Sunday, 14 October 2012

Greek Islands Odyssey - Part 3

I woke up unable to move, unable to see. I was encased in tight leather from head to toe. I cried out but my cries were muffled by the leather hood tightly laced on my head. It slowly dawned on me that I was tightly strapped in a leather sleepsack, tied down to the bed in a cell in a villa in Santorini. Being restrained like this was making me as horny as hell and I could feel my rigid cock against the leather of the sleepsack.

I heard the cell door open and Mark’s voice “Good morning leather man, I trust you slept well.”

Just as I was starting to answer him I felt the mouth piece of the leather hood being snapped off and a plug style gag was inserted in its place reducing my intended “Good morning” to “mmmppphhh”. The zip around my cock was opened and my cock was pulled out. I felt him start to stroke it. He worked me up to the brink of climax several times. Eventually he let me cum and I felt a huge stream spurt out accompanied by a huge orgasm. I then heard his voice “Be back later.” At this point all I wanted was to be let out of the sleepsack and to hug Mark but I was helplessly restrained and gagged. I also noticed that my body temperature had increased somewhat and I was starting to feel uncomfortably hot in the sleepsack. I struggled against the sleepsack and mmmppphhhed into my gag but I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt something cool put against the sleepsack which made things more comfortable.

I wondered how long Mark would leave me there. I kept struggling and mmmppphhhing which was just making me horny and I felt my cock grow hard again. I then felt Mark start to stroke my cock again. While I shot a huge load last time, it felt like there was still more cum in me waiting to get out. Again Mark worked my cock but this time he let me shoot straight away.

After shooting my load for the second time, Mark removed the hood and released me from the sleepsack. I was covered in sweat and he wrapped a huge towel around me. “Let’s get you into the shower, Jarrod and Dylan will be waiting for us for breakfast. We headed back up to the bedroom and showered together before dressing in black denim jeans and leather jackets.

Jarrod and Dylan had just set up breakfast on the patio when we got down. They were dressed the same way as us. We had a nice relaxing breakfast and Jarrod suggested we head to Kamari Beach for a walk. We’d stopped here on our island tour the previous day, it was a beautiful black sand beach lined with restaurants and cafes. We walked back inside and Jarrod picked up a couple of coils of black rope, handing one to Mark. “Dylan, James, hands behind your backs.”

Jarrod tied Dylan’s hands and Mark tied mine behind my back. A couple of days in and being tied up was just becoming part of the routine. We headed down to the garage, Dylan and I were ushered into the back seats of the Golf while Jarrod and Mark got in the front. It wasn’t far to Kamari and Jarrod parked a couple of blocks from the beachfront. He and Mark got out and helped Dylan and me get out. “Ah guys, we’re in public, are you going to untie us?” I asked.

“No”, Jarrod replied nonchalantly.

Mark added. “Come on guys, bet no one even comments.”

I knew that my hands were staying tied and I did my best to act as if walking along a beach on Santorini with my hands tied behind my back was the most natural thing in the world. We walked along four abreast with Mark and Jarrod on the outside. Four guys in black leather jackets walking along the beachfront did turn some heads but I didn’t detect any comments about Dylan and me having our hands tied behind our backs. Looking from behind, it wouldn’t have been immediately obvious with the black rope.

It was still cool enough for us to be in leather jackets but this didn’t stop a few hardy souls from going swimming or attempting to get a tan on the sun beds that almost filled the beach. There was plenty of eye candy for us ether in board shorts or in wet suits.

After a slow walk along the beach Jarrod announce it was time for coffee and cake and we sat down at one of the beach front cafes, ordering cappuccinos and baklava. It went without saying that Dylan and I didn’t have our hands untied for this so Jarrod and Mark “fed” us. We caught a look from the waiter who seemed satisfied with Jarrod’s explanation, “They lost a bet.” We lingered over our coffee for a while before heading down to the beach sitting on one of the sun lounges checking out the scenery. After A while we were moved on by the sun lounge “guardian” who pointed out we had to pay to use the lounges. We headed back along the beach for another slow walk and I was again amazed at the lack of attention given to Dylan and me having our hands tied behind our backs. We even passed a couple of cops walking the other way exchanging “Kalimeras”

Another slow lap of the beach took us up to lunch time and we found another cafĂ©. We each ordered a Gyros and a Coke. Once again, Dylan’s and my hands remained tied with Jarrod and Mark helping us with our food and beers. A gyros actually lends itself to being eaten without the use of your hands. Fortunately we were served our Cokes in cans with straws. This time we didn’t get any comments or looks.

After lunch we headed back to the car or the trip back to the villa. I was busting for a leak one getting back but my hands remained firmly tied behind my back and I had to let Mark help me with my ablutions. He led me back to the living room where Dylan was already sitting on a chair with Jarrod tying him to the chair. Mark helped me onto the chair next to Dylan and tied me to that chair. Ropes were tied around my chest, waist and thighs. My ankles were pulled back and tied off to the back legs of the chair. Once Jarrod and Mark were satisfied we were firmly tied, we were gagged with huge leather plug gags.

