Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 23 Pensacola – more men in uniform

As I was passing through Pensacola I saw a sign pointing to the National Naval Aviation Museum. This was next to the Naval Air Station.

I joined a tour of the Naval Air Station which was led by Navy pilot, Seth. He could have doubled for a recruiting poster, 6 foot, athletic build, black hair and brown eyes. He fitted his olive flying suit beautifully! We got talking before the tour about my motorcycle journey, Seth was also a biker. The tour was excellent and afterwards Seth asked if I’d like to join him at the officers’ mess for lunch. He assured me casual dress (including motorcycle leathers) was fine for lunch. I didn’t need to be asked twice by a cute navy boy!

We hopped in a Jeep and headed back to the Air Station. We stopped outside the barracks and Seth told me he needed to get something form his room before we headed to the mess. I followed him inside. As soon as I walked in the door I was pulled to the ground and a cloth hood was pulled over my head. There were a couple of guys involved but no one said anything. Once I was on the ground my captors got to work. My hands were pulled behind my back, wrists crossed and tied together. My ankles were crossed and brought up behind my back. They were tied together and tied to my wrists in a very effective hogtie. I was gagged with rope pulling the hood into my mouth. More ropes were added around my thighs and upper arms.  The rope gagging me was tied off to my hogtie and another rope was tied around my neck and tied off to the hogtie. There was something about navy boys and rope!

I was carried a short distance and put down on a carpeted floor. I heard a door close. Not a word was spoken. I started to struggle against my ropes but theses boys had done a magnificent job of tying me up. I could barely move and I realised that if I struggled too much, it would start to tighten the rope around my neck. I tried calling out but the rope gag did a good job of muffling my cries. The hood over my head cut off the light. My helpless state was also making me as horny as hell! Although I was helplessly tied, I continued to struggle against my bonds, although not too much to avoid choking.

I was left there for a couple of hours, although I had lost track of time being hooded and tied. I heard the door open and close. My rope gag was removed, the rope was removed from my neck and the hood was removed. I blinked at the light and looked straight into Seth’s eyes. He untied the hogtie so I could stretch out and kissed me. He hoped I wasn’t pissed at him for tying me up; I think the obvious bulge in my leather pants gave him the answer. I told him about the bondage adventures I’d had so far on my journey. I was in Seth’s barracks room.

Suddenly the door opened and Seth jumped to attention. Two of his fellow flyers walked in; however, they outranked him, which is why he leapt to attention. “What have you got here Ensign Jones? An unauthorised visitor? Hands behind your back!”

I was struck dumb by the sudden turn of events. The two officers who entered the room were identical build to Seth, one had white blond hair and blue eyes, the other a darker blond with blue eyes. One of them grabbed a roll of gaffer tape that was sitting on the desk and cut a long strip off which he gagged me with. The other picked one of the ropes Seth had untied from me and tied Seth’s hands behind his back. The ropes were untied from my ankles and legs and I was pulled to my feet. A rope was tied around Seth’s neck to form a leash, another rope was tied around my neck and tied to the rope around Seth’s neck. The hood that had been over my head was pulled over Seth’s head. One of the guys left the room for a moment and reappeared with another hood which was pulled over my head. I felt a tug on the rope around my neck as Seth was led away. I followed, feeling my way carefully with my feet. I tried flexing my jaws against the gag but it held firm.

We were led down a number of corridors with a few turns along the way. We stopped and my hands were untied but I was warned not to struggle. They were quickly retied in front of me. I was backed against a wall and my hands were tied above my head to something overhead. The rope around my neck was tied to something on the wall. Ropes were then tied around my ankles and thighs just above my knees. My hood was removed. We were in a gym. Seth was tied and gagged beside me the same way. I struggled against these ropes but again they held firm.

