Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 13 Toronto

It was nice to spend a few days in a city for a change and not be on the road every day.  Toronto Canada is one of those cities you can just walk around and be a part of.

I found myself window-shopping in Eaton Centre in downtown.  One shop that caught my eye sold club wear; in particular I was attracted to some incredible shiny black PVC jeans.  In addition there were a number shiny black PVC jackets in different styles including hoodies, Brando style biker jackets and Levis style jackets. As I was looing the sales assistant came up to me. He was tall and slim with dark brown hair and green eyes. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt, leather jeans and black skater sneakers and looked very hot. “Hi, I’m Nathan, can I help you with something?”

I sort of mumbled “I’m just looking.”

“No problem, let me know if you want to try something on, it’s free to try.”

I browsed some more, I really wanted to try some of this hot gear on but I was feeling a bit shy.  As I browsed, a cute guy walked into the store, tall, slim, blond hair and blue eyes but it was what he was wearing that caught my attention, black leather jeans, black leather hoodie, black leather skater sneakers and black t-shirt.

He browsed for a while and I had trouble keeping my eyes off him.  After a few minutes he walked up to me, “Hi, I’m Jason, I was wondering if I could ask a favour of you, I’m looking for an outfit for my boyfriend for a party – you’re the same build as him, would you mind modelling a few things for me?”

I was bit surprised by the request but thought, what the heck – it gave me an opportunity to try some of these clothes on and to check out this gorgeous guy.  “Sure thing” I replied.  First of all I tried on some black PVC jeans.  These felt just fantastic the way they fitted.   Next was to find a top; a tight fitting black spandex t-shirt.  For shoes, a pair of black leather skater sneakers.  I then tried on various black PVC jackets, the Brando, the Levis style and the hoodie.  I must say I liked what I saw when I looked in the mirror!  Jason settled on the black PVC hoodie. He also seemed impressed, thanked me for being his model and offered to buy me a drink after.  I was a bit taken back when he asked me would I mind wearing the gear out of the store so he could get a better look at it – well, who was I to say no, it gave me the opportunity to wear this gear a bit longer and gave me more of an opportunity to see some more of Jason.

Jason paid for the clothes and we headed to a bar in another part of Eaton Centre where he bought a couple of beers.  I noted all the looks we got as we walked to the bar, me in hot PVC and Jason in hot leather.  The jeans fitted beautifully – I loved their tightness.  Jason recognised my Australian accent and we talked of my travels in North America and of his past travels in Australia.  I started to feel a bit light headed.

The next thing I remember was waking up and finding I couldn’t move, I was tied up!  I went to call out but I was gagged with duct taped wrapped around my head.  I struggled against the ropes but whoever had tied me up (Jason?) had done a great job and there was no way I was escaping from this.  From the feel, I was still wearing the PVC clothing Jason had purchased earlier.  I slowly focussed on my surroundings.  I was in a store room. It was full of racks of shiny black PVC clothing. There was a mirror leaning against the wall so I could see myself tied up.  The rope work was superb.  My hands were tied behind my back and further ropes had been tied around my elbows, thighs, knees and ankles.  Further ropes encircled the rest of my body – it was all neatly tied.  My tape gag was shiny and black, matching the black PVC jeans and hoodie I was wearing. The white ropes contrasted beautifully with the black PVC of my hoodie and jeans.

I struggled against the ropes but there was no way I could loosen them.  I tried to call out for help but could only mmph through my gag.  I tried to roll around the floor of the store room to see if there was anything I could use to get out of my ropes but there was nothing.  Being tied helplessly in tight PVC I started to feel really horny.

I lost track of time and must have dozed off.  I was woken up by a door opening and I saw two figures walk in, dressed in black PVC.  I then recognised the faces; it was Jason, wearing a Levis style jacket and jeans, and Nathan, wearing a brando style jacket and jeans. Nathan spoke to Jason, “I can’t believe you pulled this one off, well done.  He looks great tied up in that gear.”

Jason replied, “He sure does.”  He then crouched down beside me and started to rub the crotch of the jeans, feeling my hard on, “Ah, it seems someone is a happy chappy!”  He then unzipped the fly and pulled my stiff cock out.  He started to jerk me off, starting slowly and building up.  I moaned in ecstasy through my gag as I slowly built up to a climax.  All of a sudden I came shooting a huge load.  Jason removed my gag and gave me a huge kiss. Nathan also gave me a huge kiss.

“Thanks guys, that was awesome” I said.

Jason and Nathan then untied me. We were in the storeroom of the store Nathan worked in and it was after closing time. We headed for the subway going to their apartment, picking up some takeaway Thai food on the way.

We had dinner and a few more beers and talked more about travel and about wearing leather and PVC gear. After dinner we moved onto their leather sofa, Nathan and Jason sat either side of me and I loved the feeling of their PVC clad bodies pressed up against mine. It was getting quite late and I was feeling very tired.

