Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 9 This Ain’t Montana 3 – Prison life

In spite of being handcuffed and chained to my bed. I managed to sleep fairly well. I did wake up a few times during the night. I tried to move but soon realised I was chained to my bed. I heard Scott’s chains rattle a few times during the night. The worst part of it was that being chained and locked in a jail cell was making me really horny, however, the cock cage was stopping me from getting hard and I was in considerable pain, which made it hard to get back to sleep.

We were woken up by the light coming on in the cell and two guards entering. They unlocked our leg irons from the bed and uncuffed us from the bed, however, we were then handcuffed in front with hinged style handcuffs. “Be ready for breakfast in 15 minutes. They then left locking the cell door behind them. We got ourselves ready, although it was a bit of a challenge being cuffed. 15 minutes later the cell door was again unlocked and we were led down the corridor, with the other inmates, to the mess hall. The sound of a dozen inmates all in leg irons was memorable. I noted that Scott and I were the only ones who were handcuffed. We were told to take a tray each; it contained a bacon and egg roll, an orange and a large plastic cup of water. Like last night’s dinner, the food was very good.

We sat at a table with a few other inmates who commented that it must be our first day there because we were handcuffed. We got talking and everyone had a similar story. They were all motorcyclists who had been stopped for speeding and they’d all been here a few days. We also found out that everyone in the jail was locked in a cock cage.

At the end of breakfast we were led back to our cells to get ourselves ready for work. We were locked back in our cell but our handcuffs were removed. When the cell doors were unlocked again we were told to wait outside facing the cell doors with our hands behind our backs. Guards came along and locked iron collars around our necks and locked our hands behind our back with heavy manacles. We were then told to line up. Chains were locked between our iron collars and we were led outside to the truck where our leg irons were locked to the floor of the truck.

We were driven some distance to what looked like a quarry. We were unlocked from the truck, our manacles were removed and the chains were unlocked from our iron collars. We were then set to work. We would load rocks into wheelbarrows which would be wheeled to a collection point where we’d load them into the back of a pickup. We found out the Sheriff had a landscape material supply business, so we were his “slave” labour force. While it was hard work, we did get frequent breaks for water and to pee. Working in leg irons with a whole group of other guys in leg irons was making me horny, except for my cock cage. We also got given energy drinks mid morning and mid afternoon and very nice salad rolls for lunch.

I noted two of the inmates were kept separate from the rest of us. They were already gagged when we left the jail in the morning and when their manacles were removed, they were relocked in front of them. When I tired to ask one of the other inmates, I was told, “Don’t ask.”

After the mid afternoon energy drink one of the guards told me to move things a bit faster. Without thinking I replied, “Hey, I’m going as fast as I can.”

Before I knew what was happening, a guard had clipped a leash to my iron collar and strapped a huge plug gag in my mouth. “Prisoner, there will be no talking back, administrative punishment!”

Scott, on seeing what was going on said, “Hey take it easy, he didn’t mean anything by that.” He too was gagged and had a leash clipped to his collar.

We were led to two wooden frames to one side of the quarry. There were leather straps hanging from the top corners of the frames. We were told to strip to the waist and were then strapped to the frames spreadeagle style. Our ankles were tied to the based of the frames. The other inmates were gathered around us and two of the guards produced rather evil looking multi tailed leather floggers. The other inmates were brought over to watch us get flogged. The guards alternated between flogging Scott and me. Every time the flogger hit my back it felt like it was on fire. When they stopped flogging us, we were left strapped to the frames for some time while the other inmates were returned to work.

We were eventually unstrapped and told to get dressed again. Man it hurt putting my t shirt and jump suit back on. We were led to a patch of ground where there were two sets of four stakes hammered into the ground in a square. We were told to each lie in the middle of one of the squares. I really didn’t want to lie on my back in its current state. We were then tied spreadeagle. I tried as far as possible to keep my back off the ground but it wasn’t easy. We were left there for the rest of the afternoon. We were untied when the rest of the inmates were brought back to the truck for transport to the jail. We were chained and manacled as before but our gags were left in. We were warned not to mention our punishment to any of the new inmates or we would regret it.

Back at the jail, I noted two new arrivals as we were led back inside. We were unlocked from the chains connecting our iron collars, leashes were attached to our iron collars and we were led to the opposite end of the jail form our cells.

We stopped outside two cells and the doors were opened. The “cells” were no bigger than a closet. Our manacles were removed and we were each backed into a cell. Our leg irons were locked to rings set into the floor anchoring our feet in position. We were told to put our hands up; these were locked to manacles hanging from the ceiling. The cells doors were slammed shut and I was in complete darkness. There was barely any room to move in the cell. I lost track of time and found my thoughts going off in all sorts of directions. I tried pulling on the manacles holding my arms up and tried pulling on my leg irons. I tired screaming into my gag. I wondered how long I would be left here and how much more of this I could take. I was ready to do anything the guards told me to do.

Eventually I heard the cell door open and blinked at the bright light. I was unlocked from the various manacles and my hands were cuffed behind my back. Scott and I were led back to our cell. There were two dinner trays waiting for us as we’d missed the regular dinner while chained in the punishment cell. Our cuffs and gags were removed and we were locked in our cell. We talked out how horny all this punishment was making us and we regretted that with our cocks locked in cock cages, there was nothing we could do about it.

The next day started out like the previous day. There were two new inmates, handcuffed at breakfast and we noticed a couple of faces missing. We got taken out to the quarry except that Scott and I spent the day manacled in front and gagged. We just got energy drinks during the day, which we could drink through a tube running through our gags.

Almost like clockwork the two new inmates were getting flogged and staked out on the ground and I began to wonder of there was indeed a “script”.

When we were taken back to the jail that afternoon, we saw the new inmates led to the punishment cells and the rest of us had our iron collars and manacles removed and were taken to the mess hall. Scott and I were pushed onto the floor. We were “hog chained”. Iron collars were locked around our necks. Our hands were manacled behind our backs and our ankles were locked together and there were all connected by a chain. We were given dog bowls on stew and water on the floor in front of us while the other inmates got to eat normally. At the end of dinner the other inmates were led away while we were gagged and left hog chained for another couple of hours.

We were eventually released and led back to our cell where we were locked in for the night.

The next few days passed in a similar fashion. It seemed that we had finished with our “additional” punishments but we saw these inflicted on the new comers. We got to have a “normal” dinner. After dinner we were led to a recreation room where we were handcuffed in front. Here we could watch television, play board games and talk to the other inmates before being locked in our cells. Mid week we got to have a shower and change of clothes.

