Thursday, 6 December 2012

Greek Islands Oddysey Part 5

I woke up next to Mark; I struggled and couldn’t move my arms. I then fully woke up and remembered I was strapped in a leather straight jacket with Mark also in a leather straight jacket in the padded cell. His eyes met mine. My cock was hard in my leather jeans.

“Morning sexy leather man.”

“Morning sexy leather man.”

We wriggled next to each other and started kissing. Just then the door opened and Jarrod and Dylan walked in dressed in full leather.

“OK stop it you two.”

Jarrod and Dylan released us from the straight jackets and told us to get cleaned up for breakfast. Mark and I headed for the bathroom taking a long shower thoroughly cleaning each other. We got dressed in leather jackets and leather jeans and headed out to the patio where Jarrod and Dylan were cooking bacon and eggs on the barbecue. There’s nothing like a good English breakfast to start the day.

Just as we were finishing breakfast the doorbell rang. Dylan headed to the door returning with the four cops we’d met previously. They weren’t on duty until the afternoon so they decided to pay us a visit. We talked about the last couple of days over coffee and they admired our leathers. Dimitri commented that he’d always wanted to try leather jeans on and Mark offered to swap clothes with him. Stefanos then asked if I’d swap with him. The thought of the cute Stefanos wearing my leathers was huge a turn on coupled with the thought of wearing his uniform. Mark and I headed inside and swapped clothes with Dimitri and Stefanos. They were the same size as us, our leathers fitted them beautifully and their uniforms fitted us snugly. The utility belt was heavy, it was missing the gun, baton and radio but I did notice the handcuffs were there. We got the cameras out and got lots of photos.

“We should have shots of handcuffed police,” said Jarrod.

This started with shots of us cuffed in front, then the cuffs were removed and we were handcuffed behind. It was a pretty amazing feeling being in a Greek police uniform, handcuffed.

Mathaios surprised us with “Hey, how about photos of police held hostage?”

We headed inside and those of us in uniform were sat down on chairs with our hands cuffed behind the chair backs.

“We need some rope to make this look more authentic,” said Dylan. He and Jarrod headed off, returning a few minutes later with a couple of bags of rope. Dimitri and Stefanos set about tying Mark and me to our chairs while Jarrod and Dylan worked on Mathaios and Lukas. There was no doubt that Dimitri and Stefanos knew how to tie someone up and soon my body was covered in rope securely tying me to the chair. When they were finished tying us, Dimitri picked up a roll of duct tape and proceeded to gag us, wrapping the tape around our heads several times. They got more photos of us tied to the chairs, then they decided our hands should be tied not cuffed, so our handcuffs were removed and our hands tied instead.

Jarrod, Dylan, Dimitri and Stefanos headed out of the room leaving us tightly tied to the chairs and gagged. We struggled against the ropes and mmppphhed into our gags. Being tied up in a police next to Mark and two genuine cops was driving me crazy. My cock was hard as a rock and I badly needed cum. We were left like this for a considerable time and I began to wonder what had happened to the others.

Eventually Dimitri and Stefanos returned to the room. They untied Mathaios and Lukas. They then untied Mark; leaving him gagged with his hands tied and dragged him out of the room. I struggled against my ropes wondering where Jarrod and Dylan were and what was going to happen to Mark. More time passed and Mathaios, Lukas and Stefanos came back and untied me from the chair, leaving me gagged.

“If you know what’s good for you, swap your clothes back with Stefanos.”

I was outnumbered three to one so I complied. They then pushed me to the floor tying my wrists behind my back. I was half dragged down to the dungeon where I saw Jarrod, Dylan and Mark all hogtied on the floor. I note Mark was back in leather jacket and leather jeans. I was pushed to the floor and was tightly hogtied like the others. My hands had been tied behind my back, wrists crossed and I was hogtied with my ankles crossed. Various other ropes were tied around my arms, chest and legs ensuring I was well and truly tied.

“See you later, we’re on duty in a few minutes.”

The cops headed off and we all struggled against our ropes and mmmppphed into our gags. The cops had done a brilliant job of tying us, I could barely move and it was making me as horny as hell. I love hogties, particularly tight inescapable hogties with my wrists and ankles crossed, although at the time I was starting to get a bit concerned about when we would finally get free. Would we have to wait until the cops were off duty, which I guessed would be 10 to 12 hours away.

When you’re tied up you lose track of time and I also drifted in and out of conscienciousness. Suddenly I spotted movement, Dylan had got free. He untied Jarrod. I was ready to be released by this time but Dylan and Jarrod walked out of the room, leaving Mark and me struggling against our ropes and mmmppphhing into our gags. Now that I had smelled the prospect of release and had it taken away from me I got my bondage “second wind” the time you want be released but aren’t. This made me even hornier.

Dylan and Jarrod left Mark and me there for another hour or two. We tried to roll around next to each other but we were so well tied we could barely move, let alone maneuver to untie each other; I had lost track of time some time ago. They came back in and turned us on our sides and started rubbing our crotches. Well, this was driving me crazy and I could tell it was also driving Mark crazy. They would work us up to the edge of cumming then they would back off. Eventually they unbuttoned the flies of our leather jeans and pulled our hard cocks out. They repeated the edging exercise several times until they eventually allowed us to cum. We both shot massive loads and had huge orgasms. Our bodies shook uncontrollably. They left us tied up with our bodies shaking. I really wanted out of the ropes now but knew that I was staying tied up.

A short time later Jarrod and Dylan returned and untied us and we decided. It had been another brilliant day of bondage but we decided we had all had enough bondage for the day. Dimitri and Stefanos had driven past after Jarrod and Dylan had got free. They had planned to release us but after seeing Jarrod and Dylan free they left it up to them to free Mark and me.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Greek Islands Odyssey Part 4

I woke up unable to move. I tired to call out but all I could manage was “mmmppphhh”. It slowly dawned on me that I was strapped into a canvas strait jacket, with my legs taped together, gagged, in a police cell on Santorini. I rolled over and saw Mark, restrained in the same way. Across the cell were Jarrod and Dylan, restrained the same way; we all awake and mmmppphhhing into our gags.

The cell door opened and Dimitri and Stefanos walked in. They walked over to me and, taking an arm each, picked me up and dragged me out of the cell to the mmmppphhs of the other boys. They took me into the cell next door which contained a high backed wooden bondage chair. They untaped my legs and led me over to the chair pushing me down into it. I was then secured with leather straps around my ankles, thighs, waist and chest. While I knew I was helplessly restrained, it didn’t stop me from struggling just to make sure. My gag was removed, which was a relief after being gagged overnight. I was offered some water which was also welcome. Stefanos rubbed my crotch, feeling my very hard cock and commented, “I think you’re enjoying this.”

Slightly embarrassed I replied, “Uh, can I plead the fifth?”

“No you can’t, you’re Australian, not American.” replied Dimitri with a huge grin.

Suddenly Stefanos forced a plug gag into my mouth buckling it tightly behind my head. He unbuttoned the fly of my jeans and pulled my very hard cock out.

“Now you’re going to learn what happens to Australians who disturb the peace on our island.”

I was taken back by the sudden change in mood and struggled against the strait jacket and the straps securing me to the chair.

The other cops arrived in the cell; one was holding what looked like an electrical box with wires hanging off, which he handed to Stefanos.

“Mathaios, Lukas, go get his boyfriend.”