I was woken up by the sun shining through the windows. I was lying on the sofa and I tried to move but realised I couldn’t. I was tied up again! I tried to call out but my cries were muffled by a leather head harness gag that was clamping my mouth shut. The ropework was similar to the previous day in the storeroom. My hands were tied behind my back. There were ropes around my elbows, thighs and ankles plus extra rope all over my body. As I struggled I noted that a rope was tied from my ankles to the frame of the sofa. What was it with these guys about tying me up while I was unconscious? It was certainly making me as horny as hell.

I was there for a few hours as I noticed the change in the sunlight outside. While I knew I was helplessly tied and gagged, it certainly didn’t stop me from struggling, which only succeeded in making me hornier.

I heard the door open, another cute young guy walked in. He was a similar build to Nathan and Jason with red hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a black leather jacket, leather jeans and lace up black boots.

“Nathan asked me if I could pick up a package he left on the sofa. He didn’t tell me it was such a good looking package.” He walked over and looked me over. I looked back with what I hoped was a “Please untie me” look.

He walked over and ran his hands over the bulge in my PVC jeans. “I don’t think Nathan and Jason would mind if I was a bit late.”

He continued to rub my crotch making my hardon even harder. He lay his leather clad body on the sofa next to mine and continued to stroke. He unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out which he continued to rub. He unbuckled my gag but before I could say anything, I felt his tongue in my mouth. He continued to jerk me off while we kissed and he was sure a good kisser! He unbuttoned the fly of his leather jeans and pulled his own cock out which he rubbed against mine. He worked me up several times to the brink of orgasm. Finally we both shot a huge load together; I jerked against my ropes as I shot. We lay on the sofa together for a while in the afterglow of the orgasm.

The red haired boy was Liam, Nathan and Jason’s neighbour. Liam got the cum cleaned up and untied me. We spent the afternoon playing tourist, getting many looks with Nathan in black leather and me in black PVC before we met up with Nathan and Jason. The three of them showed me a great time in Toronto before it was time to travel on.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 12 Cage Me In St Louis

Phil and Jake were fellow motorcyclists I met on my trip.  They invited me to stay if I was passing through St Louis.  A few weeks later I found myself at their home in St Louis. 

They showed me to the guest room, which was in the basement and left me to get organised.  I went to use the bathroom and noticed the door next to the guest room was ajar.  Curiosity got the better of me and I looked inside. One wall was covered in sets of manacles and handcuffs hanging from hooks on the wall. A closet with mirrored doors covered another wall but what really attracted my attention was a pup cage in the middle of the floor.  I had seen pictures of cages but had never seen one for real, so I went in for a better look.  I opened it and crawled inside.  There was a black leather mattress on the floor and only just enough room to sit up – barely enough room to turn around.  I looked at myself in the mirrored door of the closest and wondered what it would be like to be locked in

I saw the door to the room open and tried to get out of the cage before Phil and Jake came in, both were wearing leather jackets, leather jeans and harness boots. Phil pinned me to the floor and said “It looks like you were wondering what it’s like to be caged – well, you’re going to find out.” I tried to struggle but Phil had me well and truly pinned. I was still in my bike leathers and the feeling of leather on leather was making me hard.

Jake grabbed some manacles from the wall. He forced my hands behind my back and locked them together. There was only one link of chain joining the manacles. He then locked some manacles on my ankles and an iron collar around me neck. He then gagged me with a large leather plug gag. Jake and Phil then picked me up and pushed me into the cage and locked the door with a large padlock. They then left the room, closing the door behind them.

I tried the door and the padlock, no I was locked in.  The cage was solidly built and I wasn’t getting out until Jake or Phil returned and unlocked the padlock.  I struggled against my manacles but they were solid and I wasn’t escaping those. I tried calling out but the plug gag reduced my cries to mmmppphhh. There was a large mirror on the wall and it was amazing to see myself locked in there.  The psychological effect of being in a cage and being able to see myself in the mirror was intense. Not only was I locked in a cage but I also had my hands locked behind my back, there were manacles on my ankles, an iron collar around my neck and I was gagged.

I tried a few different positions in the cage, although there was very little room to move. I could sit up with my back against the bars a at the back of the cage. I could curl up on the floor but only just. From time to time I’d really want to escape; I’d struggle with my manacles, I’d push at the cage door and I’d mmmppphhh into my gag. After I’d done this for a while I’d admit defeat and slump in the cage. The feeling of captivity was making me really horny. I wanted to be released but at the same time I was loving my captivity. I thought of my captors, Phil and Jake, looking really sexy in their leathers.

I must have been in the cage for a few hours when the door opened and Jake and Phil came into the room.  They each carried a dog bowl; Jake’s bowl had some sort of stew in it which smelled very good, Phil’s bowl had water. Smelling the stew made me realise that I was very hungry. They set the bowls down in front of the cage.