On the seventh day of our imprisonment, instead of being led to breakfast, we were cuffed behind our backs, gagged and led outside to a Deputy’s car. We were put in the back seat, hooded and driven away. We were locked in a cell at the county’s sheriff station. We were still handcuffed and gagged but our hoods were removed. A deputy came to the cell with a hammer, chisel and metal block. He used these to remove our leg irons. The Sheriff then came by. He told us we would be released shortly and hoped we would respect the road rules in future but added, with a wry grin, that he seemed to have a number of repeat offenders. He unlocked our handcuffs removed our gags, a deputy then arrived with some breakfast. We learned that the Sheriff owned a restaurant in town which provided the food for the jail – although we were prisoners, the Sheriff saw no reason for providing bad food.

After breakfast a deputy arrived with our motorcycle leathers and the keys to the cock cages. We removed the cock cages and changed into our leathers. We decided to head to a town down the road for the night. Scott had to head back to San Diego the next day and the rest of America beckoned me.

We had an enjoyable evening releasing the cum that had built up in us during the week. We agreed that it could be worthwhile speeding through the Sheriff’ county again but maybe another time. I arranged to meet up with Scott when I returned to San Diego.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 8 This Ain’t Montana 2 Becoming an Inmate

I heard the cell door open and two guards walked in. They pushed huge plug gags into our mouths and strapped them tightly behind our heads. They locked our leg irons from the floor and the chains attaching our iron collars to the wall.


We stood up, although it required a bit of effort with our hands chained behind our backs. The guards then clipped leashes to our iron collars. They pulled us forward; we followed shuffling as much as the leg irons allowed us. We were led down a corridor past a number of closed cell doors. We were led into large room. I saw manacles attached to chains hanging from the walls. There were further manacles attached to chains which were anchored to the base of the wall. At one end of the room was a double set of metal stocks. The door to the room was locked.

The guards attached my leash to a hook on the wall. They started to remove Scott’s chains. When these were removed he was instructed to strip. His leathers, boots, undies and socks were placed into a box which was padlocked shut. The guards moved him over to the wall and shackled him, naked, to the wall, spreadeagle.

The guards then started to remove my chains. I was also told to strip and was shackled spreadeagle to the wall next to Scott. The door opened and the Sheriff walked in.

“Well, well, it looks like we have a couple of gay boys here. You gave us quite a show. Boys, there are cameras all through this jail; privacy is something you are not going to have for the next week. Now boys, unlike some of my unenlightened brethren in this country, I have no issues those who are gay, lesbian or bisexual. If it’s the way the good lord made us, then we should celebrate it, not be ashamed. However, you boys are here for punishment, not pleasure, so we’d bet put temptation out of harm’s way.”

One of the guards produced silicone cock cages. Of course Scott and I were still completely hard, so the other guard produced ice bags from a cooler in the room. These were held over our cocks, which eventually went soft. Our cocks were stuffed into the cock cages which were secured with padlocks.

The Sheriff spoke again.

“Boys, you will work hard this week. You will obey any instruction you are given without delay or question. When you’re working, you will only speak when spoken to. You may speak freely at other times but there will be no profanity and you are being observed at all times. If you don’t comply, there will be additional punishments. Josh, Luke, I’ll leave these boys in your capable hands.”

The Sheriff then left.

Josh produced a set of electric clippers and proceeded to clip all of Scott’s and my body hair off. As this was going on, my cock started to stiffen in the cock cage. It was painful and I was trying to will it to go soft, with no success.

Josh and Luke opened a couple of cupboard in the room. They took out two yellow jump suits, like I’d seen the “inmates” wearing when we arrived. They added white jock straps, white t-shirts, work boots and socks to the pile. They unlocked Scott from the wall and Josh said, “Get dressed.”

Scott put on the clothes and boots laid out for him. Luke led him to one of the stocks at the end of the room, which Josh held open. Luke pushed his neck and wrists in and Josh locked it.

They then unlocked me. I also got dressed. I noticed that the jump suit had a series of press studs going up each inside leg and across the bottom. I’d shortly learn what this was for. I was then led to the other stock and locked in. Josh produced the clippers again and proceeds to give both of us a “number zero” haircut.

“We need to remove your gags to finish you off, remember what the Sheriff said.”

Luke removed Scott’s gag and Josh finished removing the hair from Scott’s head before Luke reapplied his gag.  Luke then removed my gag and Josh removed the last of my hair before Luke re gagged me.

Josh and Luke walked over to another cupboard and removed two sets of leg irons, two heavy hammers, two small metal blocks and a couple of what looked like thick nails. They walked over to us and placed the leg irons on us. The leg irons were secured using the nails which were placed through a hole in the leg irons. These were placed on the metal blocks and hammered shut. I could feel the weight of the leg irons and experimented lifting my feet. These were definitely going to make walking difficult!

Luke spoke “Boys, the leg irons will stay on for the entire time you’re here. You may have noticed that you can unbutton your jump suits so you can get them on and off over the leg irons. That will also help you when you need to take a dump. You can get your jockstraps on and off by feeding them through your leg irons. We can help you with that if necessary” He added the last bit with a bit of an evil grin.

They then unlocked Scott and then me from the stocks, quickly cuffing our hands behind our backs. Josh grabbed my left arm and Luke grabbed Scott’s right arm. They walked us down the corridor stopping at one of the cell doors. Luke unlocked it and told us to go in. “Boys, this will be your cell for the next week. You missed the regular dinner but we will be back with some food, you need to keep your strength up for the week.”

The door was closed with a loud bang and we heard the sound of a key turning in the lock. The cell was about three by three metres. There were iron framed single beds either side of the door which were bolted to the floor. At the end of the cell there was a stainless wash basin on one side and a stainless steel toilet on the other (at least there was indoor plumbing. On the basin was a cake of soap, two toothbrushes and toothpaste. A towel hung over a rail underneath the basin.

A couple of minutes later a hatch in the cell door opened and I heard Josh’s voice. Put your hands up to the hatch, one at a time and we’ll remove your handcuffs. Scott signalled for me to go first, and then his cuffs were removed. I rubbed my wrists which had been getting sore.

“We have your dinner; we’ll pass the trays through the hatch.”

Each tray had a large bowl of stew, an apple, a banana and a large plastic up of water. It was a meat and vegetable stew. It was really tasty, well cooked with a few spices for added flavour. It was the sort of thing I expected to get at a restaurant, not a jail! Neither Scott nor I had eaten since breakfast so we practically inhaled the food.

After we’d finished eating the hatch opened again. “Pass your trays back through, then you’d better clean your teeth and use the toilet; we’ll be locking you down in 15 minutes.”

I wasn’t sure why the rush for the toilet but it fitted in with my traveller’s instinct which is to make use of a toilet when available as you never know when the next opportunity will arise. We cleaned up, and then heard the key in the lock.

