Monday, 24 September 2012

Greek Islands Odyssey Part 1

It had been a great trip traveling around the Cyclades group of the Greek Islands. It was my last week and I headed for Santorini. I’d arrived the previous afternoon from Naxos and checked into my hotel in Fira. That evening I had a walk around Fira. Santorinin was the most spectacular of the islands I had visited, although also the most touristy. It was still off season and the weather hadn’t yet warmed up, which meant I could still wear my black biker style leather jacket.

The next day I headed for a walk along the caldera. The weather was brilliant, although cool and there was plenty to photograph. Besides the wonderful scenery of Santorini, about half way along the walk three very cute young guys were heading in the opposite direction. What made them noticeable was that all three were wearing black motorcycle style leather jackets, black jeans and black work style boots. Two had cropped blonde hair and blue eyes, the other short black hair and brown eyes. One of the blonde guys was wearing the matching leather jacket to mine, the other two were wearing matching black leather jackets and I wondered if they were a couple. Our eyes briefly met, we said hello but we kept on walking. I thought about those three leather jacketed guys for the rest of the day.

That afternoon I caught the bus to Oia. A “must do” on Santorini is sunset in Oia. I headed for the sunset spot, finding a good vantage point. I couldn’t believe my luck when the same three cute young leather jacketed guys I’d seen on my morning walk came over to my spot, one of them asked, “Mind if we join you?”

The guy who first spoke to me was Mark, who was wearing the matching leather jacket to mine. His friends were Jarrod, also blonde, and Dylan with black hair; they were a couple. A thing we had in common, besides leather jackets, was that we were all photographers and we had a great time photographing the sunset. They had noticed me on our morning walk. Mark had wanted to stop, however, Jarrod and Dylan made him keep walking; he couldn’t believe his luck that I was at the sunset spot.

With the sunset finished, the boys invited me to join them for dinner at their friend’s villa in Fira. We headed to the car park and piled into their friend’s black VW Golf GTI for the short drive back to the villa. I was in the front next to Mark with Jarrod and Dylan pressed next to each other in the back. I felt Mark’s hand on my knee several times on the trip to the villa. On arrival Mark pulled me by the hand to the bedroom he was sleeping in, grabbing me for a hug and kiss once inside. My cock went hard at the embrace. He let me go and opened the wardrobe pulling out two pairs of black leather jeans. “Let’s complete the outfit,” he said, “Jarrod and Dylan ribbed me about packing two pairs of leather jeans but I’m a good boy scout and come prepared.”

“It paid off.” I replied.

We changed into leather jeans and once we’d both changed, Mark pushed me down on the bed pulling my hands behind my back. The next thing I felt was the steel of handcuffs locking on my wrists. He pushed me onto my back and then locked a chain around my neck. Having my hands tied or cuffed behind my back is a complete turn on for me. Having a “slave” chain locked around my neck was the icing on the cake.

We hugged and kissed for some time until Mark suggested we join Jarrod and Dylan on the patio. “Umm, you probably should uncuff me if we’re going outside.”

“If you’re going to talk back to me, I’ll gag you.”

“Promises, promises.” I replied.

Mark reached over to the bedside table opening a drawer. He pulled a leather collar out which he buckled around my neck. Attached to the collar was a red ball gag which he pushed into my mouth and buckled up tight behind my neck.”

“Mmmppphhh” was I could get out.

Mark also pulled a leash out of the drawer which he buckled to my collar and led me out to the patio. Jarrod and Dylan, were beside the barbecue, they had also changed into leather jeans. Jarrod was cooking some steaks; Dylan was slightly incapacitated locked in a Hiatt hand and leg cuff combo. “I see you two have got to know each other better.” Jarrod commented.

“We love you too.” Mark replied.

“I think James needs a beer.” Jarrod replied

On cue Mark removed my gag and assisted me with a beer. It still felt odd having Mark hold the beer bottle up for me to drink. Jarrod finished off cooking making up steak sandwiches.

“Ah guys, it’s going to be a bit difficult eating with my hands cuffed behind my back.”

“Just a sec James.” Mark replied. He headed inside reappearing shortly after with a set of Hiatt derby combo hand a leg cuffs matching those Dylan was wearing. “I can’t have you running off on me but you may find it a bit easier in these. He locked the leg irons on me, unlocked the handcuffs from behind my back then lacked my hands in the derby cuffs in front of me. With my hands cuffed in front of me I could eat OK, fortunately a steak sandwich was something I could eat OK with cuffed hands. From time to time I would feel Mark’s hand caressing my crotch. This was heaven, chained up in full leather with three other cute guys in full leather.

We headed inside for dessert and talked for a while. I found myself playing with the chain that joined my hand and leg cuffs and noticed Dylan doing the some. The feel of the hand and leg cuffs was wonderful.

Mark suggested I stay over and who was I to refuse? We headed back to his bedroom and got ready for bed; he removed the hand and leg cuffs. It was clear we would both spend the night in full leather. He locked a leather cuff around my ankle which was locked to a chain locked to the metal frame of the bed.

“I can’t have you running off on me.”

I tugged on the chain and replied, “I don’t think there’s any danger of that.”

“Behave yourself or I’ll have to gag you?”

“Mmm promises promises” I replied. Mark joined me in bed, still leathered up. I fell asleep to the feel and sound of leather on leather.