Stefanos walked over to me and fastened Velcro loop around the base of my cock below my balls and another just below the top of my cock. He attached wires from the box to the loops on my cock and plugged the box into a power point on the wall. It suddenly hit me that this was an electrical control box. While I had heard about electro, I had never had it done to me. I struggled against my strait jacket and the straps holding me to the chair and mmmppphhed into my gag.

While this was going on, Mathaios and Lukas appeared back in the cell with Mark who was doing his best to resist. The tape had also been removed from Mark’s legs and his tape gag had also been replaced with a plug gag. They clipped a chain to one of the straps at the back of his strait jacket, which was clipped to a ring on the wall opposite me. Mark’s eyes widened in horror when he spotted the electrical bands attached to my cock. He pulled at the chain and mmmppphhhed into his gag.

Matthaios and Lukas then left. 

I started to feel a tingling in my cock. It was actually quite pleasant and my cock went hard. It felt like being edged. However, the tingled built up to pain and I screamed into my gag and pulled against my restraints. Mark watched wide eyed and struggled against his strait jacket and the chain securing him to the wall. I felt the tingling in my cock subside. The cops continued the cycle; the power would build up and would stay at a level keeping me on edge for ages. There were times I would just receive a jolt through my cock and would scream into my gag and pull against my restraints. After what felt like hours of this the power built up to the maximum level I could comfortably handle and was left there. Eventually this built me up to orgasm and I shot a massive load.

They turned the power off and unstrapped me from the chair, half carrying me to the cell we’d been left in for the night, which was now empty. They then brought Mark in and tied the two of us together, facing each other. Our gags were removed and we were left alone. After a huge kiss I reassured Mark that not only was I fine but I’d had a brilliant time with the electro. He’d been worried about me as he wasn’t sure whether my reaction was one of pleasure or pain, although he did remark that my hard cock and orgasm probably suggested the former.

We were left for some time before Dimitri and Stefanos returned, untying us, removing our strait jackets and returning our leather jackets. Mathaios and Lukas then arrived in the cell with pasties and coffee for a late breakfast. We chatted about our travels and our bondage experiences. The cops told us that an advantage of being on an island was that they could “bend” the rules a bit. The restraints we had been in did get used from time to time, although the prisoners weren’t always as enthusiastic as we had been.

After breakfast Mathiaos and Lukas told us they’d drive us back to the villa. They had released Jarrod and Dylan after Mark and I had been restrained for my electo treatment. They pulled out their handcuffs and told us to put our hands behind our backs, securely cuffing us. They led us out to their car, helping us into the back seat, driving us the short distance back to the villa. They led us to the front door where Jarrod and Dylan greeted us. Mathiaos and Lukas unlocked our cuffs and bid us farewell.

Once inside Jarrod and Dylan told us to change into our leather jeans, which we did. They had another set of combination irons waiting for us; these were a combination of derby style hand and leg cuffs and a neck cuff. The boys locked the irons on us and headed off for a few hours. Well, we may have been restrained over 12 hours but sometimes too much bondage is never enough and Mark and I spent a wonderful afternoon chained up in each other’s company. These chains were even more intense than the combined derby hand and leg cuffs I’d worn a couple of days ago.

Jarrod and Dylan arrived back with pizza for dinner, a form of food that it straight forward to east while chained up as we were. We were left chained up after dinner and we watched a couple of movies before the boys decided it was time to call it a night. We were taken to the basement where our chains were removed and our leather jackets were replaced with leather strait jackets. While I’d enjoyed the night in the canvas strait jacket, a leather strait jacket leaves it for dead. To make sure we wouldn’t escape, locks were added to all of the straps. We were then locked in the padded cell for the night.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Greek Islands Odyssey - Part 3

I woke up unable to move, unable to see. I was encased in tight leather from head to toe. I cried out but my cries were muffled by the leather hood tightly laced on my head. It slowly dawned on me that I was tightly strapped in a leather sleepsack, tied down to the bed in a cell in a villa in Santorini. Being restrained like this was making me as horny as hell and I could feel my rigid cock against the leather of the sleepsack.

I heard the cell door open and Mark’s voice “Good morning leather man, I trust you slept well.”

Just as I was starting to answer him I felt the mouth piece of the leather hood being snapped off and a plug style gag was inserted in its place reducing my intended “Good morning” to “mmmppphhh”. The zip around my cock was opened and my cock was pulled out. I felt him start to stroke it. He worked me up to the brink of climax several times. Eventually he let me cum and I felt a huge stream spurt out accompanied by a huge orgasm. I then heard his voice “Be back later.” At this point all I wanted was to be let out of the sleepsack and to hug Mark but I was helplessly restrained and gagged. I also noticed that my body temperature had increased somewhat and I was starting to feel uncomfortably hot in the sleepsack. I struggled against the sleepsack and mmmppphhhed into my gag but I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt something cool put against the sleepsack which made things more comfortable.

I wondered how long Mark would leave me there. I kept struggling and mmmppphhhing which was just making me horny and I felt my cock grow hard again. I then felt Mark start to stroke my cock again. While I shot a huge load last time, it felt like there was still more cum in me waiting to get out. Again Mark worked my cock but this time he let me shoot straight away.

After shooting my load for the second time, Mark removed the hood and released me from the sleepsack. I was covered in sweat and he wrapped a huge towel around me. “Let’s get you into the shower, Jarrod and Dylan will be waiting for us for breakfast. We headed back up to the bedroom and showered together before dressing in black denim jeans and leather jackets.

Jarrod and Dylan had just set up breakfast on the patio when we got down. They were dressed the same way as us. We had a nice relaxing breakfast and Jarrod suggested we head to Kamari Beach for a walk. We’d stopped here on our island tour the previous day, it was a beautiful black sand beach lined with restaurants and cafes. We walked back inside and Jarrod picked up a couple of coils of black rope, handing one to Mark. “Dylan, James, hands behind your backs.”

Jarrod tied Dylan’s hands and Mark tied mine behind my back. A couple of days in and being tied up was just becoming part of the routine. We headed down to the garage, Dylan and I were ushered into the back seats of the Golf while Jarrod and Mark got in the front. It wasn’t far to Kamari and Jarrod parked a couple of blocks from the beachfront. He and Mark got out and helped Dylan and me get out. “Ah guys, we’re in public, are you going to untie us?” I asked.

“No”, Jarrod replied nonchalantly.

Mark added. “Come on guys, bet no one even comments.”

I knew that my hands were staying tied and I did my best to act as if walking along a beach on Santorini with my hands tied behind my back was the most natural thing in the world. We walked along four abreast with Mark and Jarrod on the outside. Four guys in black leather jackets walking along the beachfront did turn some heads but I didn’t detect any comments about Dylan and me having our hands tied behind our backs. Looking from behind, it wouldn’t have been immediately obvious with the black rope.

It was still cool enough for us to be in leather jackets but this didn’t stop a few hardy souls from going swimming or attempting to get a tan on the sun beds that almost filled the beach. There was plenty of eye candy for us ether in board shorts or in wet suits.