“Lie on your beds, heads towards the door.”

I heard the door open and saw Josh and Luke walk in. They were each carrying two pairs of handcuffs which they used to lock our hands to loops on the side of the bed at wrist level. They then locked our leg irons to the end of the bed.

“We chain you to your bed for your first night. We don’t normally lock you up after night one if you behave. Oh and keep the noise down, we will gag you if necessary”

They left the cell and I heard the door close with a heavy thump followed by the heavy clunk of the lock. As soon as the door was locked the light was turned out, plunging us into complete darkness. I struggled a bit with my handcuffs and leg irons and I could hear Scott do the same. I could also feel the pain of my cock straining in its cage. Scott and I talked for a while about how our day ended up totally different from what we had expected this morning. We were both scared bit excited at the prospect of being chained up for a week (we hoped it would only be a week). Eventually we both drifted off to sleep.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 7 This Ain’t Montana 1 - Speeding has consequences

From Montana I headed into Wyoming. It also has some great mountain roads but, unlike Montana, they have speed limits…

I was having a great time on a stretch of road when a sports bike appeared in my rear vision mirror and then shot past. I continued along the road and saw the sportsbiker again parked beside the road a couple of kilometres later. He pulled back on the road behind me and sat behind me for a couple of km. He then shot past. Normally I wouldn’t have given it a second though, except today something inside me snapped and I decided to take him on. I don’t think my friends would have believed it if I told them, as I have a bit of a reputation as “Captain Slow”.

We continued along the road for a few more kilometres at well over the speed limit when I spotted a Sheriff’s car coming the other way. Its blue and red lights came on but there was no where for it to turn around as it was a very twisty section of road. For some stupid reason I continued to chase the sports biker. We continued for a few more kilometres until our way was blocked by two Sheriff’s cars parked across the road. Four deputies were standing by the cars with their guns out. The sportsbiker and I braked heavily coming to a stop in front of the cars. One spoke into his car’s mike coming out over a PA.

“Park your bikes beside the road. Kill your engines, remove your helmets and walk over to the closest car. Place your hands on the trunk.”

I never argue with someone pointing a gun at me and I did as I was told, as did the sportsbiker. He was a real looker, a similar height and build to me, short blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a one piece red, white and black set of leathers with red racing boots.

A couple of the deputies patted us down and cuffed our hands behind our backs, palms out. I realised I was probably in deep shit but I was also feeling really horny, handcuffed beside a cute leather clad handcuffed biker, surrounded by really stunning looking deputies.

“Wait there boys, the Sheriff wants to deal with you personally.”

It sounded rather ominous.

A few minutes later I heard the siren of the Sheriff’s car and saw it arrive; it was the car we’d passed down the road. The Sheriff got out of his car and walked up to us.

“Where the hell do you boys think you are, this ain’t Montana? This is Wyoming where we have speed limits and we respect speed limits. I’m sick of having biker boys like you thinking you can treat my county as a race track. Well we have ways of dealing with you. Do you have anything to say for yourselves?”

We both nervously replied, “No sir.”

He turned to one of the deputies and said, “Go get the special restraints from my car, these boys are going to spend some time in the special facility.”

“What do you plan to do with us Sheriff?” asked my fellow biker.

The Sheriff moved his face ride up to the biker’s face. “First of all boy, you will learn to speak only when spoken to, second, you’ll find out in good time.”

The deputy returned from the Sheriff’s car carrying two heavy sets of irons. These looked very serious. They consisted of an iron collar attached to a chain. About halfway along were a pair of wrist manacles, at the end a pair of leg irons. I was both scared and excited at the same time.

While this was going on, a large van arrived. Two deputies got out of the van and started to load our motorcycles into the back.

“OK get these boys secure for transport”

Two of the deputies started to lock the chains on us. They started by locking iron collars around our necks. They next locked on the leg irons. Our handcuffs were removed and our wrists locked in the manacles, in front of us. The other two deputies produced leather muzzles which they strapped over our heads. These effectively clamped our jaws shut preventing speech. They walked us over to the Sheriff’s car. The chains felt amazing. They were quite heavy and left you in no doubt that you were restrained. I had a huge hard on and noticed a bulge in my “friend’s” leathers. We were pushed into the back seat and our seat belts were strapped on. Black canvas hood were placed over our heads. I heard the car doors close and the Sheriff drove off.

We drove for some distance. From time to time I heard the clank of chains from my fellow prisoner. My cock was still rock hard.

I felt the car slow down and turn. We then headed along an unpaved road for a few minutes until the car stopped. We continued on for a short distance on a paved road before the car stopped again. I heard the car doors open. Someone undid my seatbelt and removed my hood. Two men in black SWAT style uniforms” helped” us out of the car. I blinked in the bright sunlight. It looked like we were inside a jail. We had stopped inside a large yard, with a high wall all around topped with razor wire and punctuated guard towers. In front of us was a long single story stone building. The windows were barred horizontal slits.

The Sheriff spoke. “Boys, as I said before, we don’t tolerate bikers like you who have no respect for our speed limits and you’re going to learn how justice works in my county. We found that writing tickets wasn’t helping things so I’ve reopened the old county jail. I’ve found that a week here is usually enough to teach bikers like you the error of their ways. Oh, and don’t think about giving your guards trouble. Each one carries a stun gun.” One of the guards removed his stun gun from his belt and showed it to us like a quiz show “barrel girl” showing off one of the prizes. It was a very evil looking device and I made a mental note that I didn’t want to find out how it worked. “And don’t think you can grab one of these from a guard, each one is coded to a particular guard’s thumbprint.”

While the Sheriff was speaking to us, I saw an open topped truck bus pull into the yard. I saw about a dozen guys sitting on benches that lined the perimeter of the tray. All were around my age, height and build. They were wearing bright yellow jumpsuits and black work boots and I noted there were leg irons over the work boots. In addition they had iron collars around their necks which were connected by chains and their hands looked like they were locked behind their backs. The guards on the back of the truck then unlocked the inmates’ leg irons from the floor of the truck while another two guards waited, stun guns in hand, at the bottom of the ramp that had been lowered from under the floor of the truck . The inmates were led down the ramp and I saw that their hands were shackled behind their backs with manacles. I watched them as they shuffled into a door at the far end of the jail. So this was what we were in for!

Each guard produced a leash and clipped it to our iron collars. We were led inside the jail. We were led inside a cell and told to sit. Our leg irons were padlocked to ring bolts set in the floor.

One of the guards spoke. “We’re just going to change your irons around, I wouldn’t try to resist if I was you.”