Jake spoke. “You’re going to be our human pet for the next few days. I’m going to remove your gag so you can eat. Now behave yourself or you won’t get any food. There’s no point screaming as this basement is soundproof. Are you going to behave yourself?”

I nodded. I wanted them to let me out of the cage but I had worked out this wasn’t going to happen. I was really hungry and would have done just about anything for food.

“OK lean against the back of the cage and I’ll take your gag out. Your hands stay locked, pets aren’t allowed to use their hands.”

I pushed my back against the back of the cage and Jake removed my gag. Phil pushed the bowls of water and stew into the cage through a slot in the bottom of the door. I manoeuvred myself over to the bowls, it wasn’t easy but I was hungry. The stew was good but I got a fair bit of it on my face.

When I finished eating and drinking Phil told me to lean against the back of the cage and cleaned my face up. Before I knew what was happening he’d put the gag back on me.

Phil left the room, returning with a bedpan, which he pushed through the feeding slot. “Pup, this will be your only opportunity for a bathroom break before morning.” He slid the pan into the cage and he and Jake undid my leather pants and pulled them down. The helped me onto the pan. I was completely hard so having a piss and a dump weren’t easy but eventually I managed. They cleaned me up with a wet wipe, got my pants back on and removed the bedpan.

Jake spoke. “OK Pup, we’re going swap your gag for something more comfortable for the night but if you give us any trouble, you stay as you are. Are you going to cooperate?”  I nodded. “OK lean back against the cage.

I felt him tie my iron collar and manacles against the back of the cage. He showed me a leather head harness muzzle. “Pup, remember, keep quiet or the gag goes back in.” I let him remove my gag and then strap the head harness on. It clamped my jaws shut but it was nice to have the gag out of my mouth. He removed the manacles from my wrists and then untied my collar from the back of the cage.

“Goodnight pup, see you in the morning.”

As they walked out I mmmppphhhed into the head harness gag and pushed against the bars of the cage but of course I wasn’t going anywhere. They switched the lights off when they left the room plunging me into darkness. I tried to work out a comfortable position for the night. It was a toss up between sitting up against the back of the cage and curling up on the floor. I very tired and curled up as best I could on the floor of the cage. I dozed off but woke up in a panic. I couldn’t work out where I was. I tried to stretch out but the bars of the cage stopped me. I tried to call out but my cries were muffled by the muzzle

I slept on and off during the night. When I woke, my cock would be rock hard. Eventually I was woken up by Phil and Jake entering the room with dog bowls of stew and water.

“Good morning pup, breakfast time” Phil said. Lean again the cage and I’ll take your muzzle off.” I did as I was told and the dog bowls were put in the cage. I was again famished and ate and drank the contents of the two bowls.

“OK pup, time to clean you up and put your muzzle back on.” Jake said.

“No! You’re not putting that back on me!”  I screamed. “Come on guys, let me go!”

Jake reached inside the cage and clipped a chain to the back of my iron collar. He pulled tight on the chain pulling me to the back of the cage. I struggled but my neck was now fastened tightly to the bars at the back of the cage. He pulled up on my collar partly choking me and tied my manacled hands to the back of the cage. He then released my collar so I could breath normally again.

While this was happening, Phil went to the closet and returned with a leather hood. He first removed my iron collar, then he pulled the hood on over my head and started to lace it up, tightly. The hood blocked out all light. Next I felt a huge plug gag being inserted, which completely filled my mouth. Various straps were tightened around the hood clamping my jaw shut on the gag. This was followed by the sounds of padlocks being locked on. I could now move my head again but my hands were locked behind me through the bards of the cage.

I heard Phil’s voice. “The hood you’re in is called a punishment hood, I’m sure you can work out why. It’s staying on until you learn to be a good pup.”

I heard footsteps leave the room and the door close. I struggled against my bonds but I couldn’t move from the back of the cage. I mmmppphhhed into the gag. I tried to fight my bondage but I was defeated. I cried into the gag wondering if I’d ever be released. I could certainly work out why it was called a punishment hood. It was really tight, it blocked out all light and the gag filled my mouth preventing me form calling out.

I lost all sense of time with my hands locked behind my back and punishment hood and gag locked on my head. My moods swung from the euphoria of being tightly restrained to the despair of not knowing when or if I’d be released.

After what seemed hours I heard the door open and the sound of footsteps walking up to the cage. I heard Phil’s voice. “So pup have you learned your lesson.” I nodded slowly.

Then Jake’s voice, “Are you going to be a good pup?” Again I nodded.

Phil’s voice again, “That time the punishment hood was on for three hours. If you’re not a good pup, the punishment hood is going back on for double that time, six hours and if there’s another time, we double the time again and so on. Do you understand pup?” I nodded.

Jake the said, “You know, I think pup needs some release.” I nodded enthusiastically.