After a slow walk along the beach Jarrod announce it was time for coffee and cake and we sat down at one of the beach front cafes, ordering cappuccinos and baklava. It went without saying that Dylan and I didn’t have our hands untied for this so Jarrod and Mark “fed” us. We caught a look from the waiter who seemed satisfied with Jarrod’s explanation, “They lost a bet.” We lingered over our coffee for a while before heading down to the beach sitting on one of the sun lounges checking out the scenery. After A while we were moved on by the sun lounge “guardian” who pointed out we had to pay to use the lounges. We headed back along the beach for another slow walk and I was again amazed at the lack of attention given to Dylan and me having our hands tied behind our backs. We even passed a couple of cops walking the other way exchanging “Kalimeras”

Another slow lap of the beach took us up to lunch time and we found another cafĂ©. We each ordered a Gyros and a Coke. Once again, Dylan’s and my hands remained tied with Jarrod and Mark helping us with our food and beers. A gyros actually lends itself to being eaten without the use of your hands. Fortunately we were served our Cokes in cans with straws. This time we didn’t get any comments or looks.

After lunch we headed back to the car or the trip back to the villa. I was busting for a leak one getting back but my hands remained firmly tied behind my back and I had to let Mark help me with my ablutions. He led me back to the living room where Dylan was already sitting on a chair with Jarrod tying him to the chair. Mark helped me onto the chair next to Dylan and tied me to that chair. Ropes were tied around my chest, waist and thighs. My ankles were pulled back and tied off to the back legs of the chair. Once Jarrod and Mark were satisfied we were firmly tied, we were gagged with huge leather plug gags.

Jarrod and Mark left us to struggle against our ropes and mmmppphhh into our gags. While I knew I was helplessly tied, I still tried to escape from the ropes and Dylan looked like he was doing the same. Of course confirming that I was helpless was just making me horny as was looking over at an equally helpless Dylan struggling and mmmppphing.

The boys left us for about an hour before removing our gags and untying us from the chairs but leaving our hands tied behind our backs. It was coffee time and we headed out onto the patio for coffee and cakes. Those boys sure enjoyed their food! When we’d finished our coffee, Jarrod and Mark took us down to the prison cell, sitting us with our backs to the bars on opposite ends of the cell. Our hands were tied to the bars and further ropes were tied loosely around our necks, tying them to the bars. More rope was tied around our thighs and ankles. We weren’t gagged but we were warned to keep the noise down or we would be. It was my first time alone with Dylan and I learned about his friendship with Jarrod and Mark. They met at university. He and Jarrod became an item. Mark sometimes played the third, sometimes he was independent. Jarrod was always top. Dylan was bottom to Jarrod, however, when Mark was around things sometime switched. Sometimes Jarrod would tie them both up; on other occasions Jarrrod and Mark would “gang up” on him, on others he and Jarrod would “gang up” on Mark.

Jarrod and Mark came down to release us and suggested that we head into town for dinner. We weren’t too far from the centre of Fira and we found a lovely seafood restaurant with a view over the caldera.

After dinner we headed for the villa when we noticed a couple of cops walking towards us and realized they were the same two cops we’d seen earlier in Kamari. They stopped and introduced themselves as Dimitri and Stefanos. “I see you’ve untied your friends.” (So much for no one noticing that Dylan and I had our hands tied!) They were stunning lookers, black hair, brown eyes and they filled their navy blue uniforms beautifully. We chatted with them for a while and took photos with them. Dylan then asked, “Hey can I try your handcuffs on?”

Dimitri replied, “Look we can’t do that in public.”

To which Dylan replied, “Why don’t you just arrest me?”

Dylan persisted with this line of conversation and I noticed Stefanos speaking into his radio. Dimitri eventually took his handcuffs out; they were chain style cuffs. He told Dylan to put his camera down and hands behind his back. He cuffed his hands behind his back, palms facing out.

I then joined the conversation, “Come on Dimitri, he’s just having a joke. Uncuff him we’ll be quietly on our way.”

Stefanos took his handcuffs out and gave me a “don’t mess with me look” and told me to put my camera down and put my hands behind my back. I complied and my hands were cuffed behind my back, palms out. The cuffs were firm, although not uncomfortable. Being cuffed palms out definitely restricted my movements. While being cuffed by the cute Stefanos was a huge turn on, I was also wondering whether it was such a good idea to get arrested in a southern European country.

Just as cuffs locked shut on my wrists a police van pulled up and two more drop dead gorgeous cops got out. They told Jarrod and Mark to put their cameras down and put their hands behind their backs. Jarrod started to protest but quickly shut up and complied when one of the cops fingered his taser. While this was going on, Dimitri and Stefanos picked up Dylan’s and my cameras and led us to the van. They opened the back doors and ushered us inside sitting us on a bench along the side. A couple of minutes later, Jarrod and Mark, also handcuffed behind their backs sat on the bench on the opposite side of the van. Dimitri and Stefanos sat at the end of the benches next to the doors and we set off for the police station, which we reached a few minutes later.

We were led inside and told to sit on a bench in the foyer. The duty officer, who wasn’t much older than the cops who had “arrested” us came over and said, “So you are the English tourists who have been disturbing the peace. You will soon see what happens when you disturb my island.”

“Hey, I’m Australian!” I protested.

He pointed at me and said “Keep that one quiet!” He added.

Dimitri and Stefanos took an arm each and led me to the cells at the back of the police station, with Dimitri picking up a roll of duct tape along the way. I was taken into a cell which was a bare white painted stone room with some mattresses on the floor. They pushed me against a wall and wrapped the duct tape around my head a couple of times gagging me. Stefanos then picked up a white canvas object from the floor which I realized was a strait jacket.

“There are two ways we can do this, the easy way or the hard way.”

They unlocked my handcuffs and told me to remove my leather jacket. For some reason I decided to make a run for it. That lasted all of nanoseconds and I found myself face down on the floor. My leather jacket was removed and I was quickly strapped into the strait jacket. For good measure they wrapped duct tape around my ankles and thighs completely immobilizing me. The walked out to the cell, locking the door behind them. I struggled against my bonds and mmmppphhhed into my gag reflecting on the events of the evening. My first time handcuffed by a cop and my first time involuntarily in a strait jacket. I suppose I should have been scared but it was all rather exciting.

I was there for a few minutes when the cell door opened and a straitjacketed and gagged Mark was led in by the other two cops. They also taped his ankles and thighs. The performance was repeated two more times with Dylan and Jarrod also being led into the cell straitjacketed and gagged. They also had their ankles and thighs taped. Mark and I settled on a mattress on one side of the cell Jarrod and Dylan on a mattress on the other side. Conversation and kissing were both impossible so we ended up snuggling up against each other. After a short time, the light in the cell was turned off. We eventually drifted off to sleep.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Greek Islands Odyssey Part 2

I woke up feeling Mark’s leather clad body against mine. As I moved in bed, I felt the tug of the chain locked to the leather cuff around my ankle. Mark stirred, then he hugged me. “Good morning leather man.”

He unlocked the chain and cuff, we stripped off and headed for the shower. It was wonderful sharing the shower with the very cute Mark. We got dressed in full leather again. Mark reached into the drawer of the bedside table producing a pair of Hiatt Darby leg irons, which he locked around my ankles. I wasn’t about to protest about being locked up again by Mark. The feel of the leg irons was great, there as just enough weight so you couldn’t forget you were wearing them, the chain was just long enough to allow you to walk normally and there was the clank of the chain itself. We headed to the patio to join Jarrod and Dylan, also in full leather, for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed back into the living room where I noticed several coils of rope on one of the sofas. Before I know what was going on, the boys had me face down on the floor. Mark and Dylan held me down while Jarrod tied me up, not that I would have put up much of a struggle anyway! He crossed my wrists behind my back and lashed them together. My leg irons were removed and my ankles crossed and tied. A rope was tied between my wrists and ankles hogtying me. I was gagged with a leather plug gag that filled my mouth. It was tightly buckled behind my head and the most I could get out was a “mmmppphhh.”

