilliant job of tying us, I could barely move and it was making me as horny as hell. I love hogties, particularly tight inescapable hogties with my wrists and ankles crossed, although at the time I was starting to get a bit concerned about when we would finally get free. Would we have to wait until the cops were off duty, which I guessed would be 10 to 12 hours away.

When you’re tied up you lose track of time and I also drifted in and out of conscienciousness. Suddenly I spotted movement, Dylan had got free. He untied Jarrod. I was ready to be released by this time but Dylan and Jarrod walked out of the room, leaving Mark and me struggling against our ropes and mmmppphhing into our gags. Now that I had smelled the prospect of release and had it taken away from me I got my bondage “second wind” the time you want be released but aren’t. This made me even hornier.

Dylan and Jarrod left Mark and me there for another hour or two. We tried to roll around next to each other but we were so well tied we could barely move, let alone maneuver to untie each other; I had lost track of time some time ago. They came back in and turned us on our sides and started rubbing our crotches. Well, this was driving me crazy and I could tell it was also driving Mark crazy. They would work us up to the edge of cumming then they would back off. Eventually they unbuttoned the flies of our leather jeans and pulled our hard cocks out. They repeated the edging exercise several times until they eventually allowed us to cum. We both shot massive loads and had huge orgasms. Our bodies shook uncontrollably. They left us tied up with our bodies shaking. I really wanted out of the ropes now but knew that I was staying tied up.

A short time later Jarrod and Dylan returned and untied us and we decided. It had been another brilliant day of bondage but we decided we had all had enough bondage for the day. Dimitri and Stefanos had driven past after Jarrod and Dylan had got free. They had planned to release us but after seeing Jarrod and Dylan free they left it up to them to free Mark and me.