Our captors left us to struggle for a while before returning. They commented about the fact that we seemed to be enjoying ourselves and started rubbing our crotches. I was certainly feeling really horny helplessly tied and gagged next to a helplessly tied and gagged naval officer. Eventually the fly on my leather pants was undone and my cock pulled out. They also unzipped the bottom of Seth’s flight suit – I noted it had a two way zip which unzipped from both top and bottom. Seth’s cock was also pulled out and they proceeded to jerk us off. They brought us to the edge several times before we were allowed to shoot our loads and shoot we did!

Our captors untied us and introduced themselves as Dane and Lucas. They suggested I stay for dinner and we headed back to Seth’s room. They suggested I dress “appropriately” and got out a spare flight suit and boots from Seth’s closet. We would be going to a junior officers’ mess so there would be no possibility of anyone senior seeing me. The junior officers already knew of my existence. It was a wonderful feeling to wear Seth’s flying suit.

I had a most enjoyable dinner with Seth, Dane and Lucas. We headed back to Seth’s room where Dane and Lucas grabbed me and tied my hands in front of me. I was gagged again with tape. I was pushed on the bed and my hands were tied above my head to the bed head. A rope was tied around my ankles and tied off to the foot of the bed. They then grabbed Seth pushing him onto the bed facing of me. He was tied and gagged the same way as me. Ropes were then tied around our chests, waists and thighs tying us to each other. All we could do was look into each other’s eyes. Dane and Lucas then left us, turning out the light. I figured it was intended that we would spend the night like this.

We must have drifted off to sleep at some stage as the next thing I remember was being woken up by my gag being removed. It was Dane. He also unzipped the bottom of our flight suits pulling out our rigid cocks. “OK boys, you have an hour before Seth has to be up.” We spent the next hour kissing and rubbing our cocks against each other. We managed to shoot another load before Dane returned to untie us. We got showered. Seth changed into his uniform and I put my leathers back on. We had breakfast; no one commented about my still being there but we got some knowing looks.

Seth had to go to work and I had to continue my journey.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 22 Goin Crazy in Georgia

After Thanksgiving, David and I headed back to Washington and I resumed my motorcycle journey south.

I arrived in Savannah, Georgia and headed for the Youth Hostel. It was a spooky looking two story building, however, on arrival I found it had closed down. As I contemplated my accommodation options, two guys in leather jackets walked out the front door and introduced themselves as Ethan and Tyler. They were both around 6 foot and athletic build. Ethan had black hair and brown eyes; Tyler was blond with blue eyes. They had bought the youth hostel and converted it into a B&B, however, they didn’t get have their operating licence. We talked about my journey and they told me that while they couldn’t take paying guests, I could always stay over as a friend.

They helped me carry my gear inside and set me up in one of the rooms. The whole building had been beautifully renovated. It had started life as a private sanatorium where wealthy patients had been treated away from the state run mental asylums. Technically the patients hadn’t been committed but the effect was the same, they weren’t really there voluntarily. It was a choice of the sanatorium or the state asylum.

“We found some pretty amazing stuff in the basement when we started renovating,” said Ethan.

“Yeah, it had all been sealed off but it was all in amazing condition when we found it.” Tyler added.

“The sanatorium closed down about 30 years ago but someone had obviously been looking after it. Let’s go have a look.”

I followed Ethan and Tyler down the stairs. There was a wide corridor with a series of doors each side. Tyler spoke. “This was the dungeon are where patients were kept restrained. We found a couple of padded cells and regular cells and lots of restraints.”

Ethan added. “We did some research into the history of the place and there’s no record of there being a dungeon in the sanatorium, it was supposed to be something that was only done in the state asylums.”

He opened one of the doors; it led to a cell. There was a bed against one wall with about a zillion leather straps attached.

“But have a look across the corridor.” Tyler said. He opened the door; it was to a padded cell!

I walked into the padded cell. It was around the size of a bedroom, about 3 by 3 metres. It felt a bit strange walking on the padded floor and I felt the padded walls. “Imagine being locked in here.” I said.