“James, we need to run a few errands, don’t go anywhere.”

I struggled against my ropes. A hogtie is my favourite bondage position and having my wrists and ankles crossed intensified the experience as you end up with very little movement and I found it was almost impossible to roll onto my side, so I remained on my stomach. I tested my ropes, while I didn’t want to escape; I wanted to make sure I was securely tied. No matter how hard I tried, there was no way I was escaping! Being helplessly hogtied and gagged wearing full leather was also making me really horny! The boys were gone a couple of hours and I alternated between struggling against my ropes, relaxing and drifting off to sleep.

The boys returned a couple of hours later. They ignored me when they came in. I tried calling out through my gag and struggled against my ropes but they carried on as if I wasn’t there. Eventually Mark came over to me. “Do you want me to untie you?”

I mmmppphhed into my gag.

“Sorry I can’t understand you.”

I continued to mmmppphh and struggle. Mark then reached underneath me to my crotch rubbing my hard cock.

“I think someone needs release.”

I mmmppphhhed and nodded.

He rubbed my crotch through my leather jeans and I moaned in ecstasy. He built me to the edge of cumming but didn’t let me shoot. He rolled me onto my back and unbuttoned my fly pulling my hard cock out. I was dying for release! He edged me several times before letting me shoot a huge load – luckily he had a towel handy. He removed my gag and untied me and we headed back to his bedroom to clean up. My bags were sitting beside his bed.

“James, I hope you don’t mind, we took the liberty of checking you out of your hotel. You won’t need your room for the rest of the week.”

“Fine with me but I didn’t tell you where I was staying.”

“The friend who owns this house has contacts, it wasn’t hard.”

We swapped our leather jeans for denim and we headed out to the patio to join Jarrod and Dylan for coffee and some very evil pastries they’d picked up the local bakery.

After coffee we headed off for a photography expedition around Santorini. It was handy having the car; while Santorini has a good bus system, the car meant we could head where we wanted and stop where without having to wait for a bus. As I mentioned before it was the most visually stunning of the islands I had visited and I made short work of a memory card. We stopped for lunch at a lovely seaside restaurant before resuming photography. We headed back to the villa mid afternoon, changing back into leather jeans.

“Time to show you some of the other features of the Villa” said Mark.

He led me downstairs to a large room. One was covered in restraints. There were handcuffs, leg cuffs, collars, gags, hoods, blindfolds and ropes among other things. A veritable bondage “Aladdins cave”. To one side of the room was a jail cell. Beside that was another door which Mark opened to reveal a padded cell. I was almost overwhelmed by it all.

Mark picked up a leather straitjacket hanging on the wall. “Why don’t you give this a try?” I removed my leather jacket and t-shirt and held my arms out. Mark slid the jacket on me and proceeded to buckle up the straps at the bag. The strait jacket fitted perfectly, nice and tight. I felt the jacket encase my body and quickly realized that with the back straps done up, there was no escaping. He fastened the crotch straps then threaded the sleeves trough the loop at the front of the jacket and buckled them tightly behind me. With all of the straps done up I had very little movement and could feel my cock harden in my leather jeans. I struggled against the jacket but it held me firm. Mark grabbed me in a hug and gave me a huge kiss. He pulled away.

“Not finished yet.” He took a black head harness muzzle from the wall and buckled it on me. It clamped my jaws shut. He then took some padlocks and locked them onto the straps on the back of the jacket. I wasn’t sure why he did this as I was in no position to undo the straps. He took hold of the straps at the back of the jacket and propelled me over the padded cell. He pushed me inside and I fell over on the padded floor. He followed me into the padded cell buckling leather straps around my ankles and thighs, which he also locked with padlocks. He then left the cell and shut the door on me. I rolled around on the floor of the padded cell. This was amazing. Being in a straitjacket in a padded cell was another fantasy of mine. I managed to work myself into a sitting position, which wasn’t easy. I struggled against my straitjacket and mmphhed into my gag to confirm that I was helpless. I sat for a while and rolled around the floor for a while.

Some time later the door opened and Jarrod and Dylan carried Mark into the cell. He was restrained the same way as me in a leather strait jacket with a leather head harness muzzle and leather straps buckled around his thighs and ankles. Mark worked his way over to me – I was dying to kiss him but the head harnesses mad that impossible. We snuggled up next to each other both of us struggling against our straitjackets.

We were left like that for maybe an hour before the door opened and Jarrod and Dylan walked in. They removed our gags and left us in the cell. As soon as they shit the door we leaned in together and started kissing. I was as horny as hell, straitjacketed and locked in a padded cell with Mark. I later realized why our straitjackets had been locked on, it eliminated the possibility of our using our teeth to undo the straps on each other’s straitjackets. I had a wonderful afternoon with Mark in the padded cell.

Eventually we were disturbed by Jarrod and Dylan entering the padded cell. “OK you two love birds. Dinner’s on soon.” They undid the straps around our thighs and ankles and helped us to our feet leading us out of the cell. They removed our straitjackets and Mark and I headed for his bedroom. We had a shower before changing back into our leathers and joining Jarrod and Dylan in the dining room. The boys had been busy cooking while Mark and I where in the padded cell.

We had a lovely dinner and dessert. We then adjourned to the patio for coffee, grappa and more great conversation.

“Time for bed.” Mark announced. He produced a pair of handcuffs which he used to cuff my hands behind my back. He took me down to the dungeon, leading me to the jail cell. There was a leather sleepsack laid out of the bed in the cell. He unlocked my handcuffs and told me to strip. “You’ll be quite warm enough in the sleepsack.” I worked my way into the sleepsack finding the sleeves for my arms at the sides. It was my first time in a sleepsack and the feeling of working my way into the tight leather was amazing. Mark then zipped the sack up. It felt really tight and I struggled to confirm that I was helpless. There were extra sliders on the zip and Mark adjusted them so he could get at my (very hard) cock.

While the sleepsack felt very tight, Mark tightened it further by lacing it up across the zip. If that wasn’t enough, he then buckled up a number of straps along its length. He then pulled a leather hood over my head lacing it up tightly. He added a snap on blindfold blocking out the light. There was still an opening for my mouth. Next he threaded ropes through d-rings along the sides of the sleepsack anchoring me to the bed. By the time he was done I could barely move. H stroked my cock a few times but then closed the zip. “We’ll save that for later.” He kissed me then snapped a cover over the hood’s mouth opening. “Sweet dreams.” I heard the jail cell’s door close.

I struggled against the sleepsack but it held me firm and was making me incredibly horny. Being tightly strapped into the sleepsack tied down to the bed was a rather “Zen” experience. It was relaxing and arousing at the same time. I eventually drifted off to sleep.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Greek Islands Odyssey Part 1

It had been a great trip traveling around the Cyclades group of the Greek Islands. It was my last week and I headed for Santorini. I’d arrived the previous afternoon from Naxos and checked into my hotel in Fira. That evening I had a walk around Fira. Santorinin was the most spectacular of the islands I had visited, although also the most touristy. It was still off season and the weather hadn’t yet warmed up, which meant I could still wear my black biker style leather jacket.