With my legs locked to the floor I didn’t think I’d achieve much anyway. The guards started with me. They unlocked my collar and wrists. The chain was rearranged and I was told to put my hands behind my back. My wrists were then locked behind my back and my iron collar relocked. A chain was added locking the iron collar to a ring bolt on the wall behind me. Once I had been relocked the guard did the same to the other biker. Our gags were removed.

“OK boys, we’re going to leave you here for a while to reflect on what you’ve done before we start your punishment.”

They locked the door to the cell and left us.

The other biker’s name was Scott. He was from San Diego and was spending a few weeks touring the western United States. He said “I don’t know about you but being chained up like this in my leathers is making me as horny as hell.”

“Me too!” I replied.

“Could you do me a huge favour?” asked Scott. “I can do the same for you if you want.”

“Sure thing” I replied.

We’d been chained so we were right next to each other, so with a bit of manoeuvring I was able to line my chained hands up to Scott’s crotch. Fortunately his leathers had a two way zipper so I was able to gain access to his cock, which was already rock hard. I started to jerk him off eventually building up to orgasm. He shot a huge load, which hit the floor in front of us. I then got his cock back inside his leather and refastened his zip.

“Thank you so much! That was brilliant!” He sighed. “Give me a moment and I’ll return the favour.

Scott shuffled himself around so his hands now lined up with my cock. (I was wearing two piece leathers.) He got my fly undone and started to work on my cock. It was wonderful having him work me over. He gradually built me up until I felt my whole body shake until I had a huge orgasm. I too shot a huge load which landed on the floor in front of us. Scott then got my cock back inside my leathers.

“Thankyou mate, that was sooo good!”

We sat in silence for a few minutes, then Scott spoke.

“Do you think we’ll get into trouble for this?”

“Judging from the Sheriff’s attitude, I think that’s highly likely but hell, I really needed that and I’ll just have to face the consequences.”

“Me too.” Replied Scott

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 6 Montana Part 3 or Getting to know to Brokeback Mountain

I woke up, feeling a bit foggy. The last thing I remembered was being tied to the pole in the bar drinking a beer.

I was sitting up against a wooden wall. I tried to open my eyes but they weren’t working. I realised I was blindfolded with a bandana. I tried to call out but there was something in my mouth stopping me. The plug gag had been strapped back on. I tried moving my hands, which were in front of me. I felt metal manacles around my wrists, They were chained together by a short chain. I tried lifting my hands to take my blindfold off but the manacles were attached to a short chain that was attached to the floor. I then tried to move my head down to my hands but there was a metal collar around my neck and that was attached to the wall behind me by a short chain. I tried to move my feet but felt manacles around my ankles. They were joined by a chain which was attached to the floor.

I tried screaming into my gag. I tugged on the manacles securing my wrists and ankles but they weren’t budging. I was scared, I had no idea where I was or who had abducted me. It was also making me extremely horny. I heard footsteps then a voice. “Cowboy, I’ve see you’ve woken up. You can struggle all you like but you’re not getting free.” It was the voice of the guy who had given me the beer in the bar last night. I screamed as loud as I could into my gag and thrashed against the chains.

I felt strong hands push me against the wall, it felt like two sets of hands. My fly was unzipped and my shirt unbuttoned. Someone started to jerk me off and someone started to play with my tits. They worked me up to the edge of orgasm a few times then stopped putting my cock back in my jeans and zipped up the fly, my shirt was buttoned up.

Another voice spoke. “Enough of that for now cowboy, we have big plans for you.”

I was left alone for a long time. While I knew I couldn’t escape from the manacles that held me, it didn’t stop me struggling against them.

I heard my two abductors return. First the iron collar was removed from my neck. Next the manacles were unlocked from my wrists. Before I could do anything, I was pushed onto my stomach and forced my wrists behind my back. My wrists were bound tightly together. More ropes were tied around me chest and shoulders immobilising my body. The manacles were removed from my ankles and I was pulled to my feet. My blindfold was removed and I recognised my abductors from the bar last night. Both were in classic cowboy gear, dark brown boots, tight Wranglers and plaid cowboy shirts. Both were wearing black felt Stetsons.

“Cowboy, we’re going for a bit of a ride.”

They walked me out of the shed I was in. There were three horses tied up to a bar outside. Two had saddles, the third didn’t. My abductors picked me up and put me on the unsaddled horse. It’s the first time I’d ever mounted a horse this way and it felt rather strange. I managed to settle on the back of the horse and get my balance. The picked up a white straw Stetson and placed it on my head. My abductors mounted the other two horses. One took the reigns of my horse and led off., the other followed. Fortunately they headed off at a walk, I don’t think I’d have remained on the horse at any faster pace. We rode for about half an hour. It was overcast so I couldn’t get an idea of direction from the sun.

We came to a group of trees and I could make out a couple of people there. As we got closer my blood went cold when I recognised the two people as Tom and Matt. Both were tied with their hand above their heads with ropes that were tied to the branch above their heads. They were gagged with black duct tape which was wound around their heads. I saw a look of horror go across their faces when they saw the three of us ride up.

The truly scary sight was in the tree opposite Tom and Matt. Three nooses hung from a branch. My adductors positioned me next to the middle noose and before I knew what was happened, he’d pushed my Stetson off and had the noose around my neck.

One of my abductors spoke. “OK boys, you should learn not to accept drinks from strangers. I think we’ll let this cowboy do his air dance first, then we’ll work out who’s next.”

I tried calling out through my gag, I struggled with the ropes securing my upper body but they held fast. I was both frightened and also horny. Matt and Tom struggled with their ropes and tried to call out though their gags. This can’t be happening, I was thinking. I can’t be about to die.

Suddenly I heard sirens behind me and two four wheel drives with “Sheriff” on the side drove in, lights flashing. A voice came over the PA “Brett and Glenn, get off your horses now and lie face down on the ground. The Sheriff and three deputies burst out of the four wheel drives, guns drawn and raced over to my abductors who were now laying face down on the ground. They cuffed them. The Sheriff and a deputy stood guard while the other two deputies went over to Tom and Matt and cut their ropes. “We need to deal with Brett and Glenn, you’d better rescue your cowboy.

I was a bit dazed with this all going on until it hit me that I was still sitting on the back of a horse with my hands tied and a noose around my neck. Lucky this horse didn’t spook easily. Tom mounted one of the other horses and rode up to me removing the noose from around my neck. He and Matt helped my off the horse to the ground.

My abductors had been led to the back seat of one of the four wheel drives and the Sheriff and a deputy got into the front and drove away. The other deputies came over to us. “Tom, Matt, let’s get you and your new cowboy home.” Matt and Tom helped me into the back seat between them. It occurred that no one had made any move to untie or ungag me. I mmpphed into my gag and Tom leaned over to me. “Cowboy, you’ve had a rough day, we need to leave you tied up for your own safety. He and Matt both hugged me. I was fine being tied up with my gorgeous cowboys.