I felt the fly on my leather pants unzipped and my very hard cock was removed. Someone started to jerk me off. I felt hands swap over from time to time. They worked me up to climax several times but stopped short. I was aching to cum. Eventually they allowed me to shoot my huge load, my body shook uncontrollably and I cried out into the hood. I slumped against the cage, waves of euphoria pulsing through me.

I heard Jake’s voice again. “OK pup, we’re going to take your hood off. Remember, if you’re not a good pup or if you ask to be released, the hood is going back on for 6 hours. Do you understand?”

I nodded, I had been defeated. The gag was removed and the hood loosened and eventually removed. I blinked at the light.

“Thank you, that was wonderful.” I said.

They offered me a choice. They would release me but I’d have to leave immediately or I could stay but I would be locked in the cage for a full week and there would be no changing my mind. I would be manacled at all times and would be gagged with either the head harness or the plug gag harness at they saw fit. I was to follow any instruction they gave me without question. I would wear the punishment hood if I misbehaved. I told them that I would stay in the cage.

So I spent a week locked in the cage. I was manacled at all times. When Phil and/or Jake was in the room with me, I’d be manacled with my hands in front of me, except for when I would be jerked off, when they’d either manacle my hands behind my back through the bars of the cage or above my head through the bars of the cage. They only allowed me to cum every couple of days.

When they left me, which they’d do for a few hours at a time, they’d manacle my hands behind my back. During the day I’d be gagged with the plug gag, overnight they’d gag me with the head harness muzzle. My meals were always served in a dog bowl that I had to eat without using my hands.

I did experience the punishment hood again. After two days I regretted my decision to be caged for a week and pleaded to be released. Well, the punishment hood went on and it stayed on for six hours as threatened. It was initially horny to have it on but after a couple of hours I really wanted it off; it was so restricting. I sobbed into the hood but realised there was nothing I could do. I learned my lesson and became a good pup. It was a pretty amazing experience being locked in the cage for a full week. I did go through more phases when I really wanted to be released. I’d jerk on my manacles and push against the bars but of course I wasn’t going anywhere. Phil and Jake threatened me with punishment hood a couple of times but the mere mention of it or having it held up in front of me was enough to make me calm down immediately.

The end of the week came and, much as I’d enjoyed the cage, the manacles and the gag, I was ready to be released. Phil and Jake entered the room holding the key to the padlock to the cage door. Phil removed my gag and said, “James, we’ve enjoyed so much having you as our pup, we’re going to keep you locked in the cage for another week.”

I flew into a rage calling them every name I could think of.

Jake reached into the cage and grabbed my iron collar. He jerked my head to the back of the cage securing it there. He also secured my manacles to the back of the cage. “THAT’S IT PUP! Punishment hood for 12 hours!”

I struggled as much as I could against the manacles and the punishment hood but I was well and truly defeated. Finally I couldn’t fight any more, I started to cry uncontrollably. I curled up on the floor of the cage. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. At the same time I felt my cock was as hard as a rock. I think the fight finally left me and fell asleep. I woke up to the feeling of my cock being jerked off. I was no longer manacled but my hands were tied behind my back and my feet were tied. I was still hooded but I was no longer gagged. I felt a tongue go into my mouth and give me a good snogging. I was worked up to orgasm and shot a huge load. My hood was removed and I was on the bed in the guest bedroom with Phil and Jake.

Wow what a week!

We played tourist for another couple of days before I headed on ready for my next adventure in bondage.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 11 The Blacksmiths Shop

I headed into Canada around the top of Lake Superior to Thunder Bay. The tourist attraction here was “Old Fort William” which was a reconstruction of the old North West Company trading post. It was off season so tourist numbers had dropped right off – I practically had the place to myself. They had various craft workshops but the place really caught my attention was the blacksmith’s shop. It was set aside from the other buildings and was made of stone rather than wood, presumably because of the fire risk.

The blacksmith’s name was Jeff and he was drop dead gorgeous! He was around 6 foot, blonde hair, blue eyes and athletic build. He was in “period” costume which included a well worn leather apron and tall black leather boots. What also caught my eye were assorted manacles hanging from hooks on the wall.

Jeff’s first words to me were “Wow! Nice leathers!”

Jeff was a fellow biker who, like me, believed that there was only one possible form of clothing for motorcycles, full leather.

Jeff was a volunteer at Old Fort William. He made his money by selling things he made in the blacksmith’s shop. His best business line was selling bondage equipment. He only had manacles and iron collars in the shop but he showed me photos of all sorts of other equipment he made which included pup cages, metal stocks, bondage chairs. We’d worked out that we were both into leather and bondage so I commented that I would love to be locked in some of the equipment he made and I told him of my experience of being in legirons for a week in Wyoming. He’d heard rumours about Wyoming’s renegade sheriff but hadn’t been able to verify it.