The next day I headed for a walk along the caldera. The weather was brilliant, although cool and there was plenty to photograph. Besides the wonderful scenery of Santorini, about half way along the walk three very cute young guys were heading in the opposite direction. What made them noticeable was that all three were wearing black motorcycle style leather jackets, black jeans and black work style boots. Two had cropped blonde hair and blue eyes, the other short black hair and brown eyes. One of the blonde guys was wearing the matching leather jacket to mine, the other two were wearing matching black leather jackets and I wondered if they were a couple. Our eyes briefly met, we said hello but we kept on walking. I thought about those three leather jacketed guys for the rest of the day.

That afternoon I caught the bus to Oia. A “must do” on Santorini is sunset in Oia. I headed for the sunset spot, finding a good vantage point. I couldn’t believe my luck when the same three cute young leather jacketed guys I’d seen on my morning walk came over to my spot, one of them asked, “Mind if we join you?”

The guy who first spoke to me was Mark, who was wearing the matching leather jacket to mine. His friends were Jarrod, also blonde, and Dylan with black hair; they were a couple. A thing we had in common, besides leather jackets, was that we were all photographers and we had a great time photographing the sunset. They had noticed me on our morning walk. Mark had wanted to stop, however, Jarrod and Dylan made him keep walking; he couldn’t believe his luck that I was at the sunset spot.

With the sunset finished, the boys invited me to join them for dinner at their friend’s villa in Fira. We headed to the car park and piled into their friend’s black VW Golf GTI for the short drive back to the villa. I was in the front next to Mark with Jarrod and Dylan pressed next to each other in the back. I felt Mark’s hand on my knee several times on the trip to the villa. On arrival Mark pulled me by the hand to the bedroom he was sleeping in, grabbing me for a hug and kiss once inside. My cock went hard at the embrace. He let me go and opened the wardrobe pulling out two pairs of black leather jeans. “Let’s complete the outfit,” he said, “Jarrod and Dylan ribbed me about packing two pairs of leather jeans but I’m a good boy scout and come prepared.”

“It paid off.” I replied.

We changed into leather jeans and once we’d both changed, Mark pushed me down on the bed pulling my hands behind my back. The next thing I felt was the steel of handcuffs locking on my wrists. He pushed me onto my back and then locked a chain around my neck. Having my hands tied or cuffed behind my back is a complete turn on for me. Having a “slave” chain locked around my neck was the icing on the cake.

We hugged and kissed for some time until Mark suggested we join Jarrod and Dylan on the patio. “Umm, you probably should uncuff me if we’re going outside.”

“If you’re going to talk back to me, I’ll gag you.”

“Promises, promises.” I replied.

Mark reached over to the bedside table opening a drawer. He pulled a leather collar out which he buckled around my neck. Attached to the collar was a red ball gag which he pushed into my mouth and buckled up tight behind my neck.”

“Mmmppphhh” was I could get out.

Mark also pulled a leash out of the drawer which he buckled to my collar and led me out to the patio. Jarrod and Dylan, were beside the barbecue, they had also changed into leather jeans. Jarrod was cooking some steaks; Dylan was slightly incapacitated locked in a Hiatt hand and leg cuff combo. “I see you two have got to know each other better.” Jarrod commented.

“We love you too.” Mark replied.

“I think James needs a beer.” Jarrod replied

On cue Mark removed my gag and assisted me with a beer. It still felt odd having Mark hold the beer bottle up for me to drink. Jarrod finished off cooking making up steak sandwiches.

“Ah guys, it’s going to be a bit difficult eating with my hands cuffed behind my back.”

“Just a sec James.” Mark replied. He headed inside reappearing shortly after with a set of Hiatt derby combo hand a leg cuffs matching those Dylan was wearing. “I can’t have you running off on me but you may find it a bit easier in these. He locked the leg irons on me, unlocked the handcuffs from behind my back then lacked my hands in the derby cuffs in front of me. With my hands cuffed in front of me I could eat OK, fortunately a steak sandwich was something I could eat OK with cuffed hands. From time to time I would feel Mark’s hand caressing my crotch. This was heaven, chained up in full leather with three other cute guys in full leather.

We headed inside for dessert and talked for a while. I found myself playing with the chain that joined my hand and leg cuffs and noticed Dylan doing the some. The feel of the hand and leg cuffs was wonderful.

Mark suggested I stay over and who was I to refuse? We headed back to his bedroom and got ready for bed; he removed the hand and leg cuffs. It was clear we would both spend the night in full leather. He locked a leather cuff around my ankle which was locked to a chain locked to the metal frame of the bed.

“I can’t have you running off on me.”

I tugged on the chain and replied, “I don’t think there’s any danger of that.”

“Behave yourself or I’ll have to gag you?”

“Mmm promises promises” I replied. Mark joined me in bed, still leathered up. I fell asleep to the feel and sound of leather on leather.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 27 San Francisco – the journey concludes

San Francisco was the last stop on my journey. My motorcycle was on a ship heading back to Australia. I had a few days left before heading home myself and had found a fabulous B&B to stay at in the Castro. I also found some beautiful second hand leathers at a shop along Castro Street; a padded black leather jacket, leather jeans and harness boots which I wore everywhere I went getting some great looks.

Late one morning I caught the streetcar down Market Street. After I sat down I noticed a fabulous looking guy get on the streetcar. He was around 6 foot, slim, blonde buzz cut hair and blue eyes. He was dressed in full black leather, a Schott Perfecto jacket, leather jeans and harness boots. What I couldn’t miss was the pair of handcuffs locked around the left epaulette of his leather jacket. Our eyes met and he came and set next to me; he was to my right so the handcuffs were right next to me.

“Hey, those are great leathers.” He said

“Yours are pretty awesome too!”

“I’m Cameron, by the way, is that an Australian accent I hear?”

I was impressed as very few Americans pick me as Australian; I usually get asked if I’m English. Cameron and I started talking about my trip and about San Francisco. I kept looking at his handcuffs and finally asked, “Are those real handcuffs?”

“They sure are!” Cameron then unclipped the epaulette removing the handcuffs. He clicked the arms through the cuffs a couple of times to demonstrate, then he suddenly grabbed my right wrist and locked one cuff on it locking the other cuff on his left wrist. It took a few moments for me to realise that I was now handcuffed to Cameron. I jerked the cuff a couple of time and Cameron commented “It’s not coming of without the key.”

We talked a bit longer and noticed that I’d gone completely hard, dressed in full leather handcuffed to the gorgeous Cameron, also dressed in full leather. As we approached the Civic Center Cameron said. “James, I’ve got to go to work; oh and I don’t have a key to these cuffs.” He stood up and I had no choice but to follow him, not that minded one bit.

We got off the streetcar and headed down 8th Street. We certainly did pick up some looks! We walked a few blocks and stopped outside Mr S. “This is where I work.” I knew about Mr S and had planned to visit that day, I hadn’t expected to arrive in this manner!

Cameron was let into the store by one of his colleagues. “I see you’ve been picking up stray puppies again.”

“Patrick, he just followed me here, can I keep him?”