Suddenly Ethan appeared in the cell, carrying what looked like a black leather jacket with a whole lot of straps hanging off it. “Why don’t you give it a go?” He said. He held the jacket up and I realised it was a straitjacket. My cock went hard at the thought but at the same time the logical part of my brain kicked in. I had only just met these guys who now wanted to strap me in a strait jacket in a padded cell.

“Ah thanks guys….I think I’ll give it a miss for now…” I replied.

All a sudden I was face down on the floor of the padded cell with Ethan and Tyler on top of me. They were both strong and I was no match for them. They soon had my leather jacket and shirt off and had my arms threaded into the straitjacket’s sleeves. I felt them buckled the straps up at the back of the jacket and in that moment I knew I was helpless. A bulge was forming in the crotch of my leather pants. They strapped my arms, strapped up the crotch strap then closed the door to the cell. I called out for them to let me go and struggled against the strait jacket. It felt really wonderful and I knew I wasn’t getting out of it until the boys let me go. I threw myself at the side of the padded cell but just bounced off. I kept my rage up for a while but soon tired and slumped back against the walls, defeated.

After I’d been there a short time the door opened and boys stepped into the cell. I started yelling for them to let me go. Tyler produced a leather harness which he and Ethan strapped over my head clamping my jaws shut and effectively gagging me. They then held my legs while they strapped another leather restraint on me. It consisted of leather ankle cuffs which where attached by a leather strap about a foot long, a hobble. Gagged and hobbled, the boys left the cell and locked the door. I tried calling out but was silenced by the gag. I struggled against the strait jacket and the hobble. The more I struggled, the hornier I got.

I lost track of time. I had mixed emotions. On the one hand being trussed up in a straitjacket was making me really horny, on the other hand I realised I was completely helpless being held captive by two guys I’d only met a couple of hours ago.

The door opened and Ethan and Tyler walked in. “You’re probably hungry, we’ve brought you some food. We’ll take you’re gag off but if you make a noise, it goes back on and you’re going hungry. Do you understand?”

I could smell hot roast beef which was making me really hungry. I nodded and my gag was removed. They held up a roast beef roll for me to eat. There were also French fries and a large cup of Coke. The food and drink felt good. After I finished eating and drinking the gag was replaced and I was again locked in the padded cell. After a while I could feel the Coke work its way to my bladder and I mmmppphhhed uselessly into my gag that I needed a toilet break.

Just as I felt on the brink of pissing myself the door opened and Ethan and Tyler came in. “OK we’re going to help you to the bathroom but the gag stays on.” They took and arm each and led me down the hall to the bathroom. My walking was hampered by the hobble. They undid the crotch straps of the straitjacket, pulled my leather pants down and seated me on the toilet. I was bursting and soon emptied my bladed. With my business finished, they pulled my pants back up, refastened the crotch straps and returned me to the padded cell.

“Sleep tight.” At that point they turned the light off in the cell plunging it into darkness. I struggled more against the straitjacket and mmmppphhhed into my gag which only succeeded in making me horny. I eventually drifted off to sleep.

I woke up with a start. I couldn’t move my arms and couldn’t call out for help. All of a sudden I realised where I was. Strapped in a straitjacket locked in a padded cell. The light had come on so I assumed it must be morning. I was feeling well rested. The door opened and Tyler and Ethan walked in. “Hope you slept well, breakfast time.” They undid the leg hobble and led me out of the padded cell. They took me into one of the other cells where there was a table and chairs and food on the table. They sat me down at one of the chairs and removed my gag and assisted me with breakfast which consisted of breakfast burritos, juice and coffee.