He apologised for not having the more severe bondage equipment but it was something he made to special order and he’d just shipped a big order but suggested I give his other manacles a try. Well, I didn’t need to be asked twice to be chained up by this gorgeous man. He had a look at my wrists, ankles and neck and picked up an iron collar and some wrist and ankle manacles and led me to the back room of the shop. There were some eye bolts set into the back wall.

He got me to put my hands behind my back and fastened the manacles around my wrists. He’d designed these to screw shut with an allen key. These fitted really snugly but he’d done an excellent job on rounding off the edges so they wouldn’t cut into my wrists. The manacles had only one chain link between them so they were really restrictive. I am really turned on my having my hands tied or cuffed behind my back and these manacles were really doing for me.

Next, he put the ankle manacles over my motorcycle boots and screwed them shut. Like the wrist manacles, they were a perfect fit. There was a short chain connecting them so I could take shortened steps but there was no way I could run or kick with them on. He then told me to sit down with my back to the wall near the eye bolts. He put the iron collar around my neck and screwed it shut. It had about a metre of chain attached to it and he locked this to one of the eye bolts with a large padlock.

“OK, try to get out of that!” He said.

I struggled against the chains but they held me fast. There was a growing bulge in my leather pants which didn’t escape Jeff’s attention. He came over and gave my crotch a good rub and then gave me a huge kiss. “It’s my dreams come true, a leather biker chained up in my back room.”

We talked about my trip and bondage adventures to date. We spoke of Jeff’s business making bondage equipment. The operators of Old Fort William knew vaguely of his business but turned a blind eye to it provided the more extreme gear was kept out of sight of visitors to the fort.

He told me that he made two styles of manacles. One type used an allen key closure like the manacles I was now locked in. The other type had an open hole where a rivet would normally be used to close them but customers used padlocks. I commented that I’d enjoyed having the legirons hammered onto me at the jail in Wyoming but these used soft nails to close and could be fairly easily removed with a hammer and chisel. I commented that it would be pretty amazing to have a full set of irons properly riveted on me. Jeff replied that it was something he’d love to do as well.

We talked for some time when Jeff asked if I’d like a coffee. I said I would, so he headed to the cafĂ© to get some. He grabbed a couple of bandanas out of his pocket. He stuffed one in my mouth and tied the other one around my head to keep that one in place. He explained that it would be a bit embarrassing if a tourist walked into the shop and heard me in the back room. He locked the heavy door to the back room on his way out. Being chained and gagged was making me incredibly horny. I realised that I was helpless and Jeff could leave me here but at the same time thought that surely this wouldn’t happen in a tourist village like this.

Jeff was gone some time before I heard the sound of the door being unlocked. He came in with two takeaway coffee cups. He removed my gag then unlocked one of my wrists from the manacles relocking them in front of me. Drinking hot coffee with your hands locked behind your back is not a recommended exercise. As I finished my coffee, I started to feel really tired.

I woke up feeling very disoriented. I was lying on my side on a thin mattress. I tried to call out but found that I couldn’t move my jaw, a tight leather harness had been strapped on my head preventing me from getting a sound out. I realised my wrists were again manacled behind my back. My ankles were locked together in manacles which had only one link between them. The iron collar was still around my neck but was on a longer chain which allowed me to lie down. I struggled against the wrist and ankle manacles but they were firmly locked on. I pulled against the iron collar but it was fastened to the wall by chain. I looked behind me at the eye bolt and saw that the chain was no longer fastened to the eye bolt by a padlock, it had been welded on! A light chain came down from the iron collar to the wrist manacles, which made absolutely certain that I couldn’t work my wrists in front of me. I strained to look at my wrists. Those manacles had also been riveted on. There was now another chain connecting my wrist manacles to an eyebolt on the wall. Looking down at my ankles showed that these manacles were also riveted on. While I couldn’t see or feel the back of my iron collar, it was a pretty good assumption that it was also riveted on.

There is that time when you realise there is a difference between fantasy and reality. Yes, I’d always fantasized about having a set of manacles welded on but this was actually happening to me! I struggled against my chains but they were well and truly riveted on. I pulled against the chains connecting my manacles and iron collar to the wall but they weren’t budging. I tried to call out but the head harness muffled my cries to “mmmppphhh”. Even though I knew I was helplessly restrained I still struggled and the more I struggled, the hornier I got.

I heard the lock turn in the heavy door to the back room and Jeff walked in. He had changed into his bike leathers, a black one piece Dainese T Age with black Alpine Stars boots. He looked utterly stunning in it. He shot me a look with those beautiful blue eyes of his that melted me.

“It looks like we both get our wish, you’ve always wanted to be riveted into a set of irons and I’ve always wanted to rivet a set of irons onto a beautiful leather clad biker.”

I mmmppphhhed into my gag and pulled against my chains and tried what I could to tell Jeff that I wanted him to release me.

“You can struggle all you like, you’re not going to get out of those chains, you’re staying here as my leather prisoner.”