Wow, walking into Mr S was like walking into an Aladdin’s cave! Cameron took me for a tour of the store; I was still handcuffed to him. There was leather and latex clothing, hoods, gags, blindfolds and every manner of restraint under the sun. Cameron then led me over to a metal 4 poster bondage bed which occupied a fair bit of one room of the store. Patrick came over “We need to get you to work, let’s get this cuff off. He unlocked the cuff from Cameron’s wrist and in one fluid motion had me backed up against one of the bed posts and had my left wrist locked behind my back so I was now locked to the bed post. I rattled the cuffs against the bed post and I think the smile on my face gave me away. “You look like you’re enjoying yourself; Cameron, I think James would like a demonstration of some of our products.”

Cameron and Patrick headed to another part of the store and I took in my surroundings, thinking of all things I’d like to try out – possibly one of everything!

They reappeared with a small bundle of items. First was a leather blindfold, then a ball gag. They then tightly tied me with rope to the bed post, the pressure of rope over my body was awesome.

I heard Cameron’s voice, “We’ll need to leave you here for a while, while we get the store open.” I struggled against my ropes and mmmppphhhed into my gag. I felt my hard cock being rubbed through my leather jeans. I was there for some time and I could hear customers in the store. There were comments made about me and my crotch was rubbed a number of times.

After I’d been tied to the bed post for some time my blindfold was removed and I Cameron was there holding a leather strait jacket. “Would you like to try this next?”

I nodded.

Cameron untied me from the pole. I removed my leather jacket and he strapped me into the leather strait jacket. The leather was beautiful and I loved its tightness. I was still gagged. He led me to a bondage chair in another part of the store. He sat me down in the chair and proceeds to strap me tightly to the chair. I struggled against the straps to make sure I was helpless; I was. He removed my gag and laced a tight leather hood over my head. It had no eye openings, just nose and mouth, however, the mouth hole was soon filled by a plug style gag. I struggled a bit and mmppphhhed into my gag. Then I felt the zip of my leather jeans being undone and my rigid cock was pulled out. I felt a couple of bands being Velcroed around my cock. Soon after that a felt a tingling through my cock, which started to get more intense. I started struggling to try to get away the shocks that were going through my cock and I mmmppphhed into my gag but there was no escape. After the shocks had built up, they stopped and I relaxed. They started again. The cycle of shocks continued. On the one hand I wanted to get away from the electric shocks, on the other hand, they were making me as horny as hell.

It felt like I’d been in the bondage chair with my cock getting zapped for a couple of hours. I felt the power go off and the bands were removed from my cock. My hood and gag were removed and I saw Cameron standing there with my leather jacket and a set of irons. “Time for a break.” He unstrapped me from the bondage chair and removed the strait jacket. I put my leather jacket back on and he proceeded to lock me in the dungeon irons he was carrying. It consisted of an iron collar connected to wrist and ankle irons. They were nice and heavy and made a lovely clank as I walked. He clipped a chain leash to the iron collar and said “Let’s get some lunch, there’s a nice coffee shop around the corner.”

I was a bit taken back, “What like this?”

“It won’t be a problem, they know us well.”

So Cameron led me, clanking in my irons, to the coffee shop around the corner. I could see why it wasn’t an issue. It was decorated with a bondage theme and the staff and clientele were dressed mostly in leather. We sat in a booth on one side of the coffee shop and ordered lunch. I got a few favourable comments about the irons.

After lunch Cameron led me back to Mr S and told me he was going to introduce me to their “test facility” upstairs. I was led upstairs to a large room contain all manner of bondage devices and furniture. I was told to strip and put on a wet suit, which had a “convenient” opening for my cock and balls. Cameron then strapped a harness onto my body. There seemed to be a zillion straps from my shoulders down to my ankles. My wrists were strapped behind my back. He attached clips from a bar attached to a winch to the shoulder straps; this stopped me from falling over. He then blindfolded me with a leather blindfold and gagged me with a plug gag. I could hear the ratchet of the winch and felt myself get raised off the floor. I swayed gently. I struggled against the leather straps but these held me firmly. It was a funny feeling being restrained like this but it was relaxing at the same time. I had no idea if Cameron (or anyone else) was there. I drifted in and out of sleep. I was woken by someone stroking my cock and I was worked to the edge of orgasm but not allowed to cum. I was left again for some time and again I was edged. This cycle continued for a while.

Eventually I was lowered to the floor and the straps restraining me were removed. Fortunately there were two people helping me as I was somewhat unsteady on my feet. My blindfold and gag were left on and I was led across the room where I was helped onto a table where I was then strapped down with numerous straps. When my captors had finished I could barely move. I was in heaven! Again, I would be left for extended period then would be edged but not allowed to cum before be left again.

I must have been strapped to the table for a couple of hours before I was released. I changed back into my leathers and Cameron locked a set of Darby style combined hand and leg cuffs on me and I headed back to the store with him. I walked around for a while having another good look at various restraints thinking about what I’d like to take home and how I would get it past customs. It was getting close to closing time and he and Patrick suggested we head out for dinner. “Let’s get you in the strait jacket again.” suggested Patrick. They removed my shackles, I removed my leather jacket and I was once again strapped in the wonderful leather strait jacket.

Cameron clipped a leash onto a d-ring on the strait jacket’s collar and we headed to a nearby pizza place and again the staff and customers didn’t seem particularly perturbed by the fact one of their customers was strapped in a strait jacket and had to be fed. As we were finishing dinner, we were joined by a couple of Cameron and Patrick’s friends, Sean and Anton who were also dressed in full leather. We then headed to Chaps Bar, which was fairly quiet, being a weeknight but my entrance in the strait jacket certainty turned the heads of those in the bar. By now I’d lost any self consciousness at being in a strait jacket in public and was enjoying the restraint and the attention I was getting.

After a few drinks (and an assisted visit to the men’s room) Cameron suggested that we head back to the upstairs of Mr S and I found myself being led back there. The boys grabbed some heavy shackles which where locked on my ankles then a tight leather hood with no eyeholes was laced onto my head. A plug gag was pushed through the mouth opening of the hood and buckled tightly behind my neck. Two of the guys guided me to a padded floor and forced me to sit down. I felt a chain get locked to the d-ring on the collar of the strait jacket and I heard some other locks click shut. I then heard the sound of a door closing.

I started to struggle and realised my ankle shackles and the chain locked to my collar were locked to a fixture on the floor. After further struggling I came into contact with padded walls, a padded cell?  I tried to mmmppphhh into my gag but that achieved nothing. I struggled some more but realised I was helpless. Time passed but nothing happened. I struggled more against the strait jacket, the chains and the walls of the padded cell but nothing. I found the most comfortable position I could against the padded walls of the cell and dozed. I woke up with a start realising that I was still trapped. I found I could curl up on the floor although I would get woken up when I moved and found the limit of the chain.

I completely lost track of time. I would sleep then wake up still restrained. The restraint was making me really horny and I was aching for release.

However many hours later I heard the cell door open and felt the fly of my leather jeans being undone and my cock pulled out. I was jerked off to the brink of orgasm but not allowed to cum. This procedure was repeated a number of times before I finally shot a massive load and my body shook all over. My gag and hood were removed and I saw Cameron’s face. I could also see Patrick, Sean and Anton standing outside the padded cell. I’d been left overnight but I’d been monitored at all times. I was released from the strait jacket and chains and we headed out for breakfast.