We arrived at Tom and Matt’s place and they led me into the living room. They seated me on the sofa. Tom picked up some rope and tied my ankles and thighs.

I heard another car pull up outside. There was the sound of doors opening and foot steps. The Sheriff and three deputies entered with Brett and Glenn who were handcuffed and gagged with black duct tape. The Sheriff spoke, “Matt would you like to tell your cowboy what’s been going one?”

“Cowboy, it was all a set up. We’ve all been in on this. You were never in any danger of being hanged.”

Tom removed my gag. “YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!!!!” I yelled “That was totally AWESOME!!!” There was a bit of laughter around the room at my reaction.

The Sheriff spoke “I think these boys had better give you some restitution. He came over, unzipped my fly and pulled my rock hard cock out. He removed Brett and Glenn’s gags and moved them over to me. He positioned their heads near my cock. “Give this cowboy a blow job he’s never going to forget.” Brett and Glenn set to work, alternatively sucking me off. These boys sure knew how to give head! They worked me to the brink of orgasm several times, then suddenly I erupted in a huge shower of cum.

After things settled down Matt announced “The goat we have on the spit should be done by now, let’s eat.” He and Matt came over and untied me. The Sheriff recuffed Glenn and Brett with their hands in front. “I think you boys can stay cuffed for a while.”

We headed out to the deck where Tom was now carving up the goat.

We had a great night eating, drinking and talking. After dinner Brett and Glenn were recuffed behind their backs and one of the deputies decided to cuff me behind mine.

Eventually the Sheriff and the deputies headed off with the still cuffed Brett and Glenn. After some playful banter I was uncuffed.

It was a fun few days on Brokeback Mountain but I was a traveller and it was time came to continue with my journey.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 5 Montana Part 2 or Welcome to Brokeback Mountain

I woke up and tried to move but felt tight ropes holding me down. I tried to call out but there was something in my mouth stopping me. I couldn’t see. I struggled against my ropes and tried to call out. After struggling for a couple of minutes I remembered that I was tied up, gagged and blindfolded in Tom and Matt’s house somewhere in Montana. I struggled like crazy against my ropes. There weren’t budging but it was making me as horny as hell.

I heard footsteps, then Tom’s voice.

“Morning cowboy, I trust you slept well.”

I felt Matt and Tom get on the bed either side of me. My gag was removed but before I could say anything, I was being tongue kissed. I think both Tom and Matt gave me a good snogging but I’m not sure in which order. My cock hard gone rock hard and I was aching for release. As if they read my mind, my fly was opened and felt a warm mouth close on my cock. At the same time my shirt was undone and someone started playing with my tits and was snogging me.

I was in heaven. I had been tied up by two gorgeous cowboys who were now sucking me off, snogging me and working my tits over. They brought me to the edge of climax several times. Finally my whole body started to shake uncontrollably and I shot a massive load.

“Tom and Matt, THANKYOU!! The earth sure moved for me, I hope it moved for you.”

They removed my blindfold and I got to look into their gorgeous eyes.

“Cowboy, the earth moved for us too.” Tom replied

Matt added, “OK cowboy, we need to get cleaned up and get breakfast going. We’ll be back”

They gagged me again with a knotted bandanna but left my blindfold off. I lay there in a post orgasmic glow, struggling against my ropes.

Tom and Matt returned. I could smell that they were freshly showered; they removed my gag and untied me. “OK cowboy, get yourself cleaned up for breakfast.”

I headed to the bathroom and had a wonderful shower. I found fresh clothes on my bed which I changed into. I could smell cooking coming from the kitchen. I entered and saw the table set with plates of bacon, eggs, pancakes, coffee and juice. I joined Tom and Matt in an excellent breakfast.

“Go get cleaned up and we’ll show you around the place.” Matt said

After returning from the bathroom, I saw Matt and Tom near the front door. Matt was holding a coil of rope, Tom a black leather collar and leash.
“OK cowboy, hands behind your back.” Matt said.

I crossed my wrists behind my back and Matt tied them firmly together. By now I was used to being tied up by Tom and Matt, so I was happy to have my hands tied behind my back. I tested the ropes and was very satisfied to find that like their previous rope tiers, I wasn’t getting out of this one. Tom buckled the collar around my neck and clipped the leash onto it. Tom led me out the door and we walked across to a large shed. It was completely empty and looked like it had been abandoned for some years.

Tom led me over to one of the uprights holding the roof up; there were piles of rope next to it. He pushed me down so I was sitting with my back to it. Matt started to tie a rope around my ankles. Tom untied my wrists, retying them behind the upright. He and Matt added more rope around my chest, waist and to my legs above and below the knees. They finally tied some rope around my neck, not tight enough to choke me but tight enough that I would choke if I struggled. It goes without saying that I was incredibly hard.

They stuffed a bandanna into my mouth and tied it in with a knotted bandanna. They blindfolded me with another bandanna.

I heard Tom’s voice say “OK cowboy, we have some work to do. We’ll be back later. Have fun.”

I heard booted feet walk out of the shed. I tested my ropes again, no, they’d done the usual excellent job of securing me. I stood there thinking. When I set out on this trip, I had never expected to find myself tied up by two gorgeous cowboys in Montana. Images of Tom and Matt in their Wranglers, western shirts and Tony Lama boots played over and over in my head. My cock was as hard as a rock; I was as horny as hell and I was aching for release. When you’re tied, gagged and blindfolded you lose track of time. I knew I had been there a long time and started to wonder if or when my captors would come back for me. I tried again to loosen my ropes but there was no way I was getting out. I struggled pulling the rope around my neck tighter. I think I drifted in and out of sleep.

I have no idea how much time passed but I did pass the threshold of wanting to be untied. I tried calling out but the gag prevented any intelligible sound from coming out. It is an amazing threshold to pass as it really reinforced my captivity and I was feeling super horny again.

I heard the sound of boots walk into the shed and walk up to me. I mmpphed into my gag but nothing was said back. The ropes securing my upper body were untied. My wrists were untied from the pole but quickly retied behind my back. The ropes around my legs and ankles were untied. I then heard Matt’s voice.

“You know what cowboy, you do look good hogtied.”

I was rolled onto my stomach, my ankles were crossed over and I was tightly hogtied. I heard two sets of footsteps walk out of the shed and I was left struggling on the floor for some time.

After I heard footsteps and smelled cooked food. Tom and Matt came into the room, they removed my gag and blindfold and set a plate of spaghetti and a bowl of water on the floor in front of me.