He walked over and sat down beside me. I tried to pull away but his firm grip and the chains stopped me. He hugged me and massaged my crotch and said gently, “Come on, you know you’ve always wanted this.” He unbuckled the head harness and started to tongue kiss me. Man, he knew what buttons to press, I melted away staring into those beautiful blue eyes. I calmed right down with Jeff there beside me. He continued to rub my crotch; I was aching for release. He gagged me again and unzipped my leather pants pulling my hard member out. He set to work both with his hand and his mouth. He edged me several times until I finally erupted shooting a huge stream. I slumped back against the wall with a clanking of chains. “Thank you Jeff, that was beautiful.”

Jeff cleaned me up and pushed my cock back in my leather pants zipping my fly up. I’ve brought you some dinner, let me get it. He’d brought some fried chicken, salad bread and beer. I enjoyed having Jeff feed these to me. I was really enjoying being Jeff’s chained prisoner. Jeff said he’d need to head off soon. The village had closed down several hours ago and while he had after hours access, he couldn’t stay too late. He told me he’d moved my motorcycle to his storage shed so it was safe. He brought a bucket in and helped me to pee and have a dump.

He went to put the head harness back on me. I protested but he got it on me. “Sorry James, I have to gag you, I can’t have you making a noise and have someone finding you here. I’ll be back in the morning before the village opens.”

While I felt I could handle the gag, he produced a leather hood. I tired to struggle and I mmmppphhed into my gag but he got the hood on me. It didn’t have any eye or mouth holes, just holes for my nose. It cut out all light and muffled sound. It actually felt wonderful. Jeff gave me another huge hug and stroked my crotch.

“Good night sexy leather man, I’ll see you in the morning.”

It hit me that Jeff was about to leave me for the night and I again mmmpphhhed into my gag and struggled against my chains. I heard the sound of the door closing and a key turning in the lock. I started to cry wondering if I’d ever be released.

With the tight hood on, I lost all track of time and drifted off to sleep.  I had dreams about finding myself chained up in a small room until I woke up realising that I really was helplessly chained up in a small room, gagged and hooded. My moods swung between euphoria at being so effectively chained up and gagged to desperation at the hopelessness of my situation. In the back of my mind I knew that Jeff would look after me but I wanted to have him there beside me.

I was woken up by the sound of the door opening. I could smell cooked bacon and coffee. Jeff removed my hood and gag and gave me a huge kiss. “Good morning beautiful leather man. I brought you breakfast. Jeff had brought bacon and eggs rolls, orange juice and coffee. He helped me eat and also had breakfast himself.

“OK James, it’s probably going to be slow in the village again today but I’ll have to gag you if there are any visitors.”

He helped me with my ablutions again and changed into his costume. He had some work to do but spent a lot of the day with me. I was quite happy to be Jeff’s prisoner while he was with me but I didn’t like being left alone. There were a few groups through the village – he’d get a call from the front gate which would be his cue to gag me.

He kept me chained up for three days and through those days I again went through the whole range of emotions. Having Jeff with me, especially in his bike leathers would always calm me down. I looked forward to the snogging, jerking off and blow jobs. I came to accept his departures in the evening when I’d be gagged and hooded for the night. On the fourth morning I again heard the door open but I heard several people enter the room and an unfamiliar voice, “Jeff, what have you done this time?” My hood was removed and I saw Jeff in his motorcycle leathers with his hands cuffed behind his back. He was accompanied by two members of the Thunder Bay Police Service looking resplendent in their dark blue uniforms and black leather jackets. Both cops would have been in their 20’s, both were 6 foot and athletic. One was red headed with blue eyes, the other with black hair and dark brown eyes. Neither made any attempt to remove my gag. The red haired cop inspected my iron collar, wrist and ankle manacles. “Well, I’ve got to hand it to you Jeff, you are really good at your job, these chains aren’t coming off easily.”

The dark haired cop took a rag and a small brown bottle out of his pocket. He poured some of the liquid from the bottle into the rag and suddenly held it over my nose. I started to pass out.
I came to gradually. I was in a bedroom. Jeff was there in his bike leathers, his hands were still cuffed behind his back. The two cops were also there. They apologised for chloroforming me but they needed to knock me out to get my chains off as they had to be removed with an angle grinder.

This hadn’t been the first time Jeff had chained a leather clad biker up in the back room of the blacksmiths shop. The cops explained to me that Jeff should be charged with abduction and deprivation of liberty among other things but they told me that the charges had never stuck in the past because the witnesses had always left town before they could get started on their paperwork. They added that Jeff had generously offered me somewhere to stay for the night as all the motels in town were fully booked (in the low season, right!)

The cops unlocked Jeff’s handcuffs adding that they had a really busy day and they wouldn’t be able to get started on their paperwork for at least another couple of days and headed for the door. Jeff gave me another of those melting moment looks with his wonderful blue eyes. He gave me a huge hug and kiss. Life was wonderful!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Great American Road Trip – Part 10 Things to do in Denver – When you’re tied up

Will was one of several guys I met on my trip.  He was a fellow motorcyclist and invited me to stay if I was passing through Denver.

