Sunday, 18 November 2012

Greek Islands Odyssey Part 4

I woke up unable to move. I tired to call out but all I could manage was “mmmppphhh”. It slowly dawned on me that I was strapped into a canvas strait jacket, with my legs taped together, gagged, in a police cell on Santorini. I rolled over and saw Mark, restrained in the same way. Across the cell were Jarrod and Dylan, restrained the same way; we all awake and mmmppphhhing into our gags.

The cell door opened and Dimitri and Stefanos walked in. They walked over to me and, taking an arm each, picked me up and dragged me out of the cell to the mmmppphhs of the other boys. They took me into the cell next door which contained a high backed wooden bondage chair. They untaped my legs and led me over to the chair pushing me down into it. I was then secured with leather straps around my ankles, thighs, waist and chest. While I knew I was helplessly restrained, it didn’t stop me from struggling just to make sure. My gag was removed, which was a relief after being gagged overnight. I was offered some water which was also welcome. Stefanos rubbed my crotch, feeling my very hard cock and commented, “I think you’re enjoying this.”

Slightly embarrassed I replied, “Uh, can I plead the fifth?”

“No you can’t, you’re Australian, not American.” replied Dimitri with a huge grin.

Suddenly Stefanos forced a plug gag into my mouth buckling it tightly behind my head. He unbuttoned the fly of my jeans and pulled my very hard cock out.

“Now you’re going to learn what happens to Australians who disturb the peace on our island.”

I was taken back by the sudden change in mood and struggled against the strait jacket and the straps securing me to the chair.

The other cops arrived in the cell; one was holding what looked like an electrical box with wires hanging off, which he handed to Stefanos.

“Mathaios, Lukas, go get his boyfriend.”

Stefanos walked over to me and fastened Velcro loop around the base of my cock below my balls and another just below the top of my cock. He attached wires from the box to the loops on my cock and plugged the box into a power point on the wall. It suddenly hit me that this was an electrical control box. While I had heard about electro, I had never had it done to me. I struggled against my strait jacket and the straps holding me to the chair and mmmppphhed into my gag.

While this was going on, Mathaios and Lukas appeared back in the cell with Mark who was doing his best to resist. The tape had also been removed from Mark’s legs and his tape gag had also been replaced with a plug gag. They clipped a chain to one of the straps at the back of his strait jacket, which was clipped to a ring on the wall opposite me. Mark’s eyes widened in horror when he spotted the electrical bands attached to my cock. He pulled at the chain and mmmppphhhed into his gag.

Matthaios and Lukas then left. 

I started to feel a tingling in my cock. It was actually quite pleasant and my cock went hard. It felt like being edged. However, the tingled built up to pain and I screamed into my gag and pulled against my restraints. Mark watched wide eyed and struggled against his strait jacket and the chain securing him to the wall. I felt the tingling in my cock subside. The cops continued the cycle; the power would build up and would stay at a level keeping me on edge for ages. There were times I would just receive a jolt through my cock and would scream into my gag and pull against my restraints. After what felt like hours of this the power built up to the maximum level I could comfortably handle and was left there. Eventually this built me up to orgasm and I shot a massive load.

They turned the power off and unstrapped me from the chair, half carrying me to the cell we’d been left in for the night, which was now empty. They then brought Mark in and tied the two of us together, facing each other. Our gags were removed and we were left alone. After a huge kiss I reassured Mark that not only was I fine but I’d had a brilliant time with the electro. He’d been worried about me as he wasn’t sure whether my reaction was one of pleasure or pain, although he did remark that my hard cock and orgasm probably suggested the former.

We were left for some time before Dimitri and Stefanos returned, untying us, removing our strait jackets and returning our leather jackets. Mathaios and Lukas then arrived in the cell with pasties and coffee for a late breakfast. We chatted about our travels and our bondage experiences. The cops told us that an advantage of being on an island was that they could “bend” the rules a bit. The restraints we had been in did get used from time to time, although the prisoners weren’t always as enthusiastic as we had been.

After breakfast Mathiaos and Lukas told us they’d drive us back to the villa. They had released Jarrod and Dylan after Mark and I had been restrained for my electo treatment. They pulled out their handcuffs and told us to put our hands behind our backs, securely cuffing us. They led us out to their car, helping us into the back seat, driving us the short distance back to the villa. They led us to the front door where Jarrod and Dylan greeted us. Mathiaos and Lukas unlocked our cuffs and bid us farewell.

Once inside Jarrod and Dylan told us to change into our leather jeans, which we did. They had another set of combination irons waiting for us; these were a combination of derby style hand and leg cuffs and a neck cuff. The boys locked the irons on us and headed off for a few hours. Well, we may have been restrained over 12 hours but sometimes too much bondage is never enough and Mark and I spent a wonderful afternoon chained up in each other’s company. These chains were even more intense than the combined derby hand and leg cuffs I’d worn a couple of days ago.

Jarrod and Dylan arrived back with pizza for dinner, a form of food that it straight forward to east while chained up as we were. We were left chained up after dinner and we watched a couple of movies before the boys decided it was time to call it a night. We were taken to the basement where our chains were removed and our leather jackets were replaced with leather strait jackets. While I’d enjoyed the night in the canvas strait jacket, a leather strait jacket leaves it for dead. To make sure we wouldn’t escape, locks were added to all of the straps. We were then locked in the padded cell for the night.

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