“Lunch time cowboy.” Tom said

“Come on guys, can you please untie me so I can eat?”

“Cowboy, I’m sure you can manage as you are. Would you like us to gag you again and miss out on lunch?” Tom replied


I proceeded to eat the food set in front of me. Not surprisingly, a reasonable amount ended up on my face but overall, I didn’t do too bad a job. After I finished eating Tom gave my face a wipe with a damp cloth and replaced my gag. He and Matt left me to struggle for a while.

Tom and Matt returned and untied me from the hogtie leaving my hands tied behind my back and the collar bucked around my neck. Matt clipped the leash back onto the collar. First they let me take a pee in the toilet in the back of the shed, then they blindfolded me again with a bandana and took me for a walk outside. I shuffled along slowly to make sure I didn’t trip up, I’d feel the leash tugging me forward.

We stopped and they got me to lie down. My legs were spread apart and I felt ropes being tied around me boots. They sat me up and untied my hands, they lay me down again spreading my arms out. Ropes were then tied around my wrists. When they had finished I struggled and then realised I’d been tied spreadeagle on the ground. My ropes were tied to something solid and I realised I wasn’t going anywhere. My fly was unzipped and my cock was pulled out. Someone started to play with that. Someone unbuttoned my shirt and started to play with my tits. I was rock hard again and aching for release. They worked me up to the brink of orgasm several times but didn’t allow me to cum.

The cock and tit play stopped. My cock was pushed back into my jeans and the zip done up. I heard Matt’s voice.

“Cowboy, we have work to do. Don’t go away.”

Tom’s voice added, “We’ll be back, be good.”

I mmpphed into my gag and struggled with my ropes. I certainly wasn’t going anywhere. Once again in my tied, gagged and blindfolded state I lost track of time. I desperately wanted to cum. I wanted to be untied but I being unable to escape was making me as horny as hell. Images of Tom and Matt played over and over in my mind.

I think I must have been there for a few hours as I could feel the temperature start to drop. I heard footsteps and my gag was removed but before I could say anything I felt a tongue go into my mouth. My fly was unzipped and a felt a warm mouth on my cock. Between the kissing and the blow job, I was as hard as a rock again. Once again they worked me to the brink of orgasm several times. My gag was replaced and a hand worked my cock while other hands worked my tits. Finally I shot a massive load. My body convulsed and I strained against my ropes. I finally settled back down and Tom and Matt untied me, then removed my blindfold and gag. They both hugged and kissed me then helped me to my feet. We walked back to the house where they ordered me into the shower and to change into a clean shirt and Wranglers.

I then joined them for dinner, they’d roasted a chicken.

After dinner Matt said, “Let’s head to our local bar. There are lots more boys in Wranglers and boots to check out.”

Tom had picked up a coil of rope “Hands behind your back cowboy, we need to keep you under control.”

I crossed my wrists behind my back and Tom tied them tightly. Matt gagged me with a knotted bandanna. It just seemed normal to spend most of my time tied up by these two gorgeous cowboys.

Tom tied a length of rope into a hangman’s noose. “Just in case you misbehave, cowboy.” He put it over my head and tightened the knot up around my neck. He used is as a leash to lead me out to their truck. I again slid into the middle of the seat and Matt tied a rope around my ankles and Tom blindfolded me with a bandana.

We drove for about half an hour before stopping. My feet were untied and my blindfold was removed. We were in the car park of a bar. There were lots of pickup trucks and four wheel drives. I got out of the truck and was led into the bar by the noose around my neck. It was full of cute guys in tight Wranglers, boots and plaid cowboy shirts. I certainly gain much attention being led in by a noose with my hands tied behind my back. I recognised some of the guys for the diner yesterday. One of them commented. “Well boys, looks like you’ve turned your leather biker into a proper cowboy.”

I was led to a pole in the middle of the bar. My hands were untied but quickly retied behind the pole. Rope appeared from nowhere and was added around my chest, waist, thighs and ankles tying me tightly to the pole. I struggled against the ropes to make sure I was inescapably tied; I was. Various guys in the bar came up to look at me, most of them rubbed my cock through my jeans and played with my tits through my shirt. I was rather enjoying the attention. I was left tied to the pole for probably a couple of hours.

One of the guys in the bar came up to me holding a freshly opened bottle of beer. He held it up to me and said “Cowboy, would you like a beer?”

I nodded and he removed my gag and held the bottle up to my mouth. After being tied and gagged for a couple of hours, the beer was refreshing but I soon started to feel very tired.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 4 Montana or Brokeback Mountain Revisited?

Montana had several things going for it.  When I was there, it had no daytime speed limit.  (The speed limit signed read “Prudent and Reasonable”) It had some great mountain scenery, with wonderful twisty roads and there were lots of cute boys in tight Wranglers and cowboy boots.

I had stopped mid morning at a diner for coffee.  There were several pickup trucks in the car park with their cute Wrangler clad owners inside.

I finished my coffee and headed for the door, however, before I could get there I felt a lasso tighten around my arms and chest.  I was pulled to the ground face first.  I was pinned down by a muscular body; I tried to struggle but this guy was much stronger than me and my struggles amounted to nothing.  He held my legs together with his muscular thighs.  He grabbed my wrists, pulled them behind my back and tied them tightly together.  He then set to work tying my ankles together and finished off by tying my ankles off top my wrists in a tight hogtie.  I started to call out but my captor pulled out a bandana, which he stuffed in my mouth.  He secured it with another bandana, which tied tightly around my head.  He then added further ropes; he tied another rope around my elbows, pulling them together and additional ropes around my calves and thighs just above and below my knees.  All of this happened in a flash, one moment I was walking back to my motorcycle, the next, I was struggling on the floor, helplessly hogtied and gagged.

My captor stood up to admire his handiwork; he was stunning, over 6 foot, athletic build, dark buzz cut hair, blue eyes.  He was clad in Wranglers that looked like they had been sprayed on, black Tony Lama boots, a silver belt buckle, a blue and white plaid cowboy shirt and a white straw Stetson.  He turned to his friend who was of a similar build but with mid length blond hair.  He too was in tight Wranglers and Tony Lamas but was wearing a black cowboy shirt and a black felt Stetson.  “So Matt, looks like I win the bet, one hogtied, leather biker.”

“Not so fast Tom, I bet he can get himself free – double or nothing – he can free himself by sundown.”

“OK Matt, you’re on.”

Tom and Matt sat at the table next to me and ordered more coffee, which the owner brought over, seemingly oblivious to the fact there was a hogtied man on the floor of his diner!