I had arrived that evening; we had dinner and talked about my journey and motorcycling in general.  It was getting late and Will set me up on the sofa bed in the living room.

I heard Will’s alarm go off the next morning and went to roll over in bed only to find I couldn’t move.  I was tied to the bed in a spreadeagle position.  I was also wearing my bike leathers – I was sure I’d got undressed before heading to bed last night. Ropes had been tied around each wrist and each ankle and were tied off to the bed frame.  He had done a good job as the ropes had been tied in such a way that even if I could have got at the knots both ends of the rope had been tied off so I couldn’t have undone the knots.  I struggled hard at the ropes but I wasn’t escaping until Will untied me.  I tried to call out but realised my head was encased in a leather hood, which had a plug style gag attached muffling my cries – at least he hadn’t blindfolded me.  As I struggled, I wondered how he had managed to tie me, hood me and gag me without me waking up!

After struggling for a few minutes, Will walked into the living room.  He was wearing tight leather jeans with a studded belt, harness boots but no top.  He had a great body, all, slim and with great muscle definition – it was obvious he worked out.  He had short blonde hair and blue eyes.  “I see you’re awake, you are such a great sight, I kept thinking last night how great it would be to see you bound and gagged.”  He then returned to the bedroom emerging a few minutes later in a white t-shirt and black leather Brando jacket, carrying a black crash helmet.  He put the helmet down and snapped a blindfold onto the leather hood.

“I have to go to work now, don’t go away.”  As I heard the front door open and close I tried again to yell out but the gag reduced my cried to faint “mmphs.”  I struggled again helplessly against my bonds.  Much as I was turned on by my current predicament, my mind began racing.  Just how long did Will intend to keep me here?  What was he going to do to me?

I had no idea of the passing of time, the hood blocked out all light and there were no obvious sounds.  The gag muffled my cries and there was no way I could escape from the ropes Will had tied.  I dozed off a few times waking up with a start as I’d jerk on the ropes securing me to the bed. I was feeling as horny as hell in my predicament; I had a massive hardon and was aching to cum.

I heard the door open and the next thing I felt the blindfold removed from the hood – Will was back, still in full black leather.  He walked to the kitchen, coming back with a water bottle.  “I’m going to remove your gag so you can drink – if try to say anything, the gag goes straight back in.  Do you understand?”  I nodded and the gag was removed.  The water was very welcome.  When I had finished drinking, before I had a chance to say anything the gag went back in.  “I have a date tonight, be good.”  He picked up his helmet and walked out – this time I wasn’t blindfolded.

Much as I was turned on by being tied and gagged, having been restrained all day, I really wanted to be released and a new wave of panic washed over me.  I tried to cry out again through my gag and struggled against my ropes. My cock remained rock hard. The thought went through my mind, “It’s not true bondage until you want to be released but can’t get free.”

It didn’t seem all that long until I heard the door opening and Will reappeared with another leather clad biker.  He was the same height and build as Will with black hair and brown eyes.  Will noted my hard cock and commented; “it looks like he’s enjoying being tied up there, maybe we can leave him a while longer.”

I tried calling out but the only thing that came out of my mouth was “Mmmph”

The other biker commented; “He looks like he’s in need of release, I think we should do him a favour before we head out.”

I nodded and mmphed into my gag. He started to stroke my cock while Will worked on my tits. He would jerk me to the edge of orgasm, then stop.  I was aching for release. He and Brian would swap over then they’d go through the whole edging exercise again. Finally I shot a huge load which hit me on the chin.

Will introduced me; the other biker was his boyfriend Brian. They removed the gag and hood and untied me. I received a huge kiss from both. I got cleaned up and we headed out. Brian suggested I pillion with him to save me getting lost following them.

We headed to a bar with a number of motorcycles parked out front and I saw a few guys clad in full leather walk in. Will produced a black leather collar which he buckled around my neck and locked with a padlock. I was told it was for my own protection. Before I knew what was happening, Brian had handcuffed my hands behind my back and Will had clipped a leash onto my collar.

“Hey guys, I’m not going in there like this MMPPHH”

Brian had stuffed a plug gag into my mouth and buckled it tightly behind my head. “Our pup needs muzzling.” He said

“I’m sure you’d like dinner and a drink.” said Will, “We’ll take your gag off when we get in but misbehave and it stays in all night. Understand?”

I nodded in agreement and allowed Will to lead me into the bar. It was an amazing sight. It was full of guys clad entirely in black leather. They ranged from young athletic guys to solidly built bear type guys. There were a number of guys being led around on leashes. Some, like me, had their hands cuffed or tied behind their backs. Some where wearing puppy masks, some were on all fours with theirs hands enclosed in leather mitts.