Over my last few days in San Francisco I saw a lot of the city as well as seeing a lot of Mr S as well as Cameron, Patrick, Sean, Anton and the rest of the Mr S team.

My journey was over but what a journey it had been!

Monday, 16 July 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 26 Hangin’ around Tombstone Arizona

I continued to head west from Austin finding myself in Tombstone, Arizona. There was a cowboy gunfight show, which I decided to attend. The actors were drop dead gorgeous and were dressed in tight blue Wranglers, leather chaps, western shirts, leather vests and cowboy boots. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. One of the features to one side of the stage was a gallows complete with a noose. I wondered what it would be like to be standing on the gallows with my hands tied behind my back waiting for the trapdoor to open.

Part way through the show one of them said they needed a volunteer from the audience. He was carrying a coil of rope, the end of which was tied as a lasso. He ran up into the seating areas and before I know what was going on, the lasso had tightened around chest and I felt myself being pulled down to the stage.

It started off in the usual audience volunteer way. “What’s your name and where are you from?”

“James and I’m from Sydney Australia.”

There was a bit of banter about how far I had travelled and how I was dressed (full black motorcycle leathers.)

“We’ll get James ready for his part.”

Just as suddenly as I had arrived on stage, I was whisked off to a shed behind the stage by two of the cowboys. I was pushed to the floor and hogtied with my wrists and ankles crossed. I was gagged with a knotted bandanna and blindfolded with another bandanna.

“We’ll back for you for a later show.”

I struggled against my ropes and mmmppphhhed into my gag. These boys knew how to tie ropes and no matter how much I struggled, there was no way I was getting free. Being hogtied with your wrists and ankles crossed made it almost impossible to move. I was left struggling for what felt like a couple of hours.

I heard the shed door open and the sound of booted feet on the floor.

“Biker boy, it’s time to get you ready for the next show.”

I felt my leather jacket being unzipped and what felt like a harness was fastened around my chest and buckled up tightly. My jacket was then zipped up. My feet were untied but my hands were left tied behind my back. My blindfold was removed but I was still gagged. A loose noose was tied around my neck and I was led outside.

“OK biker boy, show time!”

I was led onto the stage.

“We caught this varmint red handed with all the stolen cattle.”

“By the look of how he’s dressed, I can see what’s happened to some of the cattle!”

There were some laughs from the audience.

“We’ll show this varmint what we do to rustlers, we hang em and we hang em high.”

I was led over to the gallows and up the steps. There was a growing bulge in my leather jeans at the thought of standing on the gallows with the noose around my neck. I was positioned over the trap door. The noose that had been used to lead me to the gallows was removed and the thick noose from the gallows was placed around my neck and cinched up. I also felt something clip onto the harness that was under my leather jacket. While I realised that the harness would stop the noose from strangling me I still imagined what it would be like to be standing on the gallows for real, waiting for the trap door to open.

“So varmint, any last words before you meet your maker.”

I mmmppphhed into my gag.

A black cloth hood was placed over my head plunging me into darkness, I also started to feel a bit dizzy. All of a sudden the trap door opened and I felt myself drop. I felt the harness stop my fall but at the same time I could feel the rough rope of the noose tighten around my neck. I tried to find the ground with my feet but there was nothing there. I felt the world go black.

I woke up; I was lying on a floor. I tried to move my hands but they were cuffed behind my back around a pole with what felt like Darby style handcuffs. Chains were locked around my ankles and thighs. I managed to get myself into a sitting position. I tried to call out but I was gagged with a knotted bandana. It looked like I was in the same shed I’d been taken to when I had been taken out of the audience. I struggled against the handcuffs and chains but I wasn’t going anywhere.

After some time the cowboys from the show came in.

“Well done biker boy, the audience loved you. I think we’ll keep you for our future shows.”

I mmmppphhhed into my gag and struggled against my handcuffs.

“There’s no point struggling, those cuffs have held stronger men than you.”

They turned to walk out and I continued to mmmppphhh into my gag, although being chained up and cuffed like this was making me as horny as hell.

“OK, just kidding.”

My captors returned to the room and removed my cuffs and chains followed by my gag. Each cowboy in turn gave me a huge kiss and hug.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 25 – Austin – The New Year’s Eve Party

I headed to Austin to spend Christmas and New Year with my cousin Luke. I’d previously visited Austin with Luke’s brother, David for Thanksgiving having a bondage adventure along the way. I wondered if anything else awaited in Austin.

I had a great Christmas with Luke and paid a visit to Dallas after Christmas returning to Austin for New Year. Luke and I had been invited to a New Year’s Eve party; the dress code was leather. Like his brother David, Luke had a good collection of leather clothing and loaned me some of his Langlitz leathers to save me wearing my bike leathers.

The leathered eye candy at the party was fantastic. Being the only Australia at the party I was a bit of a celebrity and I had a good opportunity to talk about the bondage adventures I’d had along the way. While the eye candy was impressive, the man who stopped me in my tracks was Aaron, who arrived shortly before midnight. He was 6 foot, athletic build, blonde haired and blue eyed. He was dressed in a leather NYPD uniform with Dehner patrol boots.

Midnight came and we toasted the New Year. Immediately after Aaron walked over to me and my first words were, “You can arrest me any time.”

Aaron lost no time removing his handcuffs from his belt and cuffing my hands behind my back, palms out. My cock grew hard as I felt the metal cuffs tighten on my wrists.

“You need to be taken into custody.” With that, Aaron took me by the arm and started to lead me out of the room. As I walked past Luke I just managed to get out, “Uh, I’ll see you later.” To which Luke replied “Go for it cous.”

Aaron led me to his car, opened the back door and half helped and half pushed me into the back seat, fastening my seatbelt. He picked up a black cloth hood which happened to be on the seat next to me and pulled it over my head. I then heard him get in the drivers seat and we headed off. I was exciting having been “arrested” by a leather cop and now being taken away by him.

We drove for what felt like about half an hour and I felt the car slow and turn into a garage. Aaron turned the engine off and I heard an electric garage door close. I hear the car door open. My seat belt was removed and Aaron helped me out of the car, although he didn’t remove my hood. He led into another room where he removed my hood. It was obviously his dungeon as there were all sorts of restraints around the place. He hugged me and we kissed – man he was a good kisser.

“Time to get you restrained for the night.” He pointed to a leather covered bed in one corner of the room which had a leather bag on it. “There’s your sleepsack for the night.”

I looked at the sleepsack, “I’ve always wanted to see what one of these was like.”

Aaron unlocked my handcuffs and told me to strip, pointing out that I’d be quite warm enough just in the leather sleepsack. I eased myself into the sleepsack finding the sleeves down the side for my arms. It was definitely going to be a tight fit! Once I was in, he zipped the sack up and I felt the leather tighten around my body. I note the zip was in a couple of part as Aaron was able to adjust the zip so he could gain access to my cock.

Next pulled a tight leather hood onto my head and laced it up tightly. The only holes were for my nose; the hood blocked out all light, muffled sound and effectively gagged me. After the hood, he laced the sack up so it was even tighter, finally he buckled up a number of straps around my body. The final touch was to tie the sack the bed frame. I had noticed a row of D rings along the sack and ropes had been tied between each of the D rings to the bed frame. The net result of all of this was that I was strapped tightly into a leather sleepsack which was tied to a bed frame which meant I was completely unable to move. This was probably the most thorough bondage I had ever been in and I was totally hard. I struggled against the sack but new I was helplessly trapped.

