Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Greek Islands Odyssey Part 2

I woke up feeling Mark’s leather clad body against mine. As I moved in bed, I felt the tug of the chain locked to the leather cuff around my ankle. Mark stirred, then he hugged me. “Good morning leather man.”

He unlocked the chain and cuff, we stripped off and headed for the shower. It was wonderful sharing the shower with the very cute Mark. We got dressed in full leather again. Mark reached into the drawer of the bedside table producing a pair of Hiatt Darby leg irons, which he locked around my ankles. I wasn’t about to protest about being locked up again by Mark. The feel of the leg irons was great, there as just enough weight so you couldn’t forget you were wearing them, the chain was just long enough to allow you to walk normally and there was the clank of the chain itself. We headed to the patio to join Jarrod and Dylan, also in full leather, for breakfast.

After breakfast we headed back into the living room where I noticed several coils of rope on one of the sofas. Before I know what was going on, the boys had me face down on the floor. Mark and Dylan held me down while Jarrod tied me up, not that I would have put up much of a struggle anyway! He crossed my wrists behind my back and lashed them together. My leg irons were removed and my ankles crossed and tied. A rope was tied between my wrists and ankles hogtying me. I was gagged with a leather plug gag that filled my mouth. It was tightly buckled behind my head and the most I could get out was a “mmmppphhh.”

“James, we need to run a few errands, don’t go anywhere.”

I struggled against my ropes. A hogtie is my favourite bondage position and having my wrists and ankles crossed intensified the experience as you end up with very little movement and I found it was almost impossible to roll onto my side, so I remained on my stomach. I tested my ropes, while I didn’t want to escape; I wanted to make sure I was securely tied. No matter how hard I tried, there was no way I was escaping! Being helplessly hogtied and gagged wearing full leather was also making me really horny! The boys were gone a couple of hours and I alternated between struggling against my ropes, relaxing and drifting off to sleep.

The boys returned a couple of hours later. They ignored me when they came in. I tried calling out through my gag and struggled against my ropes but they carried on as if I wasn’t there. Eventually Mark came over to me. “Do you want me to untie you?”

I mmmppphhed into my gag.

“Sorry I can’t understand you.”

I continued to mmmppphh and struggle. Mark then reached underneath me to my crotch rubbing my hard cock.

“I think someone needs release.”

I mmmppphhhed and nodded.

He rubbed my crotch through my leather jeans and I moaned in ecstasy. He built me to the edge of cumming but didn’t let me shoot. He rolled me onto my back and unbuttoned my fly pulling my hard cock out. I was dying for release! He edged me several times before letting me shoot a huge load – luckily he had a towel handy. He removed my gag and untied me and we headed back to his bedroom to clean up. My bags were sitting beside his bed.

“James, I hope you don’t mind, we took the liberty of checking you out of your hotel. You won’t need your room for the rest of the week.”

“Fine with me but I didn’t tell you where I was staying.”

“The friend who owns this house has contacts, it wasn’t hard.”

We swapped our leather jeans for denim and we headed out to the patio to join Jarrod and Dylan for coffee and some very evil pastries they’d picked up the local bakery.

After coffee we headed off for a photography expedition around Santorini. It was handy having the car; while Santorini has a good bus system, the car meant we could head where we wanted and stop where without having to wait for a bus. As I mentioned before it was the most visually stunning of the islands I had visited and I made short work of a memory card. We stopped for lunch at a lovely seaside restaurant before resuming photography. We headed back to the villa mid afternoon, changing back into leather jeans.

“Time to show you some of the other features of the Villa” said Mark.

He led me downstairs to a large room. One was covered in restraints. There were handcuffs, leg cuffs, collars, gags, hoods, blindfolds and ropes among other things. A veritable bondage “Aladdins cave”. To one side of the room was a jail cell. Beside that was another door which Mark opened to reveal a padded cell. I was almost overwhelmed by it all.