While Tom and Matt drank their coffee and chatted, I struggled with my ropes.  This was turning out to be a bondage holiday; my last bondage encounter in Vancouver had only been a few days earlier.

My past bondage encounters had always been with people I knew, this was the first time I’d been tied up involuntarily and it was sure turning me on! It was also the first time I’d ever been tied up in public which was also a turn on. Then there were my captors, two very good looking cowboys.

Matt and Tom watched as I struggled with my rope and mmphed into my gag. Matt said “By the way he’s struggling; it looks like he’s enjoying this”

Mmm, give the man 10 points for perception, I thought.

Matt then turned me on my back and noticed the bulge in my leather pants “Check the bulge out, I think he has the hots for you Tom.”

Give that boy another 10 points.

“Matt, I think this boy is in need of relief.”

They picked me up and carried me to the men’s room. Tom locked the door. Matt untied the rope connecting my wrists and ankles, but left the rest of the ropes in place. They then pushed me against the wall. Tom unzipped my fly and pulled my rock hard cock out; he dropped to he knees and started to suck my cock. Matt removed my gag and started kissing me. Man I was in heaven being kissed and sucked by two gorgeous cowboys. Tom brought me to the brink of orgasm, then stopped. He and Matt swapped over and the kissing and sucking continued. They swapped a few times before I eventually shot a massive load. They laid me on the floor where I let the feeling of ecstasy roll over me. They gagged me again with a knotted bandana.

Tom and Matt picked me up and carried me back into the diner. They sat me down in a chair and set to work adding a few more ropes tying me to the chair. The owner brought some menus over and said with a huge grin “So will you boys be having lunch or are you ready for dessert?” They ordered food and talked between themselves, almost as though I didn’t exist.

When the food arrived, they removed my gag. “Are you going to untie me so I can eat?”

Matt replied, “Biker boy, you can either let us feed you or the gag goes back in and you can watch us eat.”


They’d ordered ribs, which weren’t actually that difficult to eat while tied up. They’d also hold up a glass of Coke for me to drink through a straw.

When lunch was finished Tom asked me, “Would you like to spend a couple of days on our farm? It’s got a great view of the mountains and it would be a nice place to chill out.”

“That would be great. I can follow you guys on the bike. Mmphh”

The gag went back in.

“We can take your bike I the back of our truck, saves you getting lost.” Matt replied.

They untied me from the chair and Tom carried me out to their truck. The slid me into middle seat and buckled my seat belt. The boys then took a length of wood from the tray of their truck which they used as a ramp to load my bike. They tied it down securely. Tom climbed into the driver’s seat and Matt into the passenger seat, so I was now two cute bikers. Matt then blindfolded me a bandana. “I think we need a bit of mystery here.

As I sat between Matt and Tom, tied, gagged and blindfolded, I wondered how sensible I was being to allow two strangers to abduct me. At the same time the prospect of being with two gorgeous cowboys was turning me on and there was a growing bulge in my leathers. I felt and hand stroke the bulge and Matt’s voice. “I think our biker boy is looking forward to a few days away from civilisation.”

We continued along paved roads for some time and then I felt us move onto an unpaved road. We continued along the unpaved road until the truck stopped. My blindfold was removed. We were stopped outside a large farm house on the side of a mountain with a sweeping panorama. I noticed a couple of large satellite dishes to one side of the house. Tom and Matt got out of the truck, “Don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back.” Very droll, I thought and I struggled in my ropes, which continued to hold me fast.

Matt emerged from the house a few minutes later. He slid me out of the truck and carried me into the house over his shoulder. He took me into a bedroom and set me down. On the bed was a pair of wranglers, a black and white plaid shirt, black leather belt with a silver buckle and a pair of boot socks. Beside the bed was a pair of black Tony lama boots.

“OK biker boy, now you’re on our farm, you need to dress like a proper cowboy.”

Matt and Tom untied me. I took my leathers off and put on the shirt, jeans and boots. The fitted beautifully and I admired myself in the mirror.

“Biker boy, you make a damn fine cowboy.”

I then followed Tom and Matt into the living room. Before I knew what was happening, Tom had pushed me to the floor and started to tie me up.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“I still have a bet to win. It’s not yet sundown and I need to have you hogtied until then.”

I struggled but, as before, I was no match for Tom and he soon had me securely hogtied and gagged again.

Tom and Matt announced that they had work to do outside and left me struggling in the living room. This time around Tom had tied me so that both my wrists and ankles were crossed. This is a very restrictive form of hogtie, it’s almost impossible to roll over or to move about. As I lay there hogtied, it again occurred to me that Tom and Matt could do anything they liked to me. My family, home in Australia, wouldn’t miss me for a while, while I was keeping in touch by email, it was often a week between contact. What could they do? One motorcyclist missing somewhere in the US or Canada, last heard of from Idaho.

The light began to fade outside when Tom and Matt finally returned. Matt handed Tom a $100 bill “OK Tom, you win the bet.” They then untied me. They picked me up and in turn, hugged and kissed me. I was sore from being tied up most of the day but very happy.

“OK Matt, I think we need some food, let’s fire up the barbecue.”

We had a few beers while Tom cooked steak on the barbecue. We talked about my trip and told them of my bondage adventures in Vancouver. Tom was from Idaho and Matt was from Wyoming. They’d met when they were at Stanford. They set up an internet company in San Francisco but decided, after couple of years, to move to Montana or, as they called it, their very own “Brokeback Mountain.”

After dessert “Hey Matt, bet you can’t get our cowboy hogtied.”

Well, Matt needed no further encouragement. Within nanoseconds he had me pinned on the floor and was roping my wrists and ankles into a very effective hogtie. Like my last hogtie, he had my wrists and ankles crossed. He gagged me with a knotted bandana and blindfolded me with another bandana. I was once again struggling on the floor with no hope of escape. I heard the sound of a disk being put in a DVD player. It sounded like porn, which only made me hornier.

After some time I heard the sound of the disk being ejected from the DVD player.

“Time for bed cowboy.”

I was untied and headed to the bathroom before heading to the guest bedroom. Tom and Matt were waiting for me there holding coils of rope.

“Time to secure you for the night cowboy” Matt said

“You can cooperate, in which case we’ll make sure you’re tied up comfortably. If you don’t we’ll make sure you’re in a tight hog tie, unable to move.” Tom added

“OK I’ll go quietly.” I decided this was the best option, having experienced Tom’s and Matt’s prowess with ropes.

They got me to lie face up on the bed. They started by tying ropes around my wrists which were tied off to the bed head. The knots were just out of reach. They then tied ropes around my boots which were tied off to the foot of the bed. I was spreadeagle, not too tight but definitely inescapable.

“You look great tied up there cowboy.”