I felt Aaron put a pillow under my head and say “Sweet dreams.”

The feeling of helplessness in a sleepsack is truly incredible. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t see and I couldn’t hear anything apart from the creak of leather. It was totally relaxing and I felt detached from the world. I eventually drifted off to sleep.

I was woken up by the feel of my cock being stroked. Restrained as I was, I was as horny as hell and aching to cum. I felt lube being applied to my cock and Aaron started to jerk me off, slowly at first working me up to orgasm and I shot a huge load. I struggled against the sleepsack but it and the ropes held me fast. I was a wonderful feeling and I longed to be released from the sleepsack, however, nothing happened. I started to struggle and mmmppphhhed into my hood but nothing happened.

I realised that Aaron wasn’t going to release me and I eventually relaxed and driftd in and out of sleep. Some time later Aaron again started to jerk me off and again he worked me up to orgasm. Again he left me.

He jerked me off for a third time – I was amazed I still had that much cum left in me. This time he removed my hood and lay on the bed next to me, kissing me.

He eventually released me from the sleepsack and I dressed back in my leathers. It was now after midday. We headed out for lunch where Luke joined us, noting my new year glow.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 24 Galveston - Careful what you photograph

Galveston Texas has a wonderful collection of Spanish Mission style buildings, one of which was the Post Office. 

When I walked in, I was stopped by two Federal Marshalls.

Marshall: “Did you just take a photograph of this building?”
Me: “Yes, I did.”
Marshall: “Why did you take a photograph?”
Me: “Because Galveston is full of wonderful Spanish Mission architecture and this building is one of those.”
Marshall: “It’s unlawful to photograph a federal building without permission.”

My next comments were probably the ones that got me into trouble. I’m an Australian and we often forget that US officials are carefully selected for their lack of a sense of humour.

Me: “So what do you do outside the Whitehouse?”
Marshall: “Show me your ID.”
I pulled out my passport, which the Marshalls studied carefully.
Marshall: “So you’re from Australia.”
Me: “We are on your side you know.”

As the exchange was taking place, I noticed the other Marshall take out his handcuffs. He then entered the conversation. “Put your hands behind your back.”
Me: “What’s going on?”
Marshal 2: “Put your hands behind your back, we are taking you into custody so we can check your camera.”
Me: “For heaven’s sake, lets not get excited about this; I’m just taking photographs of buildings. I’ll show you.”
I reached for my camera. As I was doing this, Marshall 1 started to reach for his gun. “Just put the camera down and put your hands behind your back”

I realised these guys weren’t kidding; I gently put my camera on the ground and put my hands behind my back. Marshall 2 step behind me and applied his handcuffs – they were chain style – so my hands were cuffed palms out. I started to get a hard on as I felt the metal on my wrists and hear the ratchet of the cuffs locking. They were applied firmly but not painfully. With my palms out I realised I was pretty effectively restrained. I’ll add at this point that both of the Marshalls were stunning lookers, Marshall was blonde with brown eyes and Marshall two blonde with blue eyes. Both looked like they had recently stepped out of the surf and had donned their uniforms.

Marshall 1 had picked up my camera and they look an arm each and led me down a corridor to a room. In the middle of the room was a chair with a number of leather straps hanging off it. They walked me over to the chair and sat me down. They started to do up the various straps on the chair anchoring me to the chair – actually I could barely move once they had finished. There was a definite bulge in the crotch of my motorcycle leathers. There were straps which crossed over my chest going from my shoulders to my hips. Straps held my waist and thighs firm with more straps just above my knees and my ankles.

Me: “Come on guys, what’s going on?”
Marshall 1: “I’d stay quiet if I was you.”

Marshall 2 had picked up a large roll of tape. He had pealed of a length which he cut off and then applied over my mouth very effectively gagging me. He added more tape for good measure. I tried struggling against the straps holding me to the chair but they held me firm. I mmmppphhed into my gag.

The Marshalls left the room with Marshall 2 commenting “We’ll be back when we’ve checked your camera. I struggled in the chair wondering what on earth was going on. I was in the United States, supposedly home of the free, not communist East Germany. At the same time, my predicament, being restrained by two drop dead gorgeous Federal Marshalls was making me as horny as hell.

I was left in the room secured to the chair and gagged for what felt like a couple of hours. The Marshalls returned; Marshall 1 was carrying a black jumpsuit and a pair of black boots. Marshall 2 was carrying a pile of chains. Both Marshalls put their items on the floor. Marshall 2 got his gun out.

Marshall 1: “I’m now going to release you from the chair. When I remove your handcuffs, you will strip then you put the jump suit and boots on. When you are finished you will stand to attention. Do you understand?”

I nodded. Guns make me very nervous. I had read too many stories about trigger happy cops shooting people and imagined a headline. “Australian Motorcycle Disappears in Texas.”

Marshall 1 undid the straps holding me to the chair and helped me stand up. He removed my handcuffs but didn’t remove my gag. As instructed I stripped out my leathers and put the jumpsuit and boots on. I then stood still noting that Marshall 2 still had his gun trained on me. Marshall 1 then started with the chains. He put leg cuffs around my ankles. There was a chain from the middle of the leg cuffs which my waist. He fastened a leather belt around my waist. The belt fastened over a hasp in the belt. He passed a chain from the belt through the hasp and he fed this chain through the chain from my leg cuffs. He then handcuffed me in front. He passed the handcuffs through the chain from the belt, which effectively locked the belt and the chain form the leg irons. Ah I recall these, a set of prisoner transport irons like I’d seen on Youtube.

Marshall 2 put his gun back in its holster and picked up a black cloth hood which he placed over my head, plunging me into darkness. Marshalls 1 and 2 took and arm each and led me away. I was led down a corridor then into a lift, which I assume went down. I was led away from the left and helped into a vehicle. I was strapped into a seat with some sort of harness seat belt. I heard the vehicle start and I was driven some distance. There were starts, stops and corners. Eventually the vehicle stopped and I was helped form the vehicle. I was led some distance before we stopped and I was helped to the floor on my stomach. An additional set of leg irons was put on my ankles and the originals removed. My handcuffs were removed but my hands were pulled behind my back and I was cuffed through the leg irons hog chaining me. The other parts of transport chains were removed. My hood was removed and I could see I was in some sort of cell. I was still gagged. My captors left me locking the cell door.

I struggled against the chains but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

After another lengthy period I heard the cell door open and my captors returned. They rolled me onto my side and opened the fly of my jumpsuit pulling my still rigid cock of. I heard Marshall 1 say “I think our prisoner is turned on by this.” He started to stroke my cock. He and Marshall 2 took it in turns to stroke my cock steadily working me to the brink of orgasm. Eventually I shot an enormous load after which Marshall 2 removed my gag and have me a huge kiss.

My captors then released me and introduced themselves as Dylan and Zack. They were out surfing the previous evening where they’d seen me taking photographs. They saw me again at the post office when they’d hurriedly come up with their plan. We spent a wonderful evening together before I headed back on the road.

Postscript. While this, like all my other stories is a work of fiction, I did have run in with two Federal Marshalls at the Galveston Post Office after having photographed the building. It took place before 9/11 however, it all ended once the Marshalls had seen my passport. There actually was law passed after the Oklahoma City bombings that made it illegal to photograph a federal building without permission. Still it made good basis for a story.