We talked about my night in the padded cell, which I had to admit I had thoroughly enjoyed. We then talked about my trip and my bondage adventures to date. I also mentioned that I was feeling really horny and was in need of release. “I think we can help with that” Ethan said strapping the muzzle back on. They led me to the cell they had showed me earlier that contained the bed with the leather straps. They lay me down on the bed and strapped me down tightly. The then placed a leather hood over my head. They undid the fly of my leather jeans releasing my rigid cock. Someone started stroking it gently but all of a sudden this stopped and I was left alone. I was aching for release and struggled against the strait jacket and s the straps holding me to the bed. Eventually the stroking started again and was worked up to the brink of climax. I was struggling like crazy against my bonds and mmmppphhhing into my gag. I was edged several times before finally being able to shoot a load.

I had expected to be released after shooting but I was left restrained. I struggled against my bonds and mmmppphhhed into my gag but I wasn’t going anywhere. The leather hood stopped me from knowing what was going on. Eventually someone started stroking my cock again and worked me up to orgasm again and I shot another load. Still I wasn’t released. They milked me another two times before eventually releasing me. I was exhausted but very happy.

Monday, 18 June 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 21 The Texas Highway Patrol – step out of the car…

I was staying with my cousin David in Washington DC. Thanksgiving was approaching and his brother Luke had invited us to visit his new home in Austin Texas. Luke had recently secured a lecturing role at University of Texas and was keen for David to see his new home. While my journey would eventually take me to Austin, it was an opportunity for a road trip with David.

David had a restored 1970’s Pontiac Trans Am in black identical to the one from “Smokey and the Bandit.” So I left my motorcycle at David’s place and we headed for Austin. It was three days’ drive and it was great to spend some time in a car after months riding my bike. The Trans Am seemed appropriate transport and attracted much attention. David also decided we should both wear full black leather to match the car and its black leather interior and had lent me some gear (bike leathers were a bit of overkill in a car); so we were both attired in black Schott Perfect leather jackets, black leather jeans and harness boots.

We stayed at budget motels and ate at traditional diners. We used a combination of Interstates and back roads and shared the driving. On crossing into Texas we decided to use back roads to get to Austin. We’d just finished lunch and were on the final leg to Austin. I was driving and I decided to open things up a bit. Suddenly I noticed flashing lights in the rear vision mirror. “Oh shit, a cop.” I said.

David replied, “Just stay calm, pull over and for heavens sake, DON’T get out of the car.” (I had told David about being pulled over by a cop back home – I got out of my car to deny the cop his advantage; his ability to look down on me. I was told that doing this in the US would probably have you shot.)

I pulled over and the cop pulled over behind us. As David advised, I put my hands on top of the steering wheel. I heard the PA of the cop car. “Driver and passenger; get out of the car slowly, keep your hands in the air and walk slowly to the back of the car.”

David and I opened the doors and did as the voice told us to. The next instruction came in a very excited voice; “ON THE GROUND, ON THE GROUND!!!” I got down. “FACE DOWN, SPEAD YOUR ARMS AND LEGS OUT!”

“What seems to be the problem officer?” I asked as I complied with the instruction. I received a gentle kick. “Just do as you’re told!” While this seemed a rather heavy handed way to deal with a speeding offence (OK I was well over the limit) I figured that this guy no doubt had his gun out and I’ve always been told never to argue with a loaded gun.

I received a pat down and saw David getting the same treatment. The officer standing over me cuffed my right wrist and pulled it behind my back then grabbed my left wrist and cuffed it. The cuffs were firm but not uncomfortable and I had been cuffed palms out. I was starting to get hard at being cuffed. The next move took me a bit surprise, after David and I were cuffed; leg irons were locked around my ankles. I had flashbacks to the time I was arrested in Wyoming when I’d spent a week in chains renegade sheriff’s jail.

The cops helped us to our feet – man these guys were cute! They were both wearing black leather jackets over khaki pants. Their eyes were hidden by mirrored aviator style sunglasses. They led us to the back of their patrol car and half helped/half pushed us into the back behind the security screen. The next moves also took me by surprise. Our handcuffs were padlocked to short chains coming out of the join between the seat back and cushion. Our leg irons were locked to rings welded to the floor of the car and seatbelts buckled holding us in place. The cops then produced black cloth hoods which they were about to pull over our heads. “Hey, what’s going on?” David yelled. From nowhere the cops produced black leather plug gags which were strapped into our mouths reducing our cries to mmmppphhh. The hoods were then pulled over our heads.