 We headed to a table next to a pillar and sat down. Will took a chain that was attached to the pillar and padlocked it to my collar. He and Brian headed for the bar. “Be a good pup, we’ll go and organise some drinks and food.” When they left, I gave the chain attaching me to the pillar a tug but I wasn’t going anywhere so I sat back and admired the view. A number of guys came past a stroked my head with comments such as “What a fine pup you are” and “I hope your masters are looking after you.”

Will and Brian arrived back carrying three bottles of beer and a basket of buffalo wings. Will removed my gag and held a bottle of beer up. “Thirsty?”

“Yes”, I replied. “Can you take my handcuffs off so I can drink it?”

“Pups don’t have use of hands, either you let us feed you or the gag goes back in.”

“OK, I’ll be a good pup”

Will held the beer up for me to drink and Brian fed me buffalo wings. I suppose it should have been humiliating but I was actually enjoying being chained up in public being feed by two hot leather guys. When we finished eating, Will and Brian headed back to the bar for further rounds of drinks. They brought me more beers but I noted they had changed to water as they needed to ride afterwards.

After a few beers I was in desperate need of a bathroom break. I asked to be released to use the bathroom but was rewarded by being gagged again. Brian unlocked my collar from the chain, replacing it with the leash. He led me to the bathroom and up to the urinal. He unzipped my leather pants taking my very hard cock out, aiming it at the urinal. It wasn’t easy to pee like this but eventually I let a huge stream of piss go. I noted that the urinal covered an entire wall, obviously to cope with situations like this.

I was led back to the table and the chain locked to my collar again. Will and Brian left me for some time to go and talk to some friends, I again admired the scenery.

They came back and Will said, “OK pup, we need to go, we both have work in the morning.” He unlocked me from the chain and clipped the leash back on my collar and led me back to the bikes. Back at the bikes he blindfolded me with a leather blindfold and pulled my helmet on, making sure the blindfold stayed in place. I MMPPHHED into my gag to which he replied. “Brian will help you onto my bike. I won’t go fast, just hold on tight.”

I felt Brian guide me onto the pillion seat of Will’s bike. He guided my (still) cuffed hands to the grab bar at the back of the seat. I dug my knees into Will’s thighs and we headed off. It was rather disconcerting being blindfolded and handcuffed on the back of a motorcycle but it was exciting at the same time not knowing where I was going. Will rode very smoothly so I never felt in danger. After some time I felt us slow down and go down a ramp (into a carpark?) I felt the bike stop then I was helped off the bike. I felt the leash being clipped back on my collar and I was led away. We entered an elevator and I felt us going up. The elevator doors opened and I was led out. I heard a door open then close behind me. We stopped and my blindfold and gag were removed and the handcuffs were removed.

“Welcome to my home” said Brian. We were in a fairly small apartment. I couldn’t tell where we were because the curtains were drawn. “We’re staying here tonight. If you need to use the bathroom, it’s over there” I headed in the direction Brian pointed.
When I returned, I noticed a pile of rope on the sofa. Brian spoke.

“Will and I would like some privacy so we’re tying you up for the night. Either cooperate and we’ll make sure you’re comfortable or we’ll force you and you sure won’t be. Which will it be?”

“I’ll go quietly.” I replied crossing my wrists behind my back. Brian and Will proceed to tie my wrists tightly behind my back. They added more rope around my thighs and ankles and added further rope all over my body ensuring I was firmly tied up. They pulled a black leather hood over my head; it had no eye or mouth openings, only a couple of holes in the nose for me to breathe. They laid me on the sofa making sure my head was supported with a pillow.

“Pleasant dreams” they said. I heard the bedroom door close.

I struggled against my ropes. I knew I was helplessly tied but I love to struggle to make certain I can’t escape as it makes me incredibly horny. I eventually drifted off to sleep. I dreamt that Will and Brian had decided to keep me captive as their pup and that they were going to keep me permanently tied up and chained up in a basement.

I woke up to the sounds of movement around the apartment. Someone had unzipped my leather pants and had taken my very hard cock out. I felt a warm mouth start to suck me off. Every now and then I would feel a different mouth take its place. They kept me on the edge of orgasm before finally letting me blow a huge load.

My hood was removed and I saw the smiling faces of Brian and Will in full leather. “OK pup, let’s get you untied.”

They untied me and we had breakfast. Will and Brian needed to head to work and suggested that I probably wanted to play tourist after having spent the previous day tied up. I hadn’t noticed when we left Will’s last night that he’d grabbed my daypack with my camera, guidebook and map and taken it to Brian’s place. Will gave me a set of keys to his apartment and said they’d meet me back there that night.

We headed out, Will and Brian headed to the carpark to get their bikes and I headed to the light rail station, which was a short walk from Brian’s apartment. It was only as I walked out of the building that it occurred to me that I was still in full leather and had a leather pup collar locked around my neck.

I will always have fond memories for Denver.