Mark picked up a leather straitjacket hanging on the wall. “Why don’t you give this a try?” I removed my leather jacket and t-shirt and held my arms out. Mark slid the jacket on me and proceeded to buckle up the straps at the bag. The strait jacket fitted perfectly, nice and tight. I felt the jacket encase my body and quickly realized that with the back straps done up, there was no escaping. He fastened the crotch straps then threaded the sleeves trough the loop at the front of the jacket and buckled them tightly behind me. With all of the straps done up I had very little movement and could feel my cock harden in my leather jeans. I struggled against the jacket but it held me firm. Mark grabbed me in a hug and gave me a huge kiss. He pulled away.

“Not finished yet.” He took a black head harness muzzle from the wall and buckled it on me. It clamped my jaws shut. He then took some padlocks and locked them onto the straps on the back of the jacket. I wasn’t sure why he did this as I was in no position to undo the straps. He took hold of the straps at the back of the jacket and propelled me over the padded cell. He pushed me inside and I fell over on the padded floor. He followed me into the padded cell buckling leather straps around my ankles and thighs, which he also locked with padlocks. He then left the cell and shut the door on me. I rolled around on the floor of the padded cell. This was amazing. Being in a straitjacket in a padded cell was another fantasy of mine. I managed to work myself into a sitting position, which wasn’t easy. I struggled against my straitjacket and mmphhed into my gag to confirm that I was helpless. I sat for a while and rolled around the floor for a while.

Some time later the door opened and Jarrod and Dylan carried Mark into the cell. He was restrained the same way as me in a leather strait jacket with a leather head harness muzzle and leather straps buckled around his thighs and ankles. Mark worked his way over to me – I was dying to kiss him but the head harnesses mad that impossible. We snuggled up next to each other both of us struggling against our straitjackets.

We were left like that for maybe an hour before the door opened and Jarrod and Dylan walked in. They removed our gags and left us in the cell. As soon as they shit the door we leaned in together and started kissing. I was as horny as hell, straitjacketed and locked in a padded cell with Mark. I later realized why our straitjackets had been locked on, it eliminated the possibility of our using our teeth to undo the straps on each other’s straitjackets. I had a wonderful afternoon with Mark in the padded cell.

Eventually we were disturbed by Jarrod and Dylan entering the padded cell. “OK you two love birds. Dinner’s on soon.” They undid the straps around our thighs and ankles and helped us to our feet leading us out of the cell. They removed our straitjackets and Mark and I headed for his bedroom. We had a shower before changing back into our leathers and joining Jarrod and Dylan in the dining room. The boys had been busy cooking while Mark and I where in the padded cell.

We had a lovely dinner and dessert. We then adjourned to the patio for coffee, grappa and more great conversation.

“Time for bed.” Mark announced. He produced a pair of handcuffs which he used to cuff my hands behind my back. He took me down to the dungeon, leading me to the jail cell. There was a leather sleepsack laid out of the bed in the cell. He unlocked my handcuffs and told me to strip. “You’ll be quite warm enough in the sleepsack.” I worked my way into the sleepsack finding the sleeves for my arms at the sides. It was my first time in a sleepsack and the feeling of working my way into the tight leather was amazing. Mark then zipped the sack up. It felt really tight and I struggled to confirm that I was helpless. There were extra sliders on the zip and Mark adjusted them so he could get at my (very hard) cock.

While the sleepsack felt very tight, Mark tightened it further by lacing it up across the zip. If that wasn’t enough, he then buckled up a number of straps along its length. He then pulled a leather hood over my head lacing it up tightly. He added a snap on blindfold blocking out the light. There was still an opening for my mouth. Next he threaded ropes through d-rings along the sides of the sleepsack anchoring me to the bed. By the time he was done I could barely move. H stroked my cock a few times but then closed the zip. “We’ll save that for later.” He kissed me then snapped a cover over the hood’s mouth opening. “Sweet dreams.” I heard the jail cell’s door close.

I struggled against the sleepsack but it held me firm and was making me incredibly horny. Being tightly strapped into the sleepsack tied down to the bed was a rather “Zen” experience. It was relaxing and arousing at the same time. I eventually drifted off to sleep.

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