Jarrod and Mark left us to struggle against our ropes and mmmppphhh into our gags. While I knew I was helplessly tied, I still tried to escape from the ropes and Dylan looked like he was doing the same. Of course confirming that I was helpless was just making me horny as was looking over at an equally helpless Dylan struggling and mmmppphing.

The boys left us for about an hour before removing our gags and untying us from the chairs but leaving our hands tied behind our backs. It was coffee time and we headed out onto the patio for coffee and cakes. Those boys sure enjoyed their food! When we’d finished our coffee, Jarrod and Mark took us down to the prison cell, sitting us with our backs to the bars on opposite ends of the cell. Our hands were tied to the bars and further ropes were tied loosely around our necks, tying them to the bars. More rope was tied around our thighs and ankles. We weren’t gagged but we were warned to keep the noise down or we would be. It was my first time alone with Dylan and I learned about his friendship with Jarrod and Mark. They met at university. He and Jarrod became an item. Mark sometimes played the third, sometimes he was independent. Jarrod was always top. Dylan was bottom to Jarrod, however, when Mark was around things sometime switched. Sometimes Jarrod would tie them both up; on other occasions Jarrrod and Mark would “gang up” on him, on others he and Jarrod would “gang up” on Mark.

Jarrod and Mark came down to release us and suggested that we head into town for dinner. We weren’t too far from the centre of Fira and we found a lovely seafood restaurant with a view over the caldera.

After dinner we headed for the villa when we noticed a couple of cops walking towards us and realized they were the same two cops we’d seen earlier in Kamari. They stopped and introduced themselves as Dimitri and Stefanos. “I see you’ve untied your friends.” (So much for no one noticing that Dylan and I had our hands tied!) They were stunning lookers, black hair, brown eyes and they filled their navy blue uniforms beautifully. We chatted with them for a while and took photos with them. Dylan then asked, “Hey can I try your handcuffs on?”

Dimitri replied, “Look we can’t do that in public.”

To which Dylan replied, “Why don’t you just arrest me?”

Dylan persisted with this line of conversation and I noticed Stefanos speaking into his radio. Dimitri eventually took his handcuffs out; they were chain style cuffs. He told Dylan to put his camera down and hands behind his back. He cuffed his hands behind his back, palms facing out.

I then joined the conversation, “Come on Dimitri, he’s just having a joke. Uncuff him we’ll be quietly on our way.”

Stefanos took his handcuffs out and gave me a “don’t mess with me look” and told me to put my camera down and put my hands behind my back. I complied and my hands were cuffed behind my back, palms out. The cuffs were firm, although not uncomfortable. Being cuffed palms out definitely restricted my movements. While being cuffed by the cute Stefanos was a huge turn on, I was also wondering whether it was such a good idea to get arrested in a southern European country.

Just as cuffs locked shut on my wrists a police van pulled up and two more drop dead gorgeous cops got out. They told Jarrod and Mark to put their cameras down and put their hands behind their backs. Jarrod started to protest but quickly shut up and complied when one of the cops fingered his taser. While this was going on, Dimitri and Stefanos picked up Dylan’s and my cameras and led us to the van. They opened the back doors and ushered us inside sitting us on a bench along the side. A couple of minutes later, Jarrod and Mark, also handcuffed behind their backs sat on the bench on the opposite side of the van. Dimitri and Stefanos sat at the end of the benches next to the doors and we set off for the police station, which we reached a few minutes later.

We were led inside and told to sit on a bench in the foyer. The duty officer, who wasn’t much older than the cops who had “arrested” us came over and said, “So you are the English tourists who have been disturbing the peace. You will soon see what happens when you disturb my island.”

“Hey, I’m Australian!” I protested.

He pointed at me and said “Keep that one quiet!” He added.

Dimitri and Stefanos took an arm each and led me to the cells at the back of the police station, with Dimitri picking up a roll of duct tape along the way. I was taken into a cell which was a bare white painted stone room with some mattresses on the floor. They pushed me against a wall and wrapped the duct tape around my head a couple of times gagging me. Stefanos then picked up a white canvas object from the floor which I realized was a strait jacket.

“There are two ways we can do this, the easy way or the hard way.”

They unlocked my handcuffs and told me to remove my leather jacket. For some reason I decided to make a run for it. That lasted all of nanoseconds and I found myself face down on the floor. My leather jacket was removed and I was quickly strapped into the strait jacket. For good measure they wrapped duct tape around my ankles and thighs completely immobilizing me. The walked out to the cell, locking the door behind them. I struggled against my bonds and mmmppphhhed into my gag reflecting on the events of the evening. My first time handcuffed by a cop and my first time involuntarily in a strait jacket. I suppose I should have been scared but it was all rather exciting.

I was there for a few minutes when the cell door opened and a straitjacketed and gagged Mark was led in by the other two cops. They also taped his ankles and thighs. The performance was repeated two more times with Dylan and Jarrod also being led into the cell straitjacketed and gagged. They also had their ankles and thighs taped. Mark and I settled on a mattress on one side of the cell Jarrod and Dylan on a mattress on the other side. Conversation and kissing were both impossible so we ended up snuggling up against each other. After a short time, the light in the cell was turned off. We eventually drifted off to sleep.

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