They teased my cock and tits before both gave me a good kiss. They gagged me with a knotted bandanna and blindfolded me with a another bandanna.

“Goodnight cowboy, sleep tight.”

I tested my ropes but I knew there was no way I was getting loose. I was still hard. I drifted off to sleep thinking about my two gorgeous cowboy captors.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 3 Vancouver, the morning after

Again, I must have drifted off to sleep at some time as the next thing I recall was waking up, still tied and gagged to bright sunlight flooding the room.  I struggled against my ropes and looked over to see Stefano also struggling against his ropes and I realised I was completely hard.

Some time later Nick, Ben and Matthew walked in, all still dressed in leathers.  Nick looked at us and announced, “Good morning boys, I trust you slept well.  Time for breakfast.”  They undid the ropes tying us to the beds and untied the ropes connecting our wrists to our ankles but left us otherwise tied up and gagged. Nick carried me downstairs over his shoulder, Ben carried Stefano. They put us on chairs in the kitchen and added a few ropes tying us to them.

There was a pile of waffles in the middle of the kitchen table, together with glasses of juice and mugs of coffee. Our gags were removed.

“Are you going to untie us to eat?” I asked.

“There are three of us to feed you, what more do you want?” Nick replied

Stefano replied “Come on guys, you’ve had your fun, can you please at least untie our hands so we can eat? Mmmppphh!!!” We were gagged again.

“We’ll start this conversation again” Nick said. We’ll remove your gags so we can feed you. I we hear so much as a peep out of you, the gags go back in and no breakfast. Is that clear?”

We both nodded and our gags were removed. They fed us waffles and well as helping us each drink a glass of juice and mug of coffee.

When we finished, Stefano spoke nervously; “Guys, I really need to pee.”

“So do I.” I added nervously.

We were gagged again. Nick grabbed a couple of empty juice bottles while Matthew and Ben undid the flies of our leathers and pulled our cocks out. They were rock hard and I was thinking, this isn’t going to work. Nick then grabbed a couple of beer from the fridge. He held one against my cock while Matthew held the other one against Stefano’s cock. It did the trick and we lost our hardons. It still wasn’t exactly straight forward peeing into a plastic bottle while sitting but eventually we both managed to empty our bladders.

I sat there struggling against my ropes. I looked over at Stefano, leathered, roped and gagged and went hard again. Stefano returned my gaze and also went hard.

Nick spoke “I think these boys need something else emptied!”

Nick, Ben and Matthew took it in turns to jerk Stefano and me off. They brought us to the edge several times, then finally we both shot massive loads simultaneously.

“I think we need to let you boys cool down for a while” Nick said.

I really wanted to be released and mmpphed into my gag and struggled against my ropes. I think Stefano felt the same judging from his struggling and mmpphhing.

“Sorry boys but you’re staying tied up.” Nick added. He produced a couple of bandanas which he and Ben used to blindfold us. We heard footsteps leave the kitchen. I really did want to be untied and I struggled like crazy in my ropes trying to get free. Of course wanting to get free and not being able to, got me really horny again.

After some time I heard the boys come back into the kitchen. Our blindfolds were removed and the ropes tying us to the chairs were untied. We were carried into the living room where were placed face down. Ropes were again tied from our wrists to our ankles, hogtying us.

Nick spoke “We’re going to give you a chance to escape. If you can get untied in the next 30 minutes, you can tie us up for the rest of the day. One rule applies, your gags stay in.” We rolled around on the floor until we lined each other’s hands up. I started to work on the knots on Stefano’s wrists and felt him work on the knots on mine. I eventually got Stefano’s wrists free. He pulled away and untied the rest of his ropes and removed his gag.

“You’ve still got time to untie James.” Matthew said.

“Nup” Replied Stefano, “he can stay tied up.” I tried to protest but my gag stopped me.

“Fair enough” said Ben. As one of you got free, you get to tie one of us up. Who’s it going to be?”

“Ben, face down on the floor, hands behind your back.”

Stefano proceeded to tie Ben up, tying his wrists, chest, thighs and ankles. He finished it off placing him in a tight hogtie. He then gagging him with a knotted bandana. I had been hoping to be tying one of the other guys but I resigned myself to my fate. I now had a tied up, leathered Ben to watch.

Nick spoke “You know; Matthew hasn’t been tied up yet this weekend.”

With that, both Nick and Stefano launched themselves onto Matthew forcing him face down on the floor. They forced his hands behind his back tying his wrists, chest, thighs and ankles before hogtying and gagging him. He was now tied exactly the same way as Ben and me. That made three leather clad guys hogtied and gagged on the living room floor.

Nick vanished for a couple of minutes and returned carrying three pillow cases. He and Stefano put one over each of our heads; I could feel a rope tied loosely around my neck securing it. I heard the sound of a DVD being out in the player and it sounded like Nick and Stefano were watching porn.

We were left hogtied for a couple hours.

I felt myself turned on my side. My fly was undone and I felt a warm mouth on my dick. I was alternately sucked and jerked off until I shot another huge load. I was left tied and heard Ben and Matthew also get jerked off.

Eventually we were all untied as Nick was expecting his parents back shortly.

Jane and Greg returned; we made up a story about going for a motorcycle ride that day to explain us all still being in leather. We had another barbecue and talked until it was late. Ben Matthew and Stefano headed home. Together with Nick they were taking an early ferry to Vancouver Island the next morning to return to their summer jobs at a resort.

I headed up to bed; it was the first time I would use the guest bedroom and my first night in Vancouver not being tied up. As I was about to take my leathers off and get into bed, Nick entered the room still in leather jeans and leather jack. He was carrying a few coils of rope. He grabbed me in a bear hug and started tongue kissing me. I went instantly hard feeling Nick’s leather clad body hugging mine. This boy was also a sensational kisser.

Nick broke free, “Let’s spend one last leather clad night together.”

He pushed me onto the bed face down and pulled my hands behind my back. I offered no resistance.

“I really like you leathered and tied up.”

He tied my wrists together, then tied my ankles together and tied more rope around my thighs. He hugged me and started kissing me again.

“I really should get some sleep; I have an early start”

He then gagged me with a knotted bandanna. I tested my ropes. No, I wasn’t getting out of them. I drifted off to sleep with the leathered Nick beside me.

The next thing I remember was waking up, seeing Nick, Ben, Matthew and Stefano all in leathers carrying crash helmets.

“Morning James, we have a ferry to catch, I suppose we should untie you. I don’t think it would be a good idea for Mum and Dad to see you like this.”

The boys untied me. I gave each one a hug and a kiss. I fell back onto the bed and drifted back to sleep to the sounds of motorcycles riding away.