Sunday, 17 February 2013

Greek Islands Oddysey - Part 6

For the first time since meeting the boys, I had spent a night free of restraints; it almost felt odd. Mark rolled over and hugged and kissed me then suggested we have a shower and get dressed. We showered together making sure that we thoroughly clean each other. We when returned to the bedroom, Jarrod and Dylan were there already dressed in leather jackets, leather jeans and boots. Laid out on the bed were our leather jackets and jeans, Darby style hand and leg cuffs, leather collars and adult diapers. We were told the put the diapers on first the our leather jackets, jeans and boots. After we were dressed we were handcuffed behind our backs and leg ironed. Locking belts were added around our waists to stop us getting at our diapers. The collars were buckled around our necks and leashes attached.  We were told that we would spend the entire day restrained like this; should we give any trouble, we would be gagged and chained up.

As I've mentioned before having my hands tied or cuffed behind my back is a huge turn on and the prospect of spending the entire day like this was making me very horny. We were led downstairs to the kitchen where bowls of muesli and of juice were placed on the floor for us. We were helped down to the floor but as we quickly discovered, the only practical way to eat from a bowl on the floor with your hands cuffed behind your back is to lie on the floor. The day was not getting off to a good start. The human head isn't designed for eating like this and We ended up with milk and muesli all over our faces and on the floor. After we'd finished eating Jarrod and Dylan gave our faces a wipe and commented on the mess.

"You try eating neatly like this!" I remarked angrily.

Within a few seconds Dylan had strapped a plug gag into my mouth silencing my outcry; Jarrod strapped a gag into Mark's mouth stopping him from responding. We were dragged into the living room where chains, already attached to the wall were attached to our collars. We were told that we would be left here to think about things for an hour. While we were helplessly restrained, the shock of being gagged and chained up so suddenly made us jerk on the chains and mmmppphh into our gags. This only served to make me horny and it seemed to have the same effect on Mark.

The boys removed our gags and unchained us after an hour and left us together. We had a good snog but couldn't jerk off through the diapers. The next issue was needing a toilet break. I just couldn't bring myself to pee into the diaper and Mark had the same issue - toilet training is just so ingrained. There does come a time when you can no longer hold your piss in but it took a long time to get there and peeing yourself feels really unnatural. The next issue is that a diaper is only good for one bladder load and I needed to get it changed - Mark let his bladder go about the same time. It was a bit humiliating to have to get the boys to change our diapers but with our hands cuffed behind our backs, there wasn't much we could do. Peeing ourselves was another reason for us to be gagged and chained up for an hour. The next challenge was needing to take a dump. While I felt I could handle peeing, crapping was another matter but like peeing, there comes a time when you just have to . Fortunately the boys were on hand to clean us up and change our diapers very quickly.

It was an interesting day; there were a few occasions where our behavior led to us being gagged and chained up. We had a few diaper changes and also got to spend a fair bit of time just with each other as the boys left us alone unless we needed our diapers changed. After the first messy breakfast we even got used to eating from dog bowls on the floor.

Overall I just loved the feeling of having my hands cuffed behind my back for the entire day. Darby cuffs are very comfortable for long term wear but leave you in no doubt that you're restrained. We were eventually released in time for bed.

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