The car drove off at speed, I struggled against the cuffs and legirons and mmmppphhed into my gag. I could hear and feel David struggling. I was wondering what was going on, where we were being taken and what was going to happen to us. While our captors could have been anyone, I got the feeling we were in for an adventure not danger.

We would have driven for a couple of hours and I got the feeling we were now in traffic. The driver started to use the siren to get through the traffic. After a number of turns the car stopped. I heard the doors open and the seat belt was removed and my handcuffs and leg irons were unlocked from the car but left on me. I could feel a person either side of me lead me inside a building and down some stairs. I could hear the clank of David’s leg irons behind me. I was pushed to a sitting position on the floor and felt an iron collar locked around my neck. It was attached to the wall behind me by a chain. I could hear the sound of David beside me. We were left like that for some time. From time to time I would pull against my chains and would hear David do the same. I still had a huge hard on.

All of a sudden my hood was pulled off. I blinked for a moment in the light. In front of me was my cousin Luke, dressed in full black leather. Beside him were the two Highway Patrol officers.

“James, David, welcome to Austin. Happy Thanksgiving. Meet Texas Highway Patrol officers Kyle and Justin.”

Luke had set the whole thing up with the help of some friends in the Highway Patrol. Luke had suggested the route we follow in Texas so it hadn’t been hard to set up the ambush. My first Thanksgiving had been memorable!

Monday, 11 June 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 20 Colonial Williamsburg – Colonial Justice

Colonial Williamsburg was well worth a visit. It was great to follow the history of the colony and also to observe assorted restraints used on those breaking the law. There was a well equipped jail (which I would later learn more about) and a set of stocks set up beside the court house. I had flashbacks to my time in the stocks in Nova Scotia a few weeks before.

I was standing outside the courthouse when I was invited to be one of the “complainants” for a re-enactment. Several people were given scripts to read for their case. In my case I alleged that I had lent my wagon to one of my neighbours who now refused to return it. In fact I’d sold it to my neighbour. According to the script I was supposed to back down and accept a fine but I decided to deviate from script…

The judge pronounced me guilty of perjury and told me I would suffer the fate of perjurers. I thought for a moment that I would spend some time in the stocks and rather looked forward to it but of course they wouldn’t do something like this to a tourist. I certainly didn’t expect what happened next! A couple of the guards went out the back and reappeared with a couple of wooden devices. First of all, a wooden gag was pushed into my mouth and tied behind my head doing a good job of preventing speech. The other wooden device was a fiddle. This was locked around my neck with my hands trapped in front of me. A heavy set of leg irons was locked around my ankles.

After I was locked in the fiddle and gagged the judge stated, “Take the perjurer to the jail and let him think about his misdeed.” A rope was tied to a loop at the end of the fiddle and I was led away followed by a group of camera clicking tourists. I was in my motorcycle leathers so there was no way I was part of the “cast” of the town but maybe they thought I was an audience plant as you so often see in theme park shows.

It was a reasonable walk to the jail and while I put up a token struggle, I was helpless in the fiddle and leg irons. I was led inside the jail and into a cell where I was pushed to the floor. The fiddle was locked by a chain to a ring on the wall; the chain short, forcing me to remain sitting. The leg irons were removed and my ankles were locked into a wooden wrist/ankle stock. The guards told me to think about the error of my ways and slammed the heavy cell door shut. The cell was fairly dark, the only light coming from a small barred window set high in the wall.

I was dazed by the events of the last hour. One moment I had been a tourist looking around Williamsburg, the next I was locked in a jail cell, gagged and in a fiddle and stocks. Like all the other bondage experiences of the trip, it was making me horny. I was left in the cell for some time. From time to time I would try to call out against my gag and would struggle against the fiddle and stocks but I wasn’t going anywhere.

After I’d been there a while the cell door opened and the two guards walked in. I mmmppphhhed into my gag and struggled against the fiddle and stocks. “So are you ready to confess to your crime?” I will add that the guards were both very good looking, both were around 6 foot and athletic build, one was brown haired and green eyed, the other blonde with brown eyes.

My gag was removed but I decided to keep on playing, “I can’t confess to something I didn’t commit. My neighbour is the liar, not me mmmppphhh!!!” The gag was thrust back in my mouth. They both bent down and rubbed my hard cock through my leathers.

“I think the prisoner is having impure thoughts, he needs to be encouraged to confess to his crimes.”

They removed the stocks from my ankles and unlocked the fiddle from the wall. I was helped to my feet and led to the cell next door. This cell contained a torture rack and a large box with holes in the side. I wondered if this was how I was going to be encouraged to confess. The thought also went across my mind that there was an historical inaccuracy; use to the rack went out in England before the Americas were colonised. Historical inaccuracy or not, the fiddle was removed and I found myself strapped to the rack. I was stretched lightly on the rack then released.

“Prisoner, you can make things easy on you by confessing, now do you confess to making a false accusation against your neighbour?”

My gag was removed. “No I cannot confess to a crime I did not commit, it is my neighbour who should be here.” Next I was gagged with a leather plug gag. Historical accuracy was going out the window but I wasn’t complaining. I was stretched again on the rack, fortunately reasonably gently. I was asked again to confess and I shook my head. So the racking continued. When I was stretched the guards would rub my cock through my leathers; man I was as horny as hell. It was an interesting experience being on the rack; they would stretch me slowly and while there was always the threat of being racked very painfully, they always stopped just short. I enjoyed the helplessness so much.

After several rackings, one of the guards unzipped my fly and pulled my hard cock out. “The prisoner is definitely having impure thoughts.”  (There was a definite hint or irony in his voice.) They stroked my cock but always stopped just short of allowing me to cum. “I think the prisoner needs further encouragement to confess.

They opened up the box then unstrapped me from the rack. The box was a punishment box. One side contained a set of stocks which locked my head and wrists. The other side a set of ankle stocks.  The stocks were set up so I was forced into a kneeling position. Fortunately they put some padding under my knees or the position would have become uncomfortable very quickly. The box was closed up and locked and my guards left me. “We’ll be back for you later.”

The punishment box was very restrictive and I wasn’t sure how long I could take it forced into a kneeling position. I was grateful for the padding under my knees. Even though I was helplessly restrained, I still struggled and my hard on hadn’t gone down since I’d been released from the rack. Fortunately it wasn’t too long before my guards came back. “So prisoner, are you ready to confess?” I mmmppphhhed into my gag and shook my head. “I think the prisoner needs some encouragement. They opened the side of the box and took it in turns to start stroking my hard cock. Like before, they would work me up to the brink of orgasm then stop. Finally I was allowed to cum; wow did I enjoy that!

“Sorry, we’re going to have to leave you restrained a bit longer.” My guards released me from the punishment box but then restrained me in the wooden wrist and ankle stocks. I really wanted to be released but would outnumbered. I struggled against the stocks and mmmppphhhed into my gag as they slammed the cell door shut. Having shot my load, I really wanted to be released, so remaining restrained and gagged frustrated me at first then made me horny. The light outside was fading and it eventually went dark. In spite of my position, I off to sleep.

I was woken up by the sound of the cell door opening and my guards returned with flashlights. Both were now dressed in motorcycle leathers. The removed my gag and released me from the stocks. They introduced themselves as Caleb and Stuart. They had spotted me looking at the stocks outside the courtroom and couldn’t believe their luck when I played along with the court appearance. We headed off for dinner where we